Video Cafe
Sun 15 Sept
Westbourne Studios

242 Acklam Rd, W10

Video Cafe selection: YOU CHOOSE THE FILMS

Please see the festival projectionist or receptionist and book a slot for the film by quoting the number. This is open to everyone: filmmakers and public alike.

12 am-6 pm

321 Sujet Geoffrey Norris & Kyle Lennan
88 mins. U. Sujet centres on a man that takes a job aboard a starship. Sc-Fi Drama. Canada

351 Ninety Seconds Gerard Lough 27 mins. U. In the near future, a surveillance expert takes on a job that may be his last. Thriller. Ireland

394 Waldewar Adalbert Fahrenhorst 5 mins. U. Pictures from Waldemarstreet in Berlin crosshill in 1990 shows the developing of this street until today. Documentary. Germany
The Pirouette Andres Castillo 14 mins. 12A. A man becomes obsessed with finding a pianist, but is really in search to be fulfilled. Drama. Canada

447 Jack-In-The-Box Ana Torres-Alvarez 4 mins. 12. Jack’s girlfriend moves to another town and Jack already misses her. He wants to give her a big surprise. Comedy. Spain

452 Time & Again Kevin O’Regan & Tommy Flavin 5 mins. 12. After buying her a gift of a horrendous cuckoo clock, Finbar has three minutes to stop Kaitlyn leaving forever. Comedy. Ireland

487 Henri Joann Gayonnet 14 mins. 15.
Henri is not feeling good and it’s not going to get better. Drama. France

518 Domicile Maeva Ranaivojaona 19 mins. 15. A man faces shady events, between fantasy and mental psychosis. The place changes little by little, invaded by strange drawing. Experimental . Germany

601 Valentino! Don’t look Down! Stavros Apostolopoulos 15 mins. 12A. A modern love story about youth, dreams, the crisis and love. Comedy. Greece

617 The Last Sunshine Rishi Goswami 10 mins. U. When science becomes God humanity Dies. Its a dark tale of science and reality. SciFi. India

623 Eiri Na G Coimet (The Rise Of Irish Language Comics.) Traolach O Murchu 5 mins. U. Art Documentary. Ireland

633 Veita Negata Flavio Sciole 17 mins. 15. Life is strong. Experimental. Italy

640 Esto No Es Una Cocina 19 mins U.
Experimental. Spain

301 YAin Marcoi Zanoni 14 mins 12A. Romance between Fabi and Benni, two guys from the bavarian country. Drama. Germany

302 Decapoda Shock Javier Chillon 9 mins. 12. An astronaut returns to Earth after a fatal accident on a distant planet. Sc-Fi Drama. Spain

306 Alberta Legacy 2 Hossein Shamaghdari 7 mins. U. Iranian students migrate to another countries for study and most of them don’t come back. Documentary. Iran

311 Midnight Mourice Felik Wong
12 mins. 12. Killer loses his memory. Drama . France

308 When bart6874 met lulu5547 Michael Manese 7 mins. U . Two lonely senior citizens use old and new technologies to find love. ComedyUSA.

322 The Revolutionary Denis Astolfi 90 mins . Damiano falls in love with celeste but the feelings are not mutual! Comedy. Italy

334 All You Can Eat Samy Burch & Alex Mechanik 14 mins. 12A . Host of food tv show wanted to be a comedian. Now it’s 9:30 in the morning and he’s already eaten a bucket of shrimp. Comedy. USA

335 20 Ways Peter M. Kershaw 15 mins.
Political satire on immigration. Hispanic profiling in the USA seen through the metaphor of a Jewish family in 1930s Europe. Drama. USA

342 Obeah Pauline B. Appiah 9 mins. 12.
Black magic provokes belly dancer to exact retribution on an unsuspecting patron. Fantasy. Australia

346 Alpacas And Destiny Jordan Imbrey 15 mins. U. Lonely Winslow Timms discovers an amulet that transforms his pet alpacas into humans. Comedy. USA

348 Love Thy Neighbour (L’ Amour de son prochain) Benoit Maestre 120 mins. 12A. Alain meets Estelle in unsetting circumstances. They’ll then have to share a heavy secret. Feature Film. France

352 Unkown Land Manuel De Coco
80 mins. U. Arab Spring, Yemen 2011, and the civil war continues. Adventure begins through a castaway’s body. Feature Film. Greece

353 Doorslag Bastian Rooh 16 mins.12. Half-brothers must solve their lifelong differences in the most violent of ways. Drama. Holland

