3-5 Thorpe Cl, London W10 5XL

West London Film Network presents movies from West London

6.30 - 10pm

Three Films From Culture Makers

Systematic Potential (Nadir Hedioued) 6 mins
A short film exploring the future of youth services. Documentary

Portobello: That’s Jokes (Izzy Collie-Cousins) 5 mins
Portobello’s thriving community tell jokes to camera. Comedy

Ashley (Shabazz St Leonce) 8 mins
A young man struggles to maintain his relationship with his boyfriend while facing bullies. Drama

Kundara/Shoes (Silvia El Helo/Tika Peucelle) 10 mins
Lyrical short film following the steps of a young woman fleeing from the Middle East to the shores of Europe, exploring themes of loss, displacement, love, and hope. Drama.

Skoobie Dootle (Funkasm) 5 mins
A teenager and her blue monkey friend escape the boredom of indoors and find excitement on the streets of Manhattan. Music.

The Long Line (Alan Bradley) 6 mins
During a youth immigration crisis in Ireland, Liam struggles with the isolation and frustration of being left behind by his girlfriend. Drama.

Joe Strummer Plaque (Phoenix Bay) 8 mins
The unveiling of the Joe Strummer plaque in Daventry St W2. Curated by Gordon McHarg FRSA. Documentary.

Church Street Traders (Myrna Shoa/Timichin Dindler) 13 mins
Explores the different worlds of Church Street market, showcasing the diversity of the market traders and giving them a voice. Documentary.

Jermaine and Elsie (Leon Lopez) 20 mins
An unlikely friendship between a racist elderly invalid and her black, sexually ambiguous carer. Drama.

Getaway (Phoenix Bay) 4 mins
A song written acted by Rosa Munde. Music.

Quarry Doll And The Swarm 1 (Phoenix Coyle) 2 mins
A fashion film created by Phoenix Coyle featuring the work of hair stylist Sylvestre Finolo. Fashion.

Quarry Doll Bee (Phoenix Coyle) 23mins
A fashion film created by Phoenix Coyle inspired by swarms of bees. Fashion.

Vuittonia (Phoenix Coyle) 3 mins
Vuittonia is a wealthy aristocratic eccentric but when her husnand dies she hides all her jewels in a cake. Fashion.

(Paroxysms Erupting Because) Mr Rochester Does Not Get It (Corinne Charlton) 3 mins
Attempting to disrupt narrative from usually passive activity of watching a movie. Art.

Effucient Story (Clara Aparico Yoldi) 4 mins
The gate controls everything. In the art world it’s point of view is primarily masculine. Art.

The Light (Luke Bradford) 3 mins
Voiced by Justin Welby, Archbishop Of Canterbury, celebrating a meaningless piece of contemporary art until the sun rises.

The Trickster (Wolf Howard & She Rocola) 10 mins
An incubus induced nightmare of infidelity. Music.

I’m Hurting (The Bitter Cup) 6 mins
Billy Childish in a full blooded acapella memoir from the depths of blood tinted glasses. Music.

Shrodingers Shoreditch (Ellen Evans & Matthew Holman) 19 mins
When a luxury housing proposal threatens St Leonard’s Parish in Shoreditch the locals responded with a celebration of community arts and an indictment of a failed housing policy, Documentary.

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