The Muse
269 Portobello Road, W11 1LR

Spanish Films

6pm – 11pm

Yours, Mine, Ours: The Exchange Economy, Tom Garner & John English, 27 minutes, U
A social experiment to live without conventional currencies in a money-dominated society. Stefan tries to create bonds with people, through exchange, to find a home. Documentary.

Four Postcards To Marta, Hernan Talavera, 10 minutes, U
I have a small film: it’s made from a few filmed postcards. These are simple, intimate postcards, which I sent to my girlfriend when she returned to her country Latvia, in the autumn of 2014. Experimental Documentary. Spain

Horseface, Marc Martinez Jordan, 9 minutes, 12A
A 20£ budget comedy-horror-science fiction, thriller, animal drama short film starred by my grandma and me. Comedy Horror. Spain

The Pious Clinic, Ignacio Sepulveda, 14 minutes, 12A
Are you depressed? Are you disgusted with life? Can’t you stand it anymore? The Pious Clinic have all kinds of solutions to end your suffering. Visit us or order our catalogue online. Black Comedy. Spain

Mr.Dentoin, Ivan Villamel, 9 minutes, 12A
On a cold winter night, Laura reads his brother David the story of a strange creature that attacks children, suddenly, a shiver runs Laura’s body, feeling a strange presence in the house. Horror. Spain

I’ve Just Had A Dream (Acabo De Tener un Sueno), Javi Navarro 8 minutes, U
Irene is eight and she just woke up from a horrible dream. Drama. Spain

600$, Oriol Cardus, 18 minutes, 15
Julian, a hired killer with many jobs behind him, is forced, due to an unexpected request, to rethink his life and the value it gives to the lives of others. Thriller. Spain

Rupestre, Enrique Diego, 7 minutes, U
A wild horse meets a boy coming from the Paleolithic. A bond of curiosity will grow between them, but old fears, inherited for millennia, will awake too. Animation. Spain

Calle Cortada, Juan Carlevaris, 13 minutes, 15
Julia and Miguel get stuck in his car, something that will change everything.
Drama. Spain

Flexibility, Remedios Crespo, 10 minutes, U
Europe, near future. the workers of a stickpin factory gather urgently to avoid the impending plant closing. the difference between the workers and top management are not the expected ones. Science Fiction. Spain

Barbara, Santiago Esperon, 9 minutes, 15
Barbara works at night looking for scrap metal on the streets. She's a loner, strange and solitary, nothing seems to get to her. Drama. Spain

Despertar, Marta Medina del Valle, 11 minutes, U
Ametsa has been in a clinic for some months, the same time she has not been able to sleep. Drama. Spain

Oscillation, Didac Gimeno, 8 minutes, 15
One night a young girl gets lost in the lamp shop where she works, there ghosts and visions scares and attracts her at the same time. Fantasy. Spain

Pueblo, Maria Pardo 10 minutes, 12A, Drama. Spain
Luis returns to his town to face the reality he has been trying to forget. A trip that he will never forget. Drama Spain

Aun No Estoy Muerto, Alain Lefebvre, 15 minutes, U
Antonio has a mission to undertake. And it might be his last. Drama. Spain

Isabel Isabellae, Amanda Rodriguez, 12A, 10mins
Alberto and Isa, a young couple, have met up with his friend Martin to spend a day bicycling around the mountain. Martin wanders in search of Graellsia Isabelle, a rare species of butterfly that for the moment is evading him. Drama. Spain

La Metafora Del Piccione, Miguel Murciano, 15, 20 mins
Diego has decided to marry Sarah. But when he walks out of his house with the intention of asking her to marry him, a pigeon shits on his shoulder, but what do a giant pigeon and a zombie alien do in this plot? Comedy, Spain

Nena, Alauda Ruiz de Azua, 12 minutes, 12A
Javier Gorrigaramendi was the first boy who broke Ana's heart. Sixteen years later he appears. Ana the Teenager doesn't want to open the door. What does Ana the Adult want? Comedy. Spain

Sinecdoque. Una Histore De Amour Fou, Jose Manuel Carrasco, 7 minutes, U
He is an ACTOR, She is an Actress...But this...It's not important for the story. Comedy. Spain

Yo Presidenta, Arantxa Echevarria, 18 minutes, U
The chaos of the last elections in the country due to the vast majority of the white vote alarms Europe. Comedy. Spain

Ficcion, Miguel Angel Carcano, 12 minutes, 15
Peter and Clara are having a marriage crisis. Comedy. Spain

Discovered Mosen Bruno (Descubriendo A Mosen Bruno), Maxi Campo, 29 minutes, 15
Richard, a young American, ventures into the Pyrenees mountains, camera in hand, in search of information about the adventures of Mosen Bruno Fierro, a legendary character his grandmother told him about when he was young, and about whom he plans to do a documentary film. The experiences he has during these days will change his life for ever. Drama. Spain

Waiting For The (T)Rain, Simon Panay, 25 minutes, 12A
A small village lost in a dusty desert in Burkina’s bush. Two times a week passes the train. Various food items and water bottles thrown by the passengers while passing by constitute the main income of the village and the only source of water during the dry season. Different portraits follow each other. The other ones have known slavery in the service of France, the young dream of distant horizons. Documentary. Spain


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