354 Across The Room Brittany Larimore 9 mins. 12. FBI agent in 50s America, is paranoid that his neighbour’s a spy. Drama. USA

356 Unspoken Richard King 11 mins. U. Victim of bullying runs away from her home and stubles on an unlikey hero. Drama. Australia

358 Grey Cristin Carlin 9 mins. U . Explores the binaries and polarities that exist, that question separation, and seek connection. Experimental. USA

359 Sons & Mothers Christopher Houghton 82 mins. 12A. Male theatre troupe create a love letter to their mothers. Documentary. Australia

361 Dreamless Daniel del Valle 6 mins. U.
When you have nothing else to lose only your mind will let you dream. Animation. Spain

368 Double Occupancy (Zweibettzimmer) Fabian Giessler 9 mins. U. Two men share a hospital room, in which the window becomes a highly demanded resource. Animation. Germany

Abuztua Pello Gutierrez 17 mins. 15. Taking care of his grandma Julen’s initial indifference turns into curiosity. Drama. Spain

379 Are You Aware? Ovgu Akgurgen 60 minutes U. Social awareness and attention on the living conditions of homeless animals. Drama. Turkey

382 Agophobia Benjamin Ross Hayden
27 mins. 12. The Ram engages to escape beyond humanity within a digital world. Sc-Fi Drama. Canada

387 Payback Time Aris Chatzopoulos 96 mins. 15. Man charged for a dark case, is released from prison. Time for vengeance... Feature. Greece

393 Eden Robbie Walsh 75 mins. 15. Overbrowing and economic crash in Ireland “Adam” has been made homeless... Drama. Ireland

395 Aftermath Irina Alexiu 13 mins. 15. Delinguent gang rob middle-aged couple and discover things are not what they seem. Drama. Sweden

396 Descent Into Hell Sergi Guibas Arnau 19 mins. 15. Vedvgo’s band enslaves, tortures and murders. When ‘Old Man’ sees his brother hanged he decides to visit the b*stards. Western. Spain

397 Stringless Alberto Diaz 14 mins. 12A.
A violinist desperately plays against her own existence. The effort and struggle are the only guide to reach her dreams. Experimental. Spain

405 Butterfly Arien Perez Garcia 14 mins. U. Four individuals are linked through an uncontrollable dynamic system - Chaos Theory. Drama. Canada

407 Variations Of Jade Stacey Larkins 75 mins. 15. Mentally unstable woman with recent break up triggers further decline. Drama. USA

411 The Last Night Of Baby Gun Jan Eilhart 15 mins. 15. A whore is whore is a whore. Employed in a world of availability, she never the less survives the tough streets. Drama. Germany

417 Illness Jonathan Bucari 15 mins. 12A. Tragic fate of a 13-year-old with mental illness, and the ever-growing fear of his parents. Drama. USA

422 Landscape Anabela Costa 10 mins. U.
“A landscape is a cultural image, a pictorial way of representing, structuring or symbolising surroundings”, so there will always be a personal, cultural and aesthetic dimension. Experimental. France

436 First Fish (Prvmi Rybka) Veronika Gottlichova. 14 mins. U. Poetic story about memories and dreams. Animation. Czech Republic

438 Savage Witches Clara Pais & Daniel Fawcett 70 mins. 12. Experimental. Portugal
Man Of Glass Temenuge Trifonova 58 mins. 15. Paris, a turbulent period marked by the rise of the new sciences, Gaspard - decadent artist - assumes the identity of a stranger, who may or may not be a killer. Drama. Canada

442 ExpatZ Jimmie Wing 27 mins. 15. White trash go crazy in Asia. Drama. Thailand

448 The Pillars Of the Empire Jaime Miranda Bambaren 3 mins. U. Intervention of the ‘archaeological’ remains of a pier in Greenwich - playing with the British Empire’s ‘bones’ and symbols of power. Art Documentary

461Casa Vacia (Empty House) Jesus M Palacios 21 mins. U. In the house in which artists Jorge Oteiza and Nestor Basterretxea lived between 1957 and mid-1970s. Art Documentary. Spain

462 Deus Et machina Koldo Almandoz 9 mins. 12A. Employee is the only person qualifed to do his job. Today, though, he has made a decision... Drama. Spain

471 Sick Dead (Muertas de Asco) Miguel G. Catian 18 mins. 15. Zombies are part of life... transformed and separated sisters need to be reunited. Horror. Spain

474 Sevein & Alegra Dave Lojek
9 mins. U. Lively Alegra meets chary Severin, curiosity turns to a relationship. A year later Alegra reveals a secret to might change their lives. RomCom. Germany

