Portobello Pop Up Cinema
3 Acklam Road, W10 5TY

Animation, Sci Fi & Fantasy

6pm – 10.30pm

Here With Me
Pete Riski, 12 mins
A troubled man confronts the events that lead him to a remote forest.

There Comes A Time
Francesca Marie, 3 mins
Animated film about a girl on a bus.

Sarah Hammond, 8 mins
Analogue electronic feedback effects and experimentation.

Red Man
Dulani Wilson, 13 mins
An animated reimagining of Shakespeare’s classic Macbeth.

Through The Wonderglass
Jason Davison, 20 mins
A contemporary adaptation of Lewis Carroll.

Computer Love
Kate Jessop, 2 mins
A Mac computer is heartbroken when he can’t render any more.

FU 377
Neelu Bhuman, 5 mins
Stop motion animation of adorable Indian mother and her queer daughter.

C. J. Lazaretti, 3 mins
Animation: people of the Earth beware of Duke Cosmico, you are what he eats.

Dmitri Vassiliadis, 7 mins
A tramp finds a detached hand.

Edie & The Aliens
Edward Bishop, 5 mins
Edie discovers a little green alien in next door’s garden.

Alfie Barker, 8 mins
Below the Stage, George is left alone in the shadow of a performance.

Enchanting Rupert
Rainer Niermann, 25 mins
A magic potion might get Rupert the girl of his dreams.

The Hedgehog
C. Lee & P. Sturrie,
A boy discovers a peculiar truth to his lonely existence.

The Terminal
Tom Bober, 5 mins
A glimpse of a possible future where every on the planet is directly connected to the internet.

The Final Moments Of Poe & Nina
Nikolai Hamel, 9 mins
Two people on a doomed inter-solar lifeboat decide what to do with their final moments.

Dulani Wilson, 4 mins
Anti technology terrorists access memories and thoughts stored on Cloud.

The Door
Trevor Hayward, 3 mins
A supernatural short highlighting isolation, tension, and the hereafter.

Charlie The Splendid
C. Scott Dyson & B. McNulty, 28 mins
An alien species sends a spy to Mother Earth to gather intelligence.

The Space Tourist
Lex Jones, 27 mins
Quirky story of an elderly reclusive and forgotten man ,Mr JayJay who creates a spaceship out of disregarded rubbish to get to the moon...the only place he wants to go to escape humanity. All told through the musical medium of 'cine-grime'

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