12 – 11pm

Out Factor
Oradol Kaewpraser, 12 minutes, 12A
The documentary goes around asking young people how could he/she come out to his/her parents. the film delivers messages in light-hearted way but some answers are quite heart wrenching.

Rising Hope
Marie Vejvodova, 25 minutes, U
The documentary is about a non-profit organization KOTO, which helps street youths in Vietnam by training them in hospitality.
Czech Republic

Alberto Grifi At Visioni Sconsigiiate,
Flavio Sciole, 22 minutes, 15
A portrait of Alberto Grifi, a great experimental director.
Experimental Documentary

Nak Muay
Christian Muno, Frank Muno & Raoul Schmitz, 55 minutes, U
Nak Muay (Thai term for one who practices Thai boxing) is the story of Kevin Haas, Luxembourg, 30 years young who wants to be part of the legend. Convinced that everything is possible and everything happens in the head, he chases his dream of becoming the first world champion of Luxembourg Thai boxing. For one year, three young filmmakers have followed to trace its sporting and human path. The ring/life. Is not it ultimately the same fight?

The Road
Laura Marie Wayne, 13 minutes, 12A
A tender and deeply personal memoir, The Road is an invitation to celebrate love and loss as cornerstones of the human experience.

Jake Bryan-Amaning & Naike Mabois, 28 minutes, 15
Documentary exposing the truth behind the internet trolls.

Yinggeyanwu (The Oriole Sings. The Swallow Dances)
Kadour Naimi, 68 mins, U
In China, every day before going to work or after having dinner, they go to parks or public places for sports, play music, sing, dance, walk or see and listen to the birds sing. And during the weekend, they are even more numerous. Who are these people and why did they choose this lifestyle? _The documentary was filmed in the capital Beijing, in a city of middle size, the ancient capital Xian, in a small southern towns in the deep south, the Yunnan, especially Jianshui an d Hekou, at the border with Vietnam, and finally in two villages in the mountains of this province.

The Rift
Holly Sheridan & Shane Stokes, 13 minutes, 12A
A documentary following a filmmaker’s investigation of a family feud that has been ongoing most of her life.

If I Had Wings
Sanjeev Menta, 16 minutes, U
“If I Had Wings” is a masterpiece, a poignant film that observantly chronicles a poor child’s nightmarish existence. His low income parents are over stressed in trying to meet the daily needs of the family. The problems at home lead Mithun to try and supplement his family’s income by searching the bed of the river Ganga for tossed coins.

Apartheid Voices In Black And White
Frederico Nsecello, 53 mins, 12A
A vivid story is revealed that reflects on both separatism and reconciliation following the fall of one of the most extreme racist and discriminating regimes of the 20th century.
Played on blue ray

Robert Santaguida , 11 minutes, U
Joy and frustration as constructed by Goran Gostojic of Novi sad.

Vakha And Magomed
Marta Prus, 12 minutes, U
Subtle observation of an everyday life of two refugees from Chechnya living in Warsaw, Poland - 10-year-old Magomed and his father Vakha, which becomes a story about human’s love and dignity.

Belly Of The Tantra
Pankaj Puromit, 75 minutes, 18
The film delves into the radical beliefs and extreme rituals of tantra that religion can incite by exploring an ancient and eccentric sect of Hinduism along the river Ganges and throughout India which has sparred much controversy and significant taboo, the film challenges our notions of faith and the limits to which one can go.

Amsterdam Stories U.S.A, Part 1: East
Rob Rombout & Rogier Van Eck, 95 min,12A
“Amsterdam Stories U.S.A” is a road-movie tracing 15 small places in the United States, all of them named Amsterdam. Two Dutch descent filmmakers, Rogier Van Eck & Rob Rombout, cross the country from East to West Coast, from their arrival in New York (former Nieuw Amsterdam) to California. Through encounters and stories of the Amsterdams and on the road in between, this long and arbitrary adventure progressively weaves a singular image of the provincial and unknown “small town” America. The result is an intimate portrait and radiography of a protean country. The 6-hour feature length documentary is divided in 4 chapters of 90 minutes each: East - South - Midwest - West.
Documentary/ Road-Movie

In The Eye Of The Beholder
Lena Mattsson, 36 minutes, 18
“In The Eye Of The Beholder” is a documentary about the man, the myth and the human being Bo Cavefores. Writer, director and last but not least legendary publisher of Red Army Faction (RAF) other writers. Music Conny C-A Malmqvist.
Art Documentary

As If It Once Was (Kao Da Je Bilo Nekad)
Dusan Vesic, 115 minutes, 15
Tragic story about one of the best and most influential Rock Bands of former Yugoslavia − Ekatrina Velika (EKV).
Music Documentary

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