475 Focus Pocis Dave Lojek 6 mins. U. What part of yourself are you willing to sacrifice in order to gain attention and love? RomCom. Germany

478 Final Touch Dave Lojek 12 mins. U. Jenny lives her life as if she were immortal. How would she behave, if she remembered her limited existence? Drama. Germany

479 Mademoiselle Nimsi Dave Lojek 4 mins. U. If your mind were a box, would you want to open it? Drama. Germany

480 Sick City Dave Lojek 3 minus. 12.
A sick tourist visits Berlin sights quickly with an angelic teleport guide. Comedy. Germany

484 Cryosphere Kurtis Hough 6 mins. U A haunting wailing cry to stop the melting of a glacier. Experimental Documentary. USA

490 The Madness To My Method Ivan Bergerman 10 mins. 12.
Sc-Fi Drama. Canada

492 The Price Of Feeling Paula Rae Gibson Drama. France

495 El Rastrillo Se Quiere Comprometer (Rake’s Commitment) Santi Veiga 14 mins. 15. Parable, with a humorous tone, about social commitment and love. Drama. Spain

496 Proceso De Seleccion (The Selection Process) Manuel Martinez 12 mins. 15. Staff selection process where three candidates vie with each other for an executive post. Drama. Spain

497 Tight Cote Soler 17 mins. 15. Unexpected meeting between a photographer and the daughter of a minister, at an university party. Drama. Spain

498 Sun Sand Survival Alvaro Moro & Oscar Caualler 16 mins. The dessert where the exchange takes place between three mafia henchmen and a couple of mysterious errants. Drama. Spain

499 Saudade Marta Tomas & Irene Guede 12 mins. U. After 50 years emigrated in Brazil, Patxi loses contact with his wife & children... Drama. Spain

501 Mi Ojo Derecho (The Apple Of My Eye) Josecho De Linares 13 mins. U. Zurdo had a special relationship with his gran. Since he went away to study they have lost contact... Drama. Spain

506 Jans Body Jasco Viefhues 20 mins
Thomas comes to Berlin to pick up the ashes of his dead son Jane... Drama. Germany

510 20Zwoelf (20Twelve) Christian Stahi
4 mins. U. Press freedom needs jouranlists to be aware of abuses... Experimental. Germany

511 Bumpy Night Julie Kreuzer
35 mins. 15. Actor encounters ex-boyfriend at a party and struggles to keep composed. Drama. Germany

514 Bruises, Cakes & Cigarettes Mariana Ivana Jukica 11 mins. Woman’s face remain hidden as she’s bombarded by dark and suspicous reactions fron strange characters along the way. Drama. Germany

517 Crushed Willi Volker Heymann
6 mins. U. 62 years old, hates computers but saves a guest’s life by applying a laptop in an unusual way. Comedy. Germany

524 Heart Says Explode Adrian Schilz & Johannes Fritsche 19 mins. 12A . Musician finds it hard to get along in a niche without any bourgeois conventions... Drama. Germany

527 Fressen (Pig Out) Nathalie Kamber
9 mins. 12A. Hendrik and Mona’s candle lit dinner acquires an odd taste... Drama. Germany

528 Having Krebs Anne Maschlanka
22 mins. 15. Discontent, aimless, full. His room is a self-made cell of isolation, the computer the only being he is dealing with. Drama. Germany

529 Feiertage (Festivities) Christin Freitag & Hanna Mayser 22 mins, U. Christmas Eve, the two grandparents prepare for their family in a very unque way. Documentary. Germany

535 Milchbart (Milk Mustache) Katrin Woller 3 mins. 12. Young woman enters a cafe and decides to bring a touch of rebellion to the cold atmosphere. Comedy. Germany

539 Musik Liegt In Der Luft (There Is Music In The Air) Tim Bosse 20 mins. 15. Mirek’s dream of a life with Tina was still within reach when she went off with a music bod... Comedy. Germany

562 Son Los Padres (The Parents)
Polo Menarguez 11 mins. 15. Five years old Pable is bad and so the Three Wise Men are not bringing him any presents... Comedy. Spain

575 La Casta (The Caste) Victor Tejera & Raul Tejera 17 mins. 12A. Post-apocalyptic tragicomedy. Caste is not willing to lose their privileges, but their “final solution” is out of control. Comedy. Spain

581 Today Time Will Stop For 5 Minutes! Magnus Aronson-Aminoff 10 mins. U. Sebastian wants to get Nikki back. When he touches her hand, it feels like time stops! Drama. Sweden

