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Torn Love Nurdan Takeoglu 43 mins U
Ali, his grandmother and aunt settle in a village that has been assigned to them after a tough ship cruise. While the family was wealthy back in Greece, they are in complete disappointment in Ambarseki. Despite this, Ali comes to like the village. This is because he likes Nergis (15). But the inhabitants of the village are prejudiced against this family from Greece.
Drama Turkey

The Calling Mariakenzi Lahlou 24 mins 15
A woman, in her early thirties, arrives in some kind of military prison in order to free her parents. A glass blower guides her through the acceptance of the impossibility of her quest by wearing her out through a repetitive and alienating work.
Drama Maroc

Wild Game (Jahiloom) Jerónimo Sarmiento 24 Mins 15
Fifteen-year-old Liis joins a group of teenagers for an unusual hunting game in the forest. Hoping to fit in with them, she's opportunely paired with the boy she likes. The wild nature surrounding her awakens the strength to confront her feelings yet conflicting emotions surface as the game unfolds.
Drama Estonia, Portugal & Scotland

Gridlock Ian Hunt Duffy 19 mins
A thriller set during a traffic jam on a country road. When a little girl goes missing from one of the cars, her father forms a desperate search party to find her, and soon everyone is a suspect.
Drama Ireland Promofest

Piscina (Pool) Leandro Goddinho 29mins
On a quest to understand her grandmother's past, Claudia meets Marlene, an old woman who's created an homage to her memories inside an empty pool.
Drama Brazil Promofest

Play It Like A Man ( Un Été Viril) Laurent Lunetta 22 mins 15
It's summertime in the SouthWest of France. Loris and Thomas are fifteen years old. They spend their days playing football and make up for boredom by crummy teenage behavior. When they steal their trainer's mobile phone, they discover clandestine photos of young naked footballers in the shower. Loris seems to be the main subject of this voyeurism. Cut to the quick, the teenager goes to his trainer's place to seek revenge.
Fiction/Youth France

Flowers Baptiste Petit-Gats 19 mins 12A
It is All Saints’ Day. Berenice wanders through the city. She must find flowers for the Grave. Sash, her son has other plans. Too bad, she must find flowers for the grave.
Drama France

Sans Chien. (Dogless.) David Kremer 22 mins 15
Our story begins in a Police station, one hot summer’s afternoon with the sun beating down on every living thing. A bored cop ends up giving a, not-so-young, kid a ride, accompanying his dog’s last journey.
Revenge, Animals / Drama France

My Short Words (Benim Kücük Sözlerim) Bekir Bülbül 70 mins 12A
On a hot summer day, three kids living in a poor Anatolian villiage go to a fountain gutter, but see that it’s too small for swimming. They’ve always been yearning for swimming in the big lake which can be seen from the villiage. And while enjoying the lake view from a distance, they decide to go there with bike. However this round-trip won't be that easy
Family/Drama Turkey

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