Portobello Pop Up Cinema
3 Acklam Road, W10 5TY

Portobello Alternative
London Film Festival

29 August – 15 September 2013

6pm – 10.30pm
Entry Free

Bar, Food, & Non Stop Screenings of the latest London Movies.
Every evening except Mondays.
Films are shown in order listed. More precise screening info can be worked out by adding timings from 6pm.

Pop Up Cinema, 3 Acklam Road, London W10 5TY
Where the Westway crosses Portobello Road.

Thursday 29 August
Grand Opening Ceremony/Films & Fun
6pm – 10.30pm

Hip Hop & The Mixtape Culture
(Sarah Scal) 37 mins Music Documentary
Looking at Hip Hop from a global perspective.

The Hypnosia Project
(Harald Schleicher) 40 mins Art & Film
Featuring Cinedreams, Wake Up, You Freud Me Jane, and Hypnosia – A Dreamlike Movie, from the winner of the 2010 Golden Trellick Award.

The Promoter
(Ed Edwards) 76mins Feature Documentary
Robert Pereno should be a household name. But every time he is on the brink of greatness, he somehow manages to mess it up. This is his story. . .

Friday 30 August
Music Be The Food Of Love/Rock And Roll
6pm – 10.30pm

Musical Star
(Louis Paxton) 24 mins Musical Comedy
Jimmy is swept off to a magical theatre realm and told he will become a big star.

Anja & Vivian
(Ben Woodiwiss) 21 mins Music/Drama
Two women living in the shadow of a dead father.

This Cod Earth
(James Dethick) 9 mins Music/Comedy
Alcoholic man seeks advice from mysterious stranger in Aquarium.

Easy On The Eye
(Stanislava Buevich) 5 mins Experimental
Music video exploring inner pain.

Running Through The City
(Joe Palermo) 4 mins Music
4 Rocco Caponero espatriate voices.

Live On A London Cable Car
(Denis Plesca) 4 mins Music Documentary
A journey on the London Cable Car with singer and poet Ben Tiver.

Streets Of Sorrow
(Nick Fletcher) 5 mins Music Documentary
Homelessness in a Northern Town from legendary cult director Nick Fletcher.

(Sam Chegini) 4 mins Music Video
Symbolic questions about meaning of life from Iran

Drive Thru
(Kai Zammit) 4 mins Music
Four friends dream of a big break.

Big In LA
(Norman Cambridge) 7 mins Music Fantasy
A Schoolgirl escapes bullying for sunny LA.

Edge Of The Road
(Softwhere) 5 mins Music Video
A young soldier about to be shot by a firing squad journeys to the future.

(Neil Whitman) 3 mins Animated Music Video
Music by prog punk band Violent Attitude If Noticed.

How To Make A Video On An iPhone
(J.C. Carroll) 15 mins Instructional
JC has made several viral music videos on his phone. He shares his technical secrets.

Livin Out Rock’N’Roll
(Paolo Sedazzari) 60 mins Rockumentary
The dirty, disregarded history of the 80’s London rock scene – the story of The Babysitters and The Last Of The Teenage Idols, as told by the people who somehow managed to survive it.

The Story Of Lover’s Rock
(Menelik Shabazz) 97 mins Music Documentary
Shedding light on a unique British Sound developed against a background of racial tension, Lover’s Rock.

Saturday 31 August
Homage To Hitchcock/
Hot Off The Edit Suite London Thrillers.
6pm – 10.30pm

(Dominic Mills) 5 mins Action Drama
What it truly means to serve your country.

The Chess Game
(Paul Laight) 15 mins Thriller
A Chess game spirals into a contest of deadly cat and mouse.

Ambition To Live
(Fraser Ayres) 5 mins Action Drama
A young boxer prepares for his greatest challenge – himself!

(Nicholas Beveney) 14 mins Thriller
Showdown in the Salon brings polish tinted with revenge.

(Tim Porter) 15 mins Thriller
Joshua seemingly lives a normal life but child abuse lies beneath the surface.

Killer Heels
(Amanda Foster) 6 mins Thriller
Seasoned assassin Killer Heels is ordered to kill a former employee.

Locked In
(Valeria Appel) 9 mins Thriller
An ordinary family on a deceptively ordinary day.

The Appraisal
(James Peaty) 7 mins Thriller
A seemingly straightforward company appraisal takes a deadly turn.