585 The Sham Jean Djet 21 mins. 15.
Cop moonlights as a hitman. Thriller. Australia

589 Golusma Jesus Monroy 9 mins. 12A. Two love stories in the same place at different times. Drama. Spain

591 Tete-A-Tete Lisa Reznik 16 mins. 12. Portrayal of the intellectual connection between philosopher Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre and their vow of essential love. Drama. USA

593 The Eric Crooks Show: Classic Show Eric Crooks 30 mins. 15. Puppet cartoon satirizes American society. Comedy. USA

594 Cybornetics Dwayne Buckle 120 mins. 15. Scientists are building a cyborg who soon escapes from the lab. Science Fiction. USA

596 Das Werwolfspiez Johanna Rieger 93 mins. 15. Rosa returns to her family’s vacation home that hides dark secrets of her youth. Thriller. Austria

600 Smile High Hsuan-Yu Pan 9 mins. 12.
Mysterious street performer wants to bring smiles to the world with his goofy dance. Art Documentary . USA

607 Kingston Avenue Amel Hostiou
40 mins. 12. Vincent follows woman he loves to New york and he’s going to try to do everything to get her back. Drama. France

613 Pro Kopf (The Maid) Sascha Zimmermann 14 mins. 12A. Businessman alone in a hotel makes a call home only to make a shocking discovery. Drama. Germany

620 All My Eyes Sirim Bahar Demirel
5 mins. U. When you lose your sight, does it mean that you don’t see anymore? Documentary. Turkey

621 Return To The Sea Gennevieve Mc Gill 64 mins. A moving documentary on Inisbofin; an island off the coast of Donegal. Documentary . Ireland

625 Van Gogh 300 Flavio Sciole
5 mins. U. Video for Van Gogh. Experimental . France

626 Sangvineio Ancora, Ora
Flavio Sciole 6 mins. U. Blood and life. Experimental. Italy

628 Frankenstein Goes Out
Flavio Sciole 11 mins. U. A dark Frankenstein. Experimental. Italy

646 La Nina Mas Guapa De Aguilo 5 mins. U. Documentary. Spain

652 Wade In The Water 13 mins. U. Drama. Spain

380 Sardonic Smile (Das Sardonische Lachelin) Tilo Koch 83 mins . Sister of student of archeology is missing. Isabella follows the trace to Sardina... Thriller. Germany

381 Wallpaper (Tapeten) Bigna Tomschin 15 mins . Jan is visiting his family but his idea of family no longer exists. Drama. Switzerland

598 Shame And Glasses Alessandro Riconda 7 mins . Miirko has to face his worst fear: wearing glasses. Drama. Italy

599 The Lgend Christian Lara 90 mins Woman in search of absolute love, arrives in Polynesia, when a mysterious sailboat appears in the lagoon. Is it destiny? Drama. France

624 Runner Paddy Slattery 18 mins. 15. After a hit-and-run accident, a young man attempts to carry on with his life... Drama. Ireland

