The Muse
269 Portobello Road, W11 1LR

Feature Films

6pm – 11pm

Backpack, Thorsten Wenning, 82 minutes, 15
In the thirst for adventure, young teacher Daniel heads off to his first big journey around the world. Feature Film. Germany

Pohang Harbour
, Mo Hyun-shin, 93 minutes, U
A man returning home to find his missing father is as unstable as him lost coordinate and had been missing at the middle of the ocean. To end a floating life, which he has felt meaningless to get on, he throws the dummy into the sea to find his father’s body. However, at the moment the dummy rising up to the surface, he realized that he himself is the father of a son. Feature Film. South Korea

Dawn, Romed Wyder, 95 minutes, 12A
British-administrated Palestine, 1947. Zionists are fighting for the establishment of a Jewish state. A member of the armed Jewish Underground has been sentenced to death by the British authorities. In turn, the Underground have kidnapped a British officer. Now, they sit out the night together, waiting for the result of the negotiation. If the British hang their friend at dawn, one of them will shoot the British officer. Feature Film. Switzerland


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