(Ryan Claffey) 80 mins Thriller
A group of thieves steal a car with 30 Kilos of cocaine: they accidentally bust a drug deal.

(Greg Hall) 101 mins Revenge Thriller
The latest spellbinding movie from Portobello favourite and twice past prize winner Greg Hall about a lapsed priest and a punk girl on a deadly mission. Introduced by the director.

Sunday 1 September
Out Of This World/DIY Sci Fi & Fantasy
6pm – 10.30pm

Adjudicator 2
(Laslo Atkins) 3 mins Fantasy
Featuring sword play, CG and stunning visuals.

The Second Chance
(Carlos Dittborn) 17 mins Fantasy
A young couple are faced with a strange woman who can change their lives forever.

Birds Fly South
(Wade Bayliss)16 mins Psychological
Two brothers – one a paranoid schizophrenic , the other a dreamer – can they heal each other?

(Jonnie Dean) 10 mins Fantasy
Sam’s father takes him into the forest to recapture his imagination.

A Long Walk To Sleep
(Christopher Smith) 5 mins Sci Fi

(Christopher Smith) 9 mins Fantasy

Sit In Silence
(Rob Savage) 5 mins Sci Fi
London is under attack from an unknown enemy!

Exam Results Day
(Hannah Quinn) 9 mins Sci Fi
What if the rest of your life depended on your exam results?

A Quantum Fairy Tale
(Paul Bruce) 7 mins Sci Fi
Physics lecturer’s life is at risk from a parallel universe.

The 4th Dimension
(Stanislava Buevich) 7 mins Sci Fi
A young woman wants to know all about the 4th Dimension.

Signalbox # 100
(James Gunn) 11 mins Sci Fi
The signal man’s job is to regulate a mysterious line.

By The Break Of Dawn
(Daniel Pope) 9 mins Sci Fi
Regime develops DNA seeking toxin to control its citizens.

Four Nerds And A Bird
(Various) 5 mins Sci Fi Comedy
Four nerds on a geeky quest.

Ravishing Beauty
(Harry Clegg) 7 mins Fantasy
Apollo is enchanted by Daphne.

The Undream
(Alexander Thomas) 17 mins Comedy Fantasy
Tom is an insomniac….is there someone out there?

Rep 5091
(Robert S Smith) 20 mins Comedy Fantasy
Enter a representative of the Devil offering a ‘better life’ but the price is steep.

(Thomas Paul Martin) 18 mins Sci Fi Thriller
A woman fights back against an out of control world.

Rose, Mary & Time
(Hardeep Giani) 40 mins Fantasy
Award winning fantasy drama about kismet and second chances.

(Jake Hoseman) 10 mins Sci Fi Thriller
A troubled scientist returns to an artificial son.

Shades Of Living
(Aurora Fearnley) 10 mins Supernatural
A young boy tries to heal his parents of a loss.

Tuesday 3 September
Just For You London 1/
New London movies - either about or made by Londoners.
6pm – 10.30pm

Sea Men
(Billy Bolton & Joe Wilson) 27 mins Documentary
People who live and work on the English Coast.

Home Sweet Home
(Sinitta Monero) 11 mins Drama
Adam believes his whole life is being filmed for the entertainment of others.

Paddy’s Paradise
(Alex Masterton) 12 mins Drama
A homeless man finds his calling by living in a phonebox.

(James Webber) 11 mins Drama
15 year old swimming prodigy Sam is torn between his sporting success and the torment of his personal life.

(Maison Shonobi) 12 mins Drama
Issues surrounding growing up as a teenager in UK.

The Unforgettable Pianist
(Josef Ribas) 7 mins Drama
Strange events surround a piano concert in Paris.

The Wayward Son
(Callum Scott Dyson) 11 mins Drama
Top musician Eli King has withdrawn to the desert. His manager sets out to bring him back.

Lines In The Sand
(Michael Gilroy) 17 mins Drama
Two sisters run away from a children’s home.

Love Is Fiction
(Ryan Claffery) 5 mins Drama
A mixed race couple confront the reality of their relationship.

(Michael Le Marechal) 10 mins Drama
Three young women learn that true happiness might be found by disregarding parental advice.

3rd Side Of The Coin
(Peter Kovacs) Drama 33 mins Action
Private investigators find themselves in trouble over a bank heist.