636 Blue And Malone, Detectives Imaginarios. Animation. Spain

433 A Crack In Time Lena Mattsson 5 mins. U. Poetic film about a woman or a man travelling into a space. Art. Sweden

57 Going Under Anthony Crossland. Witnessing an act of terrorism, Jas believes it was the government. 34:50 Drama

265 Evidence if Existence Alex Frois A story examining the human condition. 71:00 Drama

242 East One Huzan Hashim & Phil Maxwell. Tracing the changes in Spitalfields and Banglatown. 65:00 Doc.

138 The Rajini Effect Nelson & Kuvera Sivalingam. A Japanese man wants to become and Indian movie star. 100:00 Comedy

28 Hero Shy Krishna Bala. A group of kids get caught up with the undead. 60:00 Horror/Comedy

202 Bayo Mark Brown. The life of UK reggae artist Bayo. 71:00 Doc/Music

62 The Red Rose Ian Woodward. A modern day Alice in Wonderland set to Tchaikvsky. 27:00 Musical/Fantasy

208 Dog Dancing School Donna Lipowitz. Dog dancing enthusiasts. 41:21 Doc.

3 Graders David Hutchinson. Suspense in a Scottish fish factory. 94:00 Chiller

56 The Red Rose Unzipped Ian Woodward. The making of the musical fantasy The Red Rose. 58:00 Doc.

11 Twogether Arnoldas Alubauskas & Neringa Medutyte. Family and friendship in the face of disease. 29:26 Doc.

211 Folie A’ Deux (Madness made of two). Kim Hopkins. 101:00 Doc.

73 Railway Redemption Santiago Posada. A busker confronts his past. 35:00 Doc.

66 CLYMAU (The ties that bind) Richard L Pask. Forced relocation and past ties. 03:00 Mockumentary/Drama

176 The Suppressor Ara Paiaya. When the law is not enough. 90:00 Action

52 Bogland David Harkin. Irish gangster wanting to move upwards within the underworld. 74:00 Crime Drama

55 Emily Marc Simms & Ryan Hickey. Young girl and her abusive stepfather. 14:40 Drama

70 It’s A Love Thing Andy Dodd. A relationship bought together by Star Wars. 46:00 Drama

81 Rose Kemal Yildirim. A woman broken by drugs tries to reclaim her life. 97:00 Drama

8 Another Secret Daniel Gentely. A family torn between love, race and religion. 17:00 Drama

4 Fresh Oliver Vilas. A foreign student in an East London high school. 12:35 Drama

271 Then We Are Together Richard J Moir. Man finds happiness discovering a Super 8 camera. 10:36 Drama

260 Home Sweet Home Sinitta Monero. Young boy suffers from delusions and paranoia. 11:37 Drama

268 Waiting Maria Ann Hylton. Tragedy and suspense in a nursing home. 09:58 Drama

108 Campers Emma Rozanski. Grief and eccentricity in a young family. 14:54 Drama

88 Fallen Angels Luke Mordue. A freak accident leaves four men in a dilemma. 118:00 Thriller

233 Mistaken Anthony Roberts. Action packed British thriller. 100:00 Thriller

142 Ella Dan Gitsham. A dead mother. But all is not what it seems. 08:54

269 Esme’ Erin Buelow. A musician receives love songs from a fan. 09:21 Drama

238 Beauty/Truth Dermot Daly. A search for the meaning of life. 09:22 Drama

200 Sewing Solutions Marc Bredul. A 1950’s wife takes a creative approach to a situation. 05:50 Drama

144 Outsider Ryan Claffey. An illegal immigrant falls victim ruthless landlord. 38:00 Drama

136 Empty Jane Hamer. A man retraces the steps he took with his recently deceased father. 02:19 Drama

135 Paper Plates Jack Satchel, Elliot Reeves, Richard Bell. A best man struggles with his feelings for the bride. 05:31 Drama

131 Just Call Joel Ally Mckenzie. A suicide hotline operator utilises his unique approach. 07:39 Drama

121 Whatever It Takes Dan Tonkin. Two young inspiring writers are reunited after three years. 13:32 Drama

103 Black Box Adam Rae. A flight crash over the Atlantic. 08:35 Drama

101 Under The Bridge Mark Duggan. A man and a teen converse under a city bridge. 07:41 Drama

96 Somebody’s Daughter Gareth Peevers. A young hitchhiker gets a lift with a troubled older man. 09:53 Drama

82 All That Glisters Claire Lamond. A woman deals with her dad’s illness. 07:30 Drama

50 Crazy Darren Ali. A couple’s relationship loses it’s spark. 12:19 Drama

32 August Weekend Ryushi Lindsay. An older brother has to look after his sister for the weekend. 11:15 Drama

16 A Dream I Had Brian Harley. An encounter with an ex who has a baby in tow. 17:20 Drama

129 Suffering In Silence Ciarra Nevitt & Paride Odierna. Four Londoners go on a journey of self discovery. 42:00 Drama

164 Calloused Hands Jesse Quinones. Abuse and neglect of a young boy who finds solace in his grandfather. 97:00 Drama

37 Accept Tom Pickard & James Phillips. A mysterious man converses with three different people. 14:58 Drama

777 Skyfall (Joe Kargbo) Music Video 6 mins

207 Remember To Breathe (Donna Lipowitz) Art Documentary 8 mins
A young artist uses rock climbing to overcome lifes hardships.

209 The Goat Race (Donna Lipowitz) Documentary 13 mins
Will Barney the pigmy goat win the race at Spitalfields City Farm?

204 United Vibrations (Rebecca Culverhouse) London 8 mins
Music video including a gig at Occupy Saint Pauls.

99 The Anonymous (Mazin Mahdi-Sherabayani) Documentary 13 min
The Syrian refugee camp in Northern Iraq/Kurdistan.

217 Tiesto & Boon Keng Midnight (Rene Pannevis) Comedy 12 mins
How the best DJ in the world overcame his bedwetting problem.

243 Alien Dance (Nick Fletcher) Music 3 mins
An alien dances....from long time festival favourite Nick Fletcher.

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