Portobello Pop Up Cinema
3 Acklam Road, W10 5TY

London 1

6pm – 10.30pm

Happy Thoughts
Layke Anderson) 14 mins
A raw and experimental re-imagining of Peter Pan.


Tasos Giapoutzis) 6 mins
A meditation on the modern way of travelling.

Banana Skins
Matt McCooey) 10 mins
Two petty thieves need to get back into their daughters’ lives.

A Cake For Mabel
Jane McGee) 15 mins
A mature love story.

Family Reunion

David Kitchen) 11 mins
The dark secrets of a loving family.

All The World’s A Cage
Joe Whitney) 3 mins
A dynamic and dramatic monologue on the vicissitudes of Romantic Love.

Pig Wormer
Gavin Irvine) 4 mins
Unscrupulous drug dealers offer a “luvvie” the deal of the century.

Piss On My Pony

Gavin Irvine) 4 mins
An animal loving blonde, in need of another drink, takes advantage of a hapless man.

Taking Over The King’s Land

Gillian McIver) 23 mins
As London prepares for 2012 Nazir Tanboull begins the biggest street art project in London.

Just A Sketch

Patrick Ireland) 4 mins
An artist falls in love with a model. From students of the London Film School.

Castles Made Of Sand

Mungo Benson) 75 mins
An alienated man tries to adapt to outside life after 12 years in prison.

My Other Life

Graham Roos) 47 mins
Filmed over a year, seven students contemplate love, sex, and death through the media of their own poetry and music.


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