Born In The U.S.A.

1.00 – 11.00 pm

Secret Life, Secret Death
Geneieve Davis 84 minutes 15
Comprised of both documentary and dramatization elemenmts, the movie tells the secret story of a young mother who falls into crime in Gangland Chicago in the Roaring 20’s and later runs a shady hotel in No-Man’s Land Northern Wisconsin, until her death under suspicious circumstances.
Documentary USA

The Present
Joel Reid 6 minutes U
A man wishes that the night would last forever, only to get what he wished for. Comedy USA

LocK & Key
Dana Verde 9 minutes
A locksmith unlocks a neighbours door and discovers that the young man is the key to resolving his painful past. Drama USA

Matthew C Dumond 8 minutes 15
A charming man seduces a young woman back to his house after impressing her with a series of observations. They both find out neither of them are what they seem. Horror USA

Oh Happy Day
Bill Sorice 11 minutes 12
Oh Happy Day gives us a glimpse at the journey of Leo. A man searching for salvation and happiness as he tries to let go of his past.
Comedy USA

In The Grey
Shawn Spitler 3 minutes U
On the day of her husband’s deployment. Catherine tries making every momement count, Jack, however, would rather beon his way. The closer she tries to get, the further he pushes her away. Drama USA

This Is Only A Test
Bill Sorice 9 minutes
The tale of a Girl’s surrealistic journey encountering varied tests during the different stages of her life. It's Pink Floyd 'The Wall' meets a Calvin Klein AD. Drama USA

26 Covariance
Dawn Westlake 14 min U

The Fox In The Sun
Richard Paro 10 minutes 12
In this short romantic comedy, a women’s bible study meeting takes an unexpected turn when members’ true motives are revealed. Comedy USA

Eric Patrick 18 minutes 15
An an imated college of photos and audio fragm ents from WWII era radio dramas combine to critique the classic American televisual nuclear family. Animation USA

The Blossom Of Hope
Sotoodeh Yarmahmondi 10 minutes U
A white balloon leads a little girl to a new friend and they both embark on a journey of a lifetime. Animation USA

Steam is Steam
Etienne Desrosiers 11 minutes 15
Montreal 1952, teenager Samuel brings his friend Julien to the neighbourhood steam bath for his weekly routine with dad. Julien’s first time will be a day to remember . Drama USA

1st & 4Ever
Samein Priester 17 minutes 12A
1st & 4Ever is a personal film which answers the question “Can a man be a good father having learned to be a man from a woman?”
Documentary USA

By The Wayside
Mike Cuenca 115 minutes 15
Jim is a background actor hoping to make it into the big time. His roommate is Sam, a documentary filmmaker. When the two are evicted from their home they meet with Dio, a homeless musician, and a Catholic virgin named Mars. The four descend into a like-awakening 24 hours that involve excess drinking, prostitutes, a sage-like lounge singer and psychedelic drugs. Comedy USA

The Rise And Fall And Rise Of Sensational
E.A.Moore 73 minutes 15
This is the story of legendary experimental rapper sensational. Who struggles to make music while battling drug addiction, homelessness, and mental illness and eventually triumps over his own demons to make his comeback. Music Documentary USA

Tension: 25 years Underground
Ruby Childs 140 minutes 15
Tension: 25 years Underground takes you back to 1978when a unknown musician join and create a Metal Band, so who became famous and eventually recorded an ablbum in 1986 and then disband. Now 25 years later they reunite to play a festival in Germany. Music Documentaries USA


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