269 Portobello Road, W11 1LR


6 - 10.30 pm

A Butcher’s Heart Marijn Frank 15 mins 15
13-year-old Wessel faces a dilemma: will he become a butcher, like his tough father and grandfather or does he prefer to work with living animals?
Documentary Netherlands

Kiem Hollande Sarah Veltmeyer 14 mins 12A
Andi really wants a phone to watch 5 minutes of free porn, and doesn't notice his brother is saying goodbye.
Drama Netherlands

Polska Warrior Camiel Schouwenaar 26 mins 12A
Eryk, alias Polska Warrior, is a gamer with a fear of swimming.
Animation Netherlands

Sand Warrior Eric Giessmann 7 mins 12A
As the world starts moving around him, the young desert dweller decides to follow the footprints of his fellow tribesmen to the origin of natural forces, time.
Animation Netherlands

Catastrophe Jamille van Wijngaarden 2 mins U
When a little bird suddenly drops dead in it’s cage, all eyes are on the cat. Desperately he tries to make everything right again, but actually making everything worse in the progress.
Animation Netherlands

Hot Tea Marcel Tigchelaar 3 mins 12A
Some beverages are refreshing in more ways than one.
Animation Netherland

Nightshade Shady El-Hamus 15 mins
When Tarik and his father cause an accident while transporting illegal immigrants, Tarik finally gets a chance to gain the acknowledgment from his father he has yearned for, but at a high price - the loss of his own innocence.
Drama Netherlands

Lejla Stijn Bouma 22 mins 12A
Lejla is a young hardworking woman in Sarajevo who gets offered the possibility to leave with her lover.
Drama Netherlands

Harbour Stefanie Kolk 14 mins 12A
Two industrial painters are at work in the Rotterdam harbour. The discovery of a dead body in the water forces them to reflect on their situation.
Drama Netherlands

Salvatore Maarten Groen 12 mins 18
When the life of charismatic Salvatore Luciano, who lives out his days in a nursing home, is made difficult by a crude nurse, a secret arises from his dark past.
Dark Comedy Netherlands

Botanica Noël Loozen 13 mins 15
A garden-center employee fears his possible infertility and realizes that sometimes you have to swallow your pride to let love overcome.
Comedy Netherlands

Sirene Zara Dwinger 27 mins 15
Deep down inside, a fifteen-year-old boy feels different from the other boys around him. When he becomes friends with an enchanting girl, he gets more and more tangled up in his confusion.
Drama Netherlands

Otherland Jan Pieter Tuinstra 14 mins 15
A vogue dancer performs at a Voodoo Carnival Ball, an important dance contest where he will have to prove himself to be accepted by the local ballroom community.
Dancefilm/Identity/LGBT The Netherlands

Mother's Balls Catherine van Campen 84 mins 15
Amber Vineyard creates a home for free spirits with her House of Vineyard. Within the Dutch ballroom scene she takes care of the ‘kids’ of her house
Documentary/Indentity/LGBT/Dance The Netherlands

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