The Muse
269 Portobello Road, W11 1LR


6pm – 11pm

Never Seen (Diana Taylor) 3 mins
The poet tells of a natural phenomenon never seen. Poetry

The Mother (Diana Taylor) 5 mins
Before he died for his part in the 1916 Dublin Easter Rising Patric Pearce wrote a poem to his mother. Poetry

The Raving Mad Film (Duncan Gisby) 4 mins
Just has thoughts, no script. Animation

Alone (Duncan Gisby) 4 mins
My sad and lonely life without my special friends, the Fantasy Bears. Animation

Feeling Just Wonderful All Over (Liliana Colombo) 15 mins
Past life regression. This film is not meant to hypnotise you. Art

The Symphony Of The Square Root (Mark Eve) 20 mins
A tour of the South Bank Centre in London. Art

Light And Shadows 6 (Andrew Payne) 1 min
Time lapse of light and shadows on a wall as the sun sets. Art

Blue Screen-The Documentary (Dominic Wade) 16 mins
Blue Screen is Bristol’s longest running short film night. Blue Screen welcomes any genre of film. Documentary

The Ego’s Eye (She Rocola) 7 mins
A romantic relationship in early stages. Poetry

Titled (Lana Maciver) 4 mins
Music video starring one of UKs only high wire walkers, Ellis Grover. Music

Beyond The Photo (Cathy Hassan) 5 mins
Trailer for documentary tracing the journey of the photo through the political landscape of the 70s and 80s featuring Charlie Phipps. Documentary

Stay Alive (Hyunjee Song) 10 mins
Skaters life & culture in Bristol. Data disc, need DVD. Documentary

You Are A Memory (John Dunn) 6 mins
A story about how life can give and take away. Music

This-That (Jacob Barua) 32 mins
A student’s obsession with the myth of Icarus. Drama

Imago (Jason Marsh) 15 mins
I am a makeshift woman. It feels better than being a dysphoric man. Art

Life Classes On The 2B Bus (David Nevin) 6 mins
David reads poems to passengers while working as a bus conductor. Art

Starry Starry Night (Cara Aparicio Yoldi) 3 mins
Abstract movements based on Van Gogh’ painting. Art

Iconosphere (Cara Aparicio Yoldi) 5 mins
Saturation of imgage and media manipulation. Art

Efficient Story (Cara Aparicio Yoldi) 4 mins
Perspective is primarily masculine. Art

Circadian Rhythms (Cara Aparicio Yoldi) Describing the passing of time in the life of a person for 24 hours. Art

Fragment Edmemory (Cara Aparicio Yoldi) 4 mins
The fragmentation of narrative discourse. Art

Hey George (Cara Aparicio Yoldi) 4 mins
Holloway Road is spied on by 100 CCTV cameras. Art

One Thousand And One Teardrops (Fateme Ahmadi) 17 mins
Should Louly wear her school uniform or whatever she wants. A magic teardrop keeper from Iran helps her make a choice. Animation

Even Invisible Things Hide Themselves Jean-Baptiste Durand 30 minutes U
“Even invisible things hide themselves” is not a documentary film about Abdelkader Benchamma or a film about his exposition in Carre Saint Anne, but a film inviting into the depth of the artistic creation. Art Documentary France

Language Is A virus From Outer Space (Richard Strange) 25 mins
R. Strange and Gavin Byers’ cantata based on life and work of William Burroughs.

Tel Post (Anton Houtappels) 30 mins
Acava artist Barbara Nicholls creates a watercolour on the Rhine in real time. Art

Quarry Doll & The Colour Of Magic (Phoenix Coyle) 3 mins
In the year 3000 as flickers of light twinkled across the Camden Wasteland the beautiful Quarry Dolls paraded their vices. Fashion/Art


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