The Cool Boys
(Michael Mooleedhar) 26 mins Drama
The dangers of unfaithfulness in the criminal underworld.

From Cable Street To Brick Lane
(Hazuan Hashim) 74 mins Documentary
The fight against racism and fascism in the East End from 1936 ti the present day.

Wednesday 4 September
The Advance Guard/Art and Experimental
6pm – 10.30pm

Mind Junk
(Rebecca Summerfield) 7 mins Experimental
The thought process transitioning between reality and fantasy.

(Paul Johnson) 19 mins Experimental
Peruvian dancer pursues her dreams in the largest river city on the Amazon jungle.

Modus Operandi
(Kal Estel) 11 mins Independent
Just for a few minutes to be utterly and completely….you!

(Kal Estel) 13 mins Art
What happens when you lose everything you ever had.

(Paul Burt) 15 mins Experimental
On April 1 2011, I travelled the Central line from end to end and documented the journey.

(Jon Morris) 3 mins Experimental
Time manipulation revolving around a central character.

(Steve Simmons) 7 mins Silent
A woman’s every action solves a clue in the crossword.

The Search For Inspiration Gone
(Ashley Briggs)9 mins Experimental Fantasy
A Poet awakens needing inspiration.

Abysll Zone
(Dominic Pillai) 4 mins Abstract
Below the sea lies a strange and beautiful place.

The Tree Of Pan
(Aitken Pearson) 13 mins Ethereal
Two souls are lured into a mysterious tree.

(Chirstinn Whyte) 1 min Experimental
A single performer’s journey across screen space.

(Paul Colbek) 6 mins Romanticism
Byronic excess explored through gender shifting and disguise.

A Creative Interpretation
(Tom Chimiak) 5 mins Experimental
Can reality ever be truly captured on video?

Better Ponce Than Nonce
(Gabriel Kellett) 10 mins Surrealism
Psychogeography or urban paranoia?

Clifton To Eastow
(Diana Taylor) 4 mins Poetry
Two urban areas joined by a branch line.

(Diana Taylor) 2 mins Poetry
A poem about the Gaza strip.

In The Big Tent
(Diana Taylor) 3 mins Poetry

Top Ten LDN
(Tara Manandhar) 10 mins Experimental
The top 10 things to do in London from Carnival creatures to ancestral songstresses.

(Jim Fenwick) 2 mins Art
A subtle thing can push us over the edge.

(Augustin Gimel) 6 mins Experimental
A tunnel in Hamburg meets the Aztec underworld.

Centre De Rotation
(Augustin Gimel & Brigitte Perroto) 11 mins Experimental
Reminiscences of a forgotten topography.

(Lana Maciver) 11 mins Comedy Arthouse
Starring Georgina Leonidas (Harry Potter, Basil Brush) who falls madly in love with the work of an artist.

Ha Ha Vs Bombastic “Inferno”
(Phillip Goodman) 7 mins Art Documentary
Superheroes unite to save the art world from its own sh*t.

The Last Run
(Hardeep Giani) 3 mins Experimental
Free Runners tour around BBC Television Centre as it closes.

(Stuart Pound) 10 mins Art
Grandmother Is A Crab (Stuart Pound) 2 mins Poetry

The Sonnet Trilogy
(Dermot Daley) 7 mins Poetry
Are Shakespeare’s Sonnets on the human condition as relevant today?

Repossessing Tim
(E. Hick, Grace Carroll) 17 mins Comedy Sci Fi
A young man has his life repossessed by the bank.

Gender Agenda
(Irma Carroll) 6 mins Documentary
An interview with a transgender person.

Chicken Nugget
(Johnny Tanna) 7 mins Arthouse Documentary
A day in the life of a 4 year old.

Shot By, Love From
(Tanna, Dubois & Sebastian) 2 mims Art
Lily Oakes prepares for a music video on Portobello Road.

Ridin The Santa Fe OnThe Pecos River
(Bobi Majic Theatre) 10 mins
A ford, a river, a train and a bridge featuring naked people.

(Alan Dogend) 10 mins
A flying taxi journey.

The Roswell Incident
(Alan Dogend/The Majic Theatre) 10mins Suspicious
Alien detected at Roswell New Mexico.

