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Facing Death With Wirecutter Sarwar Abdullah 45 minutes 15
The film is about a military engineering team of Kurdistan Peshmerga forces, working with some very simple equipment like wire cutter and wire blade to remove bombs and mines that planted by ISIS group to protect peshmerga forces and civilian people. They are facing lots of obstacles and sacrificing many of their members, three members of the team were killed with planted bombs while filming some scenes of the film
Documentary Film Iraq-Kurdistan

Cisco 2020 massive Role Miguel Garrido 30 mins 12A
It’s the story of Cisco, a snowboard and tennis lover, who in 2015 suffered an accident in which his spinal cord was broken.
Documentary Spain

Baadaye Luis Santamaria 16 mins 12A
Two young woman in North Kenya. With their NGA they built a school for the kids of the little tiny village. Now, they just have to build a dinning room for the students, but things are not as easy as they should be.
Documentary Spain

Tauromaquia (Tauromachy) Jaime Alekos 28 15
"Tauromachy" offers us a unique perspective on bullfighting: the experience of the bull as a sentient being. Filmed in Spain over the course of three years, it shows the consequences for the animals that step into the arena, empathising with them through their facial expressions, body language and reactions.
Documentary Spain

La Fiebre Del Oro Raúl de la Fuente 25 mins 15
In Cabo Delgado, Mozambique, the poverty of the population and wealth of the subsoil remain irreconcilable, taking the lives of hundreds of miners. Did you know that your health also depends on their work?
Documentary - Social Issues Spain

Plagan Koldo Almandoz 10 mins U
Plague: From the Latin word “plaga” meaning 'blow', 'wound'. Meaning: Massive, sudden appearance of living beings of the same species that cause serious damage to animal or plant populations. Abundance of something harmful.
Documentary Spain

Wake Up! What Would You Do To Change The World? (Wake Up! ¿Qué Harías Tú Para Cambiar El Mundo?) Ángel Loza 30 mins 12
Love, soul, heart, life, spirit, passion, unity, solidarity, justice, equality, brotherhood, music, peace... are the concepts that could define this film. "Wake Up!" Is The Voice Of The World Because The World Is "Wake Up!". This film has obtained from the Ministery of Education, Culture and Sport,of Spain, and I.C.A.A. (The Institute of Cinematographyand of the Audiovisual Arts) the special qualification: “Suitable for all audiences. Especially recommended for the promotion of gender equality”
Documentary Spain

Un Documental Al Grupo Equivocado. Le Histore De Will Spector Y Los Fatus Miguel Velilla 87 mins 18
The group Will Spector Y Los Fatus emerges as a way of bringing together Willy and a group of his friends… play his songs just for the fun of it. Nothing more is required, not even knowledge of how to play an instrument. Los Fatus don’t mind playing in shit-holes since their most important battle is to deal with each others characters both on stage and off it. There are about 65,000 bands in Spain. Less 1% will make enough to live from their music. This film is for the 99%.
Music Documentary Spain (House Of Films)

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