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House Of Art


Just One Day

(Nigel Stewart) 3 mins
Always explore and discover and grow, be hungry for knowledge. Peace. Experimental.

(Dermot Daly) 2 mins
Politics can be poetic and poetry can be political. Experimental.

Latrodectus Mactans
(Yann Gurriz) 2 mins
The thoughts of a man about a woman who has lost her emotions. Experimental.

The Border Crossing
(Jill Daniels) 48 mins
Set in the Basque country Jill Daniels reconstructs the story of her own past through the wanderings of a young woman on the Spanish French border. Art.

A Woman From The Past Much Loved
(Stuart Pound) 1 min
16mm b/w frames from the distant past fondly remembered through a microscope connected to the computer. Esperimental.

Music Box
(Stuart Pound) 1 min
Time code unfolds as a music box plays an 18th century military tune. Experimental.

(Stuart Pound) 1 min
A poem about software and other neologisms. The letters of each word appear in a randomised sequence on the screen. Experimental.

Times New Roman
(Stuart Pound) 1 min
Graffiti in Bucharest, Romania. Experimental.

Silly Robin
(Ian Woodward) 15 mins
How the lives of a naturalist and his wife change after being befriended by a robin. It is the start of an amazing relationship that arouses wonder, admiration, and trust. Documentary.

Fourteen Poems by C.P. Cavafy Illustrated By David Hockey
(James Scott) 30 mins
Introduced by the editor and Portobello Film Festival founder Barney Platts Mills this graceful b&w film mainly shot in his Powis Terrace flat in 1967 before he found greater fame follows the young David Hockney as he explains the art of etching and and his modus operandi as an artist by way of a series of illustrations of poems by C. P. Cavafy. Art

Make Your Own Art: Bob & Roberta Smith
90 mins
Exploring the world of the enigmatic Stuckist sympathiser and Turner Prize nominee Bob & Roberta Smith.

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