Thursday 5 September
Animation Station/
Nonstop Animated Shorts plus a few Dramas.
6pm – 10.30pm

Isabel’s Last Day
(Jonathan Gibbins) 23 mins Drama
A funny, surreal and touching look at an old lady’s last 24 hours.

Street Spirit
(Bailey Tom Bailey) 17 mins Supernatural
Something strange draws Michael deep into a night that will change him.

Hunter Gatherers On Gascony Avenue
(Maybelle Peters) 10 mins Animation
An ongoing project about people with shopping trolleys.

Reed In Puppetship
(Johny Tanna) 3 mins Animation
A lighthearted look at office politics.

(Oliver Smith) 3 mins Animation
38 fake film title sequences to the tune of ‘Bob’ by Weird Al Yankovich.

(Matt Waruszynkski) 2 mins Animation
The fine line between having no CTRL and having too much.

Sitting Duck
(Nic Sanchez) 2 mins Animation
A mother takes her children to the park.

(Howells & Wilkins) 4 mins Animation
Another sleepless night….

Sky Burial
(Patricia Shrigley) 1 min Animation
My eaten remains fly and fall, Tibetan burial.

Your Guide To The Zombie Apocsalypse
(Molly Brown) 3 mins Comedy Animation
A public information film on how to survive the zombie apocalypse.

How To Care For Your Hamsters
(Ivor Tymchak) 7 mins
Exploring the important question: How Should We Live?

Happy Birthday Dear Universe
(Fieldhouse & Hatchford) 6 mins Drama
The party is ready…all it needs is some guests.

Spiritual Contact – The Movie
(Emerson Pinheiro) 64 mins Thriller
Jeremiah can see into the paranormal world. He begins a spiritual journey to fight the battle against evil.

Chinese Burns
(Alan Ronald) 85 mins. Dark Comedy
A rendezvous at a North London tavern between a faded horror movie star and a young woman leads to a twisted comedy of loss, lust, and paranoia.

Friday 6 September
Are You Local? West London Rules.
6pm – 10.30pm

Back In The House
(Farid Slimani) 120 mins Music Documentary
Story about nightlife industry and underground style of NYC between Chicago and Miami.

La Badil
(Dominic Brown) 15 mins Documentary

Lappings, Lemel & Sweeps.
(Digitalworks) 20 mins Documentary
Stories from Hatton Garden.
Undercover film of struggle for self determination of the Sahrawi people of Western Sahara.

Sorry We Don’t Help Darkies
(Travis Watson) 10 mins Period Drama
A Caribbean family living in London during the 1958 race riots.

Portobello Road
(Adam Singodia) 2 mins Music Documentary
Ryan O’Reilly talks about busking in Portobello Road.

Booty Can B
(Hal Arnold) 2 mins Music
A wild ride through the city

Don’t Do The Right Thing
(Jamie Oliphant) 2 mins
3 friends pluck up the courage to save a damsel in distress.

(Duncan Telford) 3 mins Art
Nature versus the Industrial in Portobello Road.

The Real Notting Hillbillies
(Annette Bette Kellow) 8 mins Documentary
3 girls and their life in Trellick Tower .

Notting Hill 1958
(Piers Thompson) 4 mins Factual
When Absolute Beginners Napoli became The City Of Spades. Derive with Ray Jones as he summons the spirits of August Bank Holidays past, present and future.

’58 Riot Tour
(Tony Auguste) 28 mins Local History
The Great Rock And Roll Slideshow: a West London field trip with Tom Vague.

Carnival ’73
(Tony Auguste) 10 mins Local History
Interview with Leslie Palmer.

(Spencer Hudson) 15 mins Comedy
A 35 year old slacker takes the law into his own hands when his car is impounded in Notting Hill.

Five Films From Poems By Heathcote Williams
(Margaret Cox) 60 mins Poetry.
Game Of Drones
The Trouble With Harry
London Babylon
Michael & Elizabeth

Saturday 7 September
Having A Laugh 1/
Latest London & UK Comedy Films
6pm – 10.30pm

(Sanjeev Sankhalpara) 14 mins Comedy Drama
Pratic has fallen in love but one thing stands in his way. . .his wife.

The Loudest Minds
(John Grey) 15 mins Comedy Drama
Pop creates an imaginery friend.

A Smiling Dog’s Day Afternoon
(Jonny Tanna) 11 mins Experimental Comedy

(Kevin Maynard) 5 mins Comedy
Is it wise to use the infinite powers of the universe to send invites for you Coq-Au-Vin night.

