Maxilla Social Club
2 Maxilla Walk, London W10 6NQ

Grand Opening Ceremony

6 - 10.30 pm

Save The KPH (Sophie Lodge) 20 mins
Local residents remember a much loved pub. Empty now for two years! Documentary

Baaba Maal In Senegal (Chris Salewicz) 30 mins
Baaba Maal records an album in his home village in Senegal. The route to his roots. Music.

The Firefighters Story (Emma Webster) 60 mins
The story of Britain's Labour movement told through a history of one of its most militant trade unions, the Fire Brigades Union.  Eyewitnesses and archive footage combine in a gripping account of the struggle for the public right to safety - from its birth in 1918, through the horrors of the Blitz, the Troubles in Northern Ireland, the long strike for a living wage and the bitter fight against cuts to the fire service. 
 With fire stations closing across Britain, the film is a stark warning of how it took not just loss of life in major fires but also relentless campaigns from union members to get Britain's fire safety laws improved. With the tragedy at Grenfell Tower looming over its Centenary year, the film is a wakeup call to us all. Documentary.

Tales From Tin Pan Alley (Henry Scott-Irvine) 84 mins
Historians and those who worked in London’s legendary music centre Denmark Street including Dan Cruikshank, Glenn Matlock, the Faces’ Kenny Jones, and Captain Sensible take us on a journey back through time to rediscover Tin Pan Alley, a street in peril. Documentary.

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