Independent Showcase


A Beautiful Impurity

(Zaheer Ahmad) 14 mins
Drama about neo Nazi group.Thriller.

One Life For Each Of Us
(Dermot Daly) 12 mins
As Rhea continues to reside in her fabricated reality, the real world shatters her delusion. Drama.

Playing Nurse
(Miranda Howard-Williams) 10 mins
This nurse gives a different kind of medicine. Drama.

Jess & Maria
(Nathan Hughes-Berry) 6 mins
Two sisters reunite after twenty years to plan their mothers funeral. Drama.

(Zoltan Csirko) 6 mins
The split screen presentation of a senseless act of violence shattering a family’s life. Drama.

(Abigail Walklett) 10 mins
Sometimes secrets are best kept secret. Drama.

Shades Of Beige
(Aimee Powell) 15 min
Starring Michelle Dockery and Edward Hogg. Jodie and Brian have had a deep bond since infancy but when he is convicted of child abuse their relationship begins to unravel. Drama.

The Painter And His Model
(Divian Ladwa) 3 minutes
An art enthusiast sees a painting that kindles a memory of a previous life…a time of lost love. Drama.

I Confess
(Tobias Jenn) 10 mins
A teenager’s girlfriend ends their relationship. He finds solace in the form of a stranger.

The Glass Darkly
(Nicholas Haddock) 7 mins
Expressionist film about genders and sexuality and the conflicts created when finding you true self. Art.

Dawn Rescue
(Michaelross and Sheerman) 6 mins
Two men relate how they met in a gay bar 11 years ago when Dan whispered in Matthew’s ear the words that changed his life forever. Comedy.

Tales From The Shamanic Tranny
(Daniel James Lackey) 11 mins
How genderfucking can be used as a creative visual tool in contemporary society. Queer.

(Adrian Hume Robinson 12 mins
Two gay characters find their relationship thrown into turmoil by an unexpected discovery. Drama.

The Gay In The Attic
(Simon Conolly) 4 mins
A young man is desperate to bring his girlfriend home despite the dark secret that lurks at the top of the stairs. Comedy.

(Christopher Lewis Cook) 6 mins
A single mother is on the brink of destruction longing for freedom and dreaming of the past. Drama.

Ta Ta Then
(Roser & Lucas) 5 mins
Desperate times call for desperate measures. Can Hannah live with Micky’s choice? Can MIcky?

Sans Sous Titres
(Simon Aitkens) 6 mins
John has started living with Muriel but he doesn’t understand a word she is
saying so he decides to learn French. Drama.

Same Life -The Story Of Love Tetralogy
(Martin Plant) 103 min
Dr Frankie Summers Quantum Communication grant has been refused. At a turning point in her life she starts to experience strange phenomena. Is she going mad or is it the strange man next door whose flat is allways making odd sounds as he works on his crazy inventions!. Drama

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