At First Sight
(Stanislava Buevich) 4 mins Comedy
Girl meets boy on a London bus.

Sherlock Holmes And The Stolen Emerald
(Celine Terranova) 7 mins Silent Comedy
Watson is the real evil genius.

The Director
(Will Herbert) 11 mins Comedy Drama
The first rehearsal for the new play is unconventional.

The Nature Of Angrove
(Paul Morel) 23 mins Dark Comedy
A curious tale of magic, martinis, and maternal meddling.

A Right Pair
(Annabel Herbert) 9 mins Quirky Rom Com
A social misfit with only a radio and a pink stiletto sets out to find friends.

Evil Urges
(Callum Carver Jones) 10 mins Black Comedy
A married couple. Annoying habits. Christmas Day. What could go wrong?

(Oscar Nobi) 7 mins Comedy
A man yells the truth from a rooftop. Everyone around would rather hear a flattering lie.

Tyres R Us
(Tito Sacchi) 4 mins Comedy
A small local tyre garage battles the big competition.

Our Church Of Sexual Purity
(Nic Sanchez) 11 mins Mockumentary
An American Church claims to heal homosexuals.

(A. D. Cooper) 9 mins Whimsical Comedy
A rugby player and a ballet dancer swap feet.

Hell To Pay
(Karen Hope) 14 mins Comedy
A Reality TV star pays for the price of fame on a taxi ride.

(Fiona Moore) 10 mins. Comedy
Ken has Progressive Miming Syndrome. He loses his voice and his face turns white. . .

City Slacker
(James Larkin) Romantic Comedy 90 mins Romantic Comedy
Starring Tom Conti and Fiona Gillies. A high flying executive is looking for a slacker to have a baby with in order to maintain her career.

Sun 8 September
Having A Laugh 2
/More Latest London Comedy Films
6pm – 10.30pm

Switching Bears
(Dan Tonkin) 13 mins Comedy Drama
Two friends rest the moral fibre of their girlfriends – from Derby.

(Dan Tonkin) 18 mins Romantic
Young writer struggles to keep his drams

Pie Money
(Andy Salamonczyk) 18 mins Comedy Drama
Grieving pie factory worker has to deal with late wife’s lottery win.

David & Mary
(Lisa Higgins) 10 mins Comedy Drama
Quiet strangers find a common bond.

Stormin Norman
(Paul G Raymond) 18 mins Comedy Drama
A homeless man meets a girl who challenges his routines.

(Louis Paxton) 15 mins Comedy Drama
Henry introduces Lily to his ‘family’.

Voodoo Moustache
(Louis Paxton) 7 mins Comedy
A bizarre ritual with a mysterious Voodoo priestess.

(Patrick Myles) 8 mins Surreal Comedy
Friendship, ambition, and urinals.

Dog Day
(Jordan Morris) 3 mins Black Comedy
A man descends into his basement to feed his captive sister.

(Praveen Ilangovan) 14 mins Comedy
East meets West in misguided adventures of two drunken students.

Joke Tings
(Eddie Saint-John) 16 mins Comedy
Superstore manager quits his job and becomes a stand-up comedian.

(Joe McGowan) 3 mins Comedy Drama
Can a simple choice save Frank’s sanity and freedom?

(Jasminka Letzas) 2 mins Satire
Two women lunching outside a restaurant get unexpected company.

Duct Tape
(Yann Gorriz) 8 mins Comedy
Everything changes for Eric when a young couple move in next door.

(Femi Oladigbolu) 8 mins Comedy Drama
Four patients overstate their problems to the therapist.

Double Top
(Gus Alvarez) 15 mins Black Comedy
A surreal tale of darts, magic, and small town masculinity.

Laughter Of The World
(Chip Thompson) 6 mins Silent Comedy
Classic characters from the early days of cinema are transported to modern day Britain.

Count To 5
(Stanislava Buerich) 3 mins Comedy
A 12 year old boy summining up courage to kiss a girl.

Taking Minutes
(Rachel Givney) 5 mins Comedy
Smarmy architect is desperate for promotion.

The Knowledge
(Adam Jenkins) 6 mins Comedy
Following Sammy McFarlane as he prepares for the cabbies ‘Knowledge’ exam.

