3-5 Thorpe Cl, London W10 5XL

Mr Rudolph’s Jubilee and
Indy Comedy

6.30 - 10pm

The Birthday Party (Sharon Woodward) 15 mins
A weekend celebration for wealthy Stephanie’s birthday becomes a darker occasion when everybody is not who they appear to be. Drama.

Seeking A Better Life (Ismaila Jallow) 13 mins
Compelling story of Afro-Caribbean immigrant who opened the first Caribbean restaurant in Aldershot. Documentary.

Callback (Molly Naylor) 20 mins
An insecure comedian finds out he has a teenage daughter. He travels to her seaside home and tries to teach her everything he knows. Comedy.

Requiem For Caffeine (Ros Shennan) 8 mins
An addiction recovery group of middle aged ladies discuss their issues in a weekly meeting. Comedy.

All The World’s A Stage (Dermot Daly) 5 mins
Shakespeare and American Public Information films unite to show indeed all the world’s a stage. Comedy.

It Wouldn’t Change Me (Dermot Daly & Ivan Mack) 7 mins
If life is about change a bored, single, seemingly friendless office worker needs a big ne. Comedy.

Mr Rudolpho’s Jubilee (Michael Glover) 1hr 50 mins
Mr Rudolpho is a depressed fashion designer: rich, famous and suicidal. His plan to end it all goes wrong. He’s taken in by a group of bohemian artists, as cops and killers search for him. Told by a musical Greek chorus. Musical Comedy.

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