Mon 3 SEPT
269 Portobello Road, W11 1LR

Italian, Portuguese & Spanish Films

6 - 10.30 pm

iViva Kino! Lia Beltram 60 mins U
Riding through towns, villages and missions founded by Fr.Kino in the 17th Century. The wall on Mexican /USA border, the Pina People, the desert, deportees…
Bio/Human Rights Documentary Italy

Guarda Dada Flavio Sciole 5 mins 12A
A video for Dada (Art Movement).
Experimental Film Italy

Giro Giro Tondo Flavio Sciole 10 mins 12A
Ring a ring o’ roses.
Experimental Film Italy

Confort TV Ivan Valencia 10 minutes 12A
Jaimie is an actor who survives by filming tele-shopping spot. One day, while recording the advert of a mattress, he anxiously awaits the call of a producer who must confirm him the chance of a lifetime in a television series.
Comedy Spain

Rip Pole Jorge Yudice 1 min 12A
The ultimate tool to be the master of every single like. Rip Pole is the app you’ve been waiting for.
Comedy Spain

Z Fest David Cordero 16 mins 15
Having a fight with your girlfriend inside a tent during a music festival and finding out that you are surrounded by zombies ….. maybe it’s not the biggest problem you have. Or is it? Yep. Pretty sure it is. Definitely.
Comedy Spain

Her world Cristian Scardigno 10mins 15
A 7 year old child walks in an airport restroom. In a few minutes her life changes dramatically.
Italy Drama

Por Tua Testemunha (As Your Witness) Joao Pupo 18 mins 12A
Ivo Moura is a man with a purpose but nature deviates from his path.
Drama Portugal

Uma Vida Sublime Luis Diogo 142 mins 15
Dr.Ivan has found two radical cures for unhappiness: the diagnosis of fake terminal cancers and the temporary elimination of the five senses. But will the therapies result, or do they have unforeseeable side effects?
Thriller Portugal

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