A Little Bit Older, A Little Bit Taller
(Manlio Roseano) 12 mins Comedy
Two struggling actors get a surprise call from Quentin Tarantino.

Homeboy 2
(Gary Lee Haynes) 56 mins Comedy
Homeboy is a sharp streetwise music producer whi has to deal with a wack rapper, his two girlfiends, his weed supplier, and the local thug. An hilarious insight into modern urban life.

Tuesday 10 September
All Human Life Is There/
Documentary Day 1
6pm – 10.30pm

Hitching The A1
(McQuiggin & Igwe) 15 mins Travelogue
Two film makers hitchhike from London to Edinburgh.

Who Killed The Bear?
(Daniel Rodrigues)4 mins Documentary
Was the story of the bear fairy tale or did it happen?

Akala & THSC – An Insight On Shakespearean Hip Hop
(Johnny Tanna) 10 mins Documentary
Featuring rappers Akala, Ty, Toby T and Simeon Dallas.

(Pawel Slomkowski) 11 mins Documentary
A portrait of Premyslaw Mysiala – Polish mixed light heavyweight martial arts fighter.

The Vaults
(Laurie Cansfield) 30 mins Documentary
A day in the life of a traditional North East pub.

Arty Anne
(Marcin Walczak) 10 mins Documentary
A visually impaired photographer sets up a photographic exhibition.

The Power And The Freedom
(Dominic Pillai) 6 mins
A journey from Hollywood to San Francisco interweaving cinema and American literature.

Behind The Counter
(Andrew Cheng) 3 mins Documentary
Alan’s takawy shop is out of business.

Squaring Up: Chess Boxing
(Hamilton & Lamb) 17 minutes Social Documentary
Intimate encounters with the underground community of London Chess Boxers.

The Endangered Asian Elephant
(Patricia Shrigley) 2 min Environment
The Asian elephant is threatened by habitat loss and poaching.

What Is Hidden May Be Found
(Jonathan David Holmes) 153 mins Documentary
Archaeologist Robert Farrugio opens up the culture, history, myth and adventure of South American history.

Wednesday 11 September
The Revolutions Will Be Televised /
(Activist) Documentary Day 2
6pm – 10.30pm

Civil Unrest
(Garcia & Grau) 6 mins Documentary
Behind the anarchy was an undercurrent of anger and frustration.

Joy, It’s Nina
(Jane Thorburn) 34 mins Experimental Documentary
Shot in England and Nigeria about African women separated from their families, featuring voice messages left by Nina Simone.

1 Squat, 38 People, 10 Dogs, 6 Cats & A Mum’s Visit
(Dasa Raimanova) 7 mins
Alex’s mum visits his squat.

It’s A Good Life
(Tasos Giapoutzis) 8 mins Documentary
Exploring the life of a young Rwandan refugee.

(Amir Taki) 9 mins Documentary
Families and irphans battling against poverty in Iraq.
Roadworks Media Present:

(Leeson & Hoelsher) 10 mins Documentary
Many of the victims of gun crime are young fathers and their deaths leave long term implocations.

Exploring Gang Culture
(Garcia & Grau) 5 mins Documentary
An ex Gang member describes the culture.

An Honest Lion
(Daniel Guidice) 6 mins Documentary
Confronting and challenging the racist and far right affiliations of Millwall is black supporter Quince Garcia.

Secret City
(Michael Chanan) 72 mins Documentary
A film about the shadowy Corporation of the City of London and its role in the ecomonic crisis.

Grasp The Nettle
(Dean Puckett) 90 mins Activist Documentary
Following the exploits of a rag tag band of land rights activists in London.

Thursday 12 September
Just For You London 2/
Including A Showcase From
The National Film & Television School
6pm – 10.30pm

The Days Inbetween
(Stephan George) 66 mins Feature Drama
Character driven dramady with four storylines, twelve main characters and thirty locations.

Cut Short
(Christian Burnett) 4 mins Comedy Horror
A domestic row descends into a scene of stomach churning horror.

The Dinner Party
(Emilia Reid) 6 mins Drama

(Oliver Kember) 7 mins Youth Drama
London 1980. Can a shy 10 yr old solve the Rubiks Cube and win over the bully?

