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269 Portobello Road, W11 1LR

Spanish Films

6 - 10.30 pm

Mistura:Sabores e sotaques de Sao Paulo Juan Carlos Guerra & Alex Xavier 30 mins 12A
São Paulo is a huge city, one of the largest in the world. It’s a city of contrasts, with a past and a present marked by immigration. We find many of these stories in the kitchen.
Documentary Spain

El Nadador Pablo Barce 18 mins 12A
A boy throws himself into the sea without looking back. Each breath is a memory; every stroke, some more hope.
Drama Spain

Cazatalentos (Talent Scout) José Herrera 7min
Dominique had been the most prestigious talent scout in París. Now, he is only the shadow of his past until he discovers Sofía, an Spanish flamenco dancer who emigrates to France because of the Spanish civil war and who hides the secret of the greatest talent in history.
Animation Spain

The Reapers Hector Sunol 4 mins Spain
Catalonia’s official anthem covered by The Reapers.
Music video Spain

Person’s Accident Álvaro Martín 4 mins 12A
We create metaphors to mention facts we don't want to talk about.
Drama Spain

Saturn Through The Telescope Dídac Gimeno 11 mins 15
Max is a ten-year-old boy obsessed with insects, telescopes, and monsters. One night he decides to escape from his bed to watch a terror film in the TV. Surprised by his mother he is returned to his bedroom. However, he is fascinated by the image he has seen, but the will give him nightmares.
Fantastic Spain

Identity Parade Gerard Freixes-Ribera 4 mins 12A
Drew has escaped and is stalking Melinda, but what does a mask hide? Who is hiding behind the mask? Film made remixing and manipulating archival footage.
Fiction, Experimental Spain

Domesticado Juan Francisco Viruega 17 mins 12A
A father and his son live in an isolated farmhouse. They just lost and buried the mother. Silence, modesty and hunger settle between them. The son finds a lost donkey, decides to take care of it and take responsibility for it. A wonderful friendship grows between them. Drams Spain

Rip Albert Pintó & Caye Casas 16 mins 18
In a small forsaken village, a woman prepares the funeral of her husband with utmost care. She wants everything to go according to plan, since for her it is very important to give a good impression to the guests.
Drama Spain

Ixtab María Salgado Gispert 18 mins 15
Ixtab is a chorus girl who becomes a grande dame due to her great ambition and her marriage to a high-society man. Recently widowed a few months earlier, she reappears in society sooner than would be advisable in such circumstances, inviting all her “friends” to a party.

El Escarabajo Al Fine De La Calle Joan Vives Lozano 19 mins 15
Amadeo is a good person. He lives in a small village of Valencia, and since his wife died, he sacrifices himself in taking care of his father-in-law, Agustin, who is disabled. Due to this, he doesn’t participate much in the social life of the village. One day, Lolin, the fishmonger, has a magic foresight while decapitating an eel: Amadeo has only seven days to live. This fact will develop a series of events that will change his life completely.
Comedy Spain

The Robbery Alfonso Díaz 10mins 15
What’s going to happen when these tough times get worse and there are more robbers than bars?
Drama Spain

Para Ayer (We Need It Yesterday) Celia Galán 6 mins 12A
An emerging production company goes to the headquarters of an award-winning advertising agency. In a meeting full of challenging briefs and impossible deadlines, the filmmakers will have to decide how much are they willing to agree to in order to get that precious job.
Drama Spain

Beyond Action Ana Rodríguez León 5 mins
The wife of a pilot of the film Top Gun discusses about the interconnection between the images throuhgout time and the mystery involving her hubsand’s death. Can an image kill a man? Fiction essay that analyzes the boundaries amongst image, violence and reality.
Experimental Drama Spain

Cuando Lucas Encontró A Eva (When Lucas Met Eva) Nuria Rubió 8 mins
Three volunteers from an animal protection center go to the rescue of some dogs abandoned in a house after a warning on Facebook. Once there they discover there are more than they had thought. For Eva it is her first rescue.
Drama Spain

Como Hacer Una Nube (HOW TO BUILD A CLOUD) Carlos Barquin 10 mins 12A
Juan, while looking for his father´s watch, finds inside a box a set of instructions on how to build a cloud out of thin air.

False Flag Asier Urbieta 11 mins 15
A jeep drives through a port zone by night and enters an apparently abandoned warehouse…
Drama - Politics Spain

Three Sad Tigers Lagos Muñumel 17 mins 15
Three people drive in a car in the evening after a concert and are stopped at a police checkpoint. The atmosphere gradually becomes complicated and the situation that seemed normal is taking a different path.
Drama Spain

Cartas Ciegas (Blind Letters) Angel Jaquem 15 mins 18
The bosom of a family is shattered after the father’s departure for the Second World War.
Drama Spain

Anabel Joaquín Pérez Ordóñez 11 mins 12A
Martín has achiieved all his youth dreams. But he's not satisfied with his life and lives in the past rather than in a present that only apparently matches the one he dreamt of when he was young. In order to find out what went wrong in his life path, heĀ“ll travel not just fisically but also with his soul, to that ideal past and the woman he loved
Drama Spain

Jota Manuel Román Sierra 30 mins 15
Locke is a young executive who drives back home. While driving through the northern mountains, Locke is involved in a curious incident that finishes with Locke with a broken leg and lost in the middle of the deep forest. Wounded and tired, Locke is rescued by Jota, a mysterious hunter who lives alone in an isolated cabin in the middle of the forest. The film explores the growing of the peculiar personal relationship between Locke and Jota, unveiling the hidden intimate facets of both characters for reaching the final climax.
Drama Spain

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