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GROVE is in the heART Honey Muscatt 63 mins U
A raw document of the people at the heart and soul of Ladbroke Grove’s musical and artistic culture.
Musical & artistic culture documentary Britain

Panic Attack! Eileen O’Meara 3 mins 15
“Panic Attack!” is a hand-drawn animation from the point of view of a woman having a panic attack. I wanted the transitions between reality and her imagined fears to be seamless, so there are no edits -- it is one continually transforming drawing.
Animation USA

Supper Powers James Bartle 1 minute 30 Seconds U
When Chef Esteban Gomez enters the kitchen things just start to happen.
Mockumentary Britain

Ascension Fabien Martorell 4 mins U
Sangeeta Kauc is singing in front of black and white screen - intercut with her body opening up from under a veil like a cocoon and a butterfly.
Music Video USA

Lidia Judy Ibelhauptaite 6 mins 12A
A short russian drama about ‘Lidia’ who, on her 24th birthday, confronts her mother about being mistreated only to discover she was never wanted…
Britain Drama

Shinobu Hsuan-Yu Pan 9 mins U
Taiko drummer Kaoru Watanabe and Master Fue (Japanese flute) maker Ranjo demonstrated how to create a Fue and share their stories about the joy of music and life.
Documentary Short USA

Yakuseki Vesna Orel 7 mins U
Yakuseki - the Zen monastic supper. Featuring Mariko , whose grandmother was a Zen monk back in Japan. Mariko's Kimono was designed and painted by her mother , a professional Kimono artist . Officially , my first Super 8 film / analogue , transferred to a digital and edited by Libo Li , art director and music adviser , too.
Drama Britain

Low Season Jonathan Johnson 16 mins 12A
Loosely framed by interviews with the filmmaker’s parents, LOW SEASON is an experimental documentary portrait of lives shaped global forces. Meditations on war, melding cultures and life lessons ebb and flow across time, continents and landscapes.
Experimental Documentary USA

Meerim Aleksandra Rechkalova 50 mins 12A
Story of Gulnara, mother of 142 children, who is being sued by union officials' for child trafficking, sexual and labour exploitation. The object of the claim is the Issyk-Ata resort property, famous for its healing mineral geothermal hot springs, which was donated to Gulnara's orphanage by businessman Afanasy in the 90s, who then renounced the world to enter a convent for personal reasons.
Documentary USA

The Merciless Beauty Michael Groom 14 mins 12A
Johnny is a farmhand in the splendour of the English Lake District: he leads a life of introspection, until the strange appearance of a mysterious beautiful woman. Unsure if she's a figment of his imagination or an actual physical being, Johnny succumbs to obsession.
Short Britain

My Uncle Bobby Joshua Dylan Mellars 4 mins 12A
In 1969, Robert Rothschild was drafted, joining some 500,000 troops in Vietnam. The veteran remembers the night recon mission when he stepped on a land mine near the Vietnamese DMZ.
Vietnam War/ Documentary Short USA

People > Places Justin Fountain 15 mins 12A
A journey up the entire western coast of South America, teaches a couple of young men that people are more important then places.
Documentary USA?

Courted Andres Heger-Bratlerud 22 mins 12A
Courted follows Stuart, a 72 years old Jehovahs Witness with a secret he’s been hiding for the whole of his life. When he eventually gets exposed by his religious community for leading a double life his dilemma starts to crystallise and he is forced to make the hardest choice of his life.
Drama/ LGBTQ Britain

Different Quake Jack Fleischer 6 mins 12A
During an intense earthquake, a love triangle erupts between two church missionaries Mark and Luke, and their potential convert Vanessa. But that different quake saves and transforms them. Written by Brandon Shim. Comedy, USA.
Comedy USA

The Anatomist Nicci Thompson 13 mins 18
At a time when Anatomy was frowned upon and feared, a well-respected anatomist must go to extreme lengths to find knowledge to save his dying wife.
Thriller, history, science, love Scotland

The Sea Tasos Giapoutzis 8 Mins 15
Life, a game. Happiness, the sea. Moral virtue and the rules determine the winner.
Drama Britain

Unaccountable Stacey Stone 13 mins 12A
Executive Producer, Diane Mellen found a recent article about three-eyed fish and two-headed turtles in the New River which flows from the U.S. Mexico border into the Salton Sea. Runoffs sewage is causing DNA mutations in animals. As filmmakers, we found it alarming that the California Department of Parks and Recreation is advising parents that it’ permissible to swim and fish in the Salton Sea. We wanted to make a documentary with vivid imagery, as no words can encompass the sadness of the area.
Documentary USA

Younger Heart Katya Kan 1 min 12A
This piece conveys the concept of the impossible and metaphysical attempt of two entities in terms of merging into one another. The video explores the metaphysical dimension of transcending matter.
Video Art Britain

Game Jeannie Donohoe 15 mins 12A
A new kid in town shows up at the high school boys basketball tryouts and instantly makes an impression. Will talent and drive be enough to make the team?
Drama USA

Animal Alex Cole 13 mins 15
After making a devastating discovery in the forest, Rose stumbles into a world where morals no longer seem to apply. Everyone has an animal living within them; the forest unearths it.
Drama Britain


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