(Tim Berry) 16 mins Drama
A local journalist on a West London estate uncovers a tragic secret.
National Film And Television School Showcase:

Touch Me
(Rabbia Hussain) 7 mins Drama
A City banker turned social worker has to face his own anger.

Been A Riot
(Alfie Barker) 6 mins Drama
A WPC and tearaway locked in basement must learn to trust each other.

Cha Cha Cha
(Clara S Ledward) 9 mins Drama
A world weary wife goes on a spiritual retreat in India.

Man Of The House
(Lizzy Mansfield) 7 mins Drama
A mother and daughter find reconciliation after a burglary.

The Other Side Of The Wall
(Ryan Thompson) 9 mins Drama
Sympathy and fellow feelings help a mother move on.

Voices In The Attic
(Jordan Mcgibney) 7 mins Drama
A mysterious stranger.

(Andy Frith) 60 mins Urban
A winning lottery ticket goes missing in South East London. A roller coaater ride of twists and turns asking the question: how far would you go for an £18,000,000 winning ticket?

Nights Of Burlesque
(Mark Forbes) 52 mins Documentary
The lives of people working in the burlesque industry.

Friday 13 September
Horror Night! Be very afraid.
6pm – 10.30pm

(Sanjeev Sankhalpara) 20 mins Horror
Raju has been missing for 5 years. When he returns, there is a haunting reason.

(Lyle Jackson) 24 mins Psychological Horror
A hellish study of one man’s descent into madness.

They Call Me Clifton
(Michael Byrne) 10mins Comedy Horror Documentary
A journey to find the elusive and dangerous Beast Of Hackney Marsh.

(Jamie Sims) 20 mins Horror
A schoolteacher unravels the mystery of a new pupil.

(Stanislava Buevich) 3 mins Comedy Horror
A romantic evening….but will your date return from the loo?

Santa’s Blotto
(Patrick Miles) 9 mins Dark Comedy
Little Johnny has a surprise in store for Santa.

(Pope & Harris) 7 mins Horror
A priest’s guilty past catches up with him.
Tuck Bushman & the Demon Bitches (Chris Lumb) 14 mins Comedy Horror

Sticky Fingers
(Graham Gunner) 7 mins Comedy Horror
A shoplifter tries to steal a razor and gets a close shave.

(Graham Gunner) 12 mins Horror
TV License inspector makes a house call he will come to regret.

Molly Crows
(Ray Wilkes) 96 mins Horror
When young Jess is brutalised in a country lane, ancient spirits come back full of vengeance.

Saturday 14 September
Just For You London 3
6pm – 10.30pm

(Georgia Oakley) 13 mins Drama
Two young strangers find solace in the silence of each other’s company.

(Paul Burt) 8 mins Drama
Those Who Can, Do (Stuart Parkins) 8 mins Drama
What makes someone successful?

Those Who Can’t, Teach
(Stuart Parkins) 5 mins Drama
What makes someone an artist?

Don’t Stop Believing
(Leah Rouse) 14 mins LGBT
Lesbian short about love, jealousy, and life after death.

The Blue Line
(Jay Debruyne) 2 mins
A woman is forced to reveal a secret.

A New Day
(Kieron Clark) 6 mins Drama
A homeless man finds salvation in a lost iPad.

The Big City
(Ben New) 3 mins London Drama
The human cost of the “buyers market” in the big city.

Lost Property
(Razvi & Canova) 2 mins Mockumentary
A lost mobile phone and a hopeless Romantic.

Finders, Keepers
(Hay & Nottingham) 4 mins Drama

(Joe Cottrell-Boyce) 16 mins Drama
Out of prison & on the dole Adam is determined to rekindle his relationship with his son.

(Nicole Albarelli) 20 mins Drama
A stark and atmospheric glimpse at innocence in a world of torment and contamination.

Pass The Comb
(Lawal & Akonor) 13 mins Drama
Tomorrow In A Day (james Debenham) 4 mins Spy Love Drama
1960s London. When it comes to international espionage, escape is never easy.

(Eddie Saint John) 60 mins Drama
Orwellian drama about surveillance.

Benny Loves Killing
(Ben Woodiwiss) 100 mins Drama
A young student makes a horror film her way, but her world comes crashing down.

Sunday 15 September
6pm – 10.30pm
Grand Awards Ceremony

including prizes of Golden Trellicks and £1000 Cash Prize for our favourite London movie this year sponsored by West London Film Network.

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