3-5 Thorpe Cl, London W10 5XL

The Revolution Will Be Televised

Featuring Freedom For The Wolf by Rupert Russell

6 - 10.30 pm

The Runway Stops Here (Jonathan Goldberg) 6 mins
Grow Heathrow is an ecological protest site situated next to Britain’s biggest airport. Documentary.

Test 82 (Tom Edkins) 16 mins
A black comedy about a near future where the elderly are tested for mental agility and competence by a heartless government. Comedy.

Fluffypunk (Thomas Harman) 10 mins
Comedian Johnny Fluffypunk tries to balance parenthood, artistic integrity and personal happiness. Documentary.

Beltane Glastonbury (Rosie Temple) 4 mins
Glastonbury Avalonians turn out in their finery on mayday to bless the pagan wheel. Documentary.
Carry On Keep Calm (David Tarbox) 14 mins
Students travel to London for an Anti-Brexit demo. They don’t make it. Comedy.

Bye Bye Baby (Paolo Sedazzari) 7 mins
Be careful who you bully. Moral folk take. Drama.

Ideocracy -Prophecy and Loss ( J. F. Whitney) 3 mins
Ideologicies and theocracies rise and fall like the ardent fires that give them life and the downpours of disillusionment that extinguish them. Poetry.

Reclaim The Streets (Mark Tamer) 8 mins
M41 motorway, Shepherds Bush slip road. London 13 July 1996. 6000 protestors take over the motorway. Sound systems play and activists plant trees in the tarmac. Documentary.

Freedom For The Wolf (Rupert Russell) 90 mins
From the umbrella revolution in Hong Kong to the Arab Spring to the election of Citizen Trump, this film explores the global crisis in democracy and what we can do about it. Documentary.

In The Shadow Of The Shard (John Rogers) 47 mins
Celebrating the activists, organosers, and residents in Rotherhithe and Bermondsey…people working to build strong communities in the face of enormous change. In the shadow of the Shard! Documentary.

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