Portobello Pop Up Cinema
3 Acklam Road, W10 5TY

W10/W11 Local Showcase 1

6.30pm – 10.30pm

More Hot For No 5 (Digital Works) 40 mins
History of Notting Dale W11 featuring Joe Rush, Frestonia, and John Christie.
The film was made by Year 5 pupils from Barlby Primary School with support from digital:works and was funded by Heritage Lottery Fund and RBKC’s Local Ward Fund. Documentary.

Vision Of Paradise (Constantine Gras) 28 mins
Embedded in North Kensington, an artists journey in search of home and community. Sponsored by V&A Museum. Documentary.

Galicia. Portobello Road (Adriana Paramo) 9 mins
After 30 years Maria is closing her restaurant in Portobello Rd when her daughter asks to stay. Drama..

Over & Over (WW Jones & Luke Skinner) 12 mins
An ageing gangster meets a master forger for a drink one night. With original score by Mick Jones of The Clash. Drama.
Mirror no 1 (WW Jones & Luke Skinner) 3 mins
A psychedelic fairytale about the most celebrated mirror in the world. Drama.

Blu (Max Conran) 8 mins
A street performer with blue skin is mistaken for a guest at a fancy dress party. Comedy.

A Life Is In The Moment (Myrna Shoa) 5 mins
3 screen triptych: we look but we don’t see. Mixed media.

Nostalgia (Jason Dimopoulos) 3 mins
A projectionist’s desire clouds the beauty in front of him. Comedy.

What’s So Special About Portobello?
(Myrna Shoa) 4 mins
An investigation into how recent changes in Portobello have affected local people.

Fuseli (Randy Kent) 12 mins
Henry is seized by paralysis and something unseen while cat sitting for his girlfriend. Horror.

Noise (Paul Surety) 7 mins
The world from the perspective of a withdrawn and lonely girl surrounded by arguing parents. Drama.

Strawberries (Paul Surety) 11 mins
An adulterous couple’ love nest is full of surprises. Drama.

The Valley Of Dawn (Adrienne Grierson) 23 mins
The Valley Of Dawn people in Brazil believe they come from the planet Capela and are connected to interplanetary spirit guides. Documentary.

Marmots (Gertrude Thomas) 11 mins
A dark comedy of urban manners. Comedy.

About A Dog (Ryan Vernava) 20 mins
The death of a dog on a much loved TV programme was covered up. Comedy.

Snake Pit (henry Blake) 23 mins
The body is a temple but it is also a weapon. Thriller.

Dowlish Wake (Aok Simpson) 30 mins
Jealousy, paranoia, infidelity, revenge, redemption, and jokes when an aspiring writer meets a menacing producer. Comedy.

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