3-5 Thorpe Cl, London W10 5XL

Sci Fi and Horror!

6 - 10.30 pm

Disturb Not Disturbed (Sammy Simmans) 8 mins
A husband wants the perfect family but his wife wants otherwise. Drama.

Cecilia (Gabriel Gettman) 17 mins
Inspired by ancient Japanese folklore. A blind feral girl is taken in by a medieval priest. Horror.

The Sea (Tasos Giapoutzis) 6 mns
Life. A game. Happiness. The sea. Moral virtue and the rulesdetermine the winner. Drama.

Dead Celebrities (Michael Fausti) 11 mins
Mick is a psychopath who wants to be famous. He shares a secret with Presley, Morrison, Garland and other dead celebrities. Horror.

My Husband Has Booked Our Funeral (Jamie H. Scrutton) 3mins
A couple go to book their funeral. Animation.

A Peculiar Imagination (Jamie H. Scrutton) 4 mins
An animated sketchbook. Animation.

Fear Is The Mind Killer (Lindsey Studholme) 10 mins
A trailer for the forthcoming movie featuring Clowns Anonymous at the Moseley Modification Secure Unit, Starring Jenny Runacre and Anarchistwood. Music Comedy.

Body (Lynda Boudjeltia) 5 mins
Shot partly at BFI “40 Years Of Punk Installation”. Song, dedicated to honour killing victim Banaz Mahmod, by Anarchistwood. Music.

Bomb In A Luggage Rack (Lindsey Studholme) 4 mins
Anarchistwood ride out to a kinky kunt klan challenge with “The Man” and all he stands for. Music.

Lavender’s Blue (Saranne Bensusan) 6 mins
In a world controlled by Artificial Intelligence can one woman’s home video start a revolution? Sci Fi.

N (Iacopo Di Girolamo) 14 mins
Expressionist nightmare vision of a future where a machine can create anything as long as it starts with the letter “N”. Sci Fi.

Ballad Of A Haunted Man (Emma Pitt) 17 mins
A lonely mortician’s search for company takes a dark turn… Horror.

Deux Mains (Michael Barocas) 4 mins
The life of a man through his hands and those around him. Drama.

The Wake (Rik Gordon) 10 mins
A young Englishman is led to an Irish wake, but he soon finds that some of the customs are not so traditional. Horror.

Mia (Diane Brooks) 20 mins
In a post apocalyptic world a bond is created that questions the very nature of humanity.
Sci Fi.

May On The Moon (Thadeusz Tischbein) 6 mins
In 1972 a bunch of tourists, chavs, and singers landed on the moon. A surprised look behind the scenes of history, a trip with the last men on the moon. Art.

Inventory (Thadeusz Tischbein) 6 mins
1984, in an office lit with pale neon light, Regina Mayer, stenographer, dusts her Dieffenbachia amoeba. A breathtaking film about life forms in the office. Art.

White Water (Matt Briggs) 3 mins
The raw power and beauty of winter. Art.

Nests Of Glass And Steel (Matt Briggs) 3 mins
Kings and queens of the future survey their colonies below. George Orwell meets King Kong. Sci Fi Art.

Le Lapin De Noel (Christophe Lopez-Huici) 11 mins
The tumultuous day of an old lady whose cat died on Christmas morning. Animation.

Protein (Howard Gardner) 13 mins
A fleet of alien spaceships arrive on Earth and harvest humans for fuel. Sci Fi.

Entanglement (Alexander Miguel) 22 mins
Elysee receives a mysterious message leading to a hotel room and finds herse;f transported to a surreal world. Fantasy.

Saving Santa (Keith O’Grady) 18 mins
A street drinker bears a remarkable resemblance to Santa Claus. A little girl takes great comfort in helping him. Comedy Drama.

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