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Desmarasville Anne Lalancette 23 mins 12A
“Desmarasville” is a road trip between a dying young man and his ex-girlfriend, driving to their last music show in a shabby bar of the deep countryside.
Road Movie/ Drama Canada

Areka Atxur Animazio Taldea 7 mins 15
Euxebi’s father was killed during the war. In her youth, Euxebi suffered Francoist repression and, to this day, despite the fact that the dictatorship ended long ago, she has not had the chance to recover the memory of her father. After many years, when they finally open the grave where he is, Euxebi puts a picture next to his bones.
Animation Spain

Dry Creek Victor Araneda Jure 11 mins 15
In a silent and inhospitable forest, a young woman finds the lifeless body of a 10-year-old boy and endeavours to take him home.
Drama Australia

Genevieve Natasha Cantwell 1 min 12A
A hairdresser struggles to maintain social decorum while navigating the mountainous terrain of her client's boil-covered head. She is ultimately betrayed by the animal instincts of her spider-like fingers.
Experimental Horror Short Australia

Land Samiramis Kia 11 mins U
Land tells the story of an Afghan man’s search for integration resulted in a connection in the most unexpected way. In the world's current situation, where politicians deprive their nations' empathy by imposing the idea of "Us and Other", this film tries to show the necessity for human connection. We must know that the "other" is just a human being as we are.
Culture Loneliness Love Relationship Canada

After Silence Peter Kalos 8 mins 12A
A man on the edge, confronts the life he should have lived.
Drama Australia

The Rest Unseen Jun-long Lee 12 mins 15
In a basement overgrown with decaying plants, a young woman traces the disappearance of a former lover, a troubled fanatic obsessed with an unnamed deity.
Drama/Horror Canada

Due Day Midia Kiasa 8 mins 15
The Angel of Death goes to one of his victims, but…
Death / Fantasy Iran

Tag Amir Lashkari 13 mins 15
The border between life and death is a short moment.
Experimental, Fantasy Iran

Naughty Amelia Jane Risheeta Agrawal 12 mins 12A
A film about speculation and assumption.
Drama, adventure India

Are You Volleyball?! Mohammad Bakhshi 14 mins 12A
A group of Arabian spoken asylum seekers arrive to an English spoken country border and can't keep going. They conflict with border soldiers everyday till a deaf mutebaby becomes a catalyst for better communication between two groups.
Drama Iran

Rise Of A Star James Bort 19 mins 12A
Emma is about to be the new Ballerina at the Paris Opera House. But something upsets her. A secret. A secret liable to undermine what she has spent a whole life on.
Drama France

Trauma Industries Jethro Massey 13 mins 12A
lt’s a birthday for Joseph, his family are taking him on atrip to the Smile-Rite@ toy factory for his twelfth birthday. And everybody knows that when you tum twelve, that's when you become a man—.
Animation Sci-Fi, Poli[c France

Topak Onue Yagiy 12 mins 12A
Topak, 8 year old, translates for his parents who can’t speak French. Today, he goes to the hospital with them for his mother’s ultrasound. He will be the first to know if the baby is a boy or a girl.
Drama France

Nous Irons Aux Bois ( We Are Going into the Woods) Arnaud Bigeard 17mins 15
In a peculiar atelier, Fabrice kills Patrick unaware that his brother Wim is watching. The killing is the beginning of a macabre dance driven by madness, distress and fear.
thriller, drama France

Malestro Carlos Gómez-Trigo 3 mins 15
Karl can not help making a peculiar noise when he stirs his coffee. But something in Tony's head is being stirred up even faster.
Drama Spain

Jaula David Oeo 12 mins 15
Sometimes, everyday moments can turn into nightmares.
Drama Spain

Adosados Borja Álvarez 11 18
The Sánchez family are looking after their neighbor’s house while they are on vacation. They have to water the plants, feed the dog? But Carlos Sánchez has other plans. He is attracted to his neighbor. And he is going to do everything he can to get to know her.
Drama Spain

Renovable Jose Mari Goenaga & Jon Garaño 13 mins 12A
Years after their break-up, Tania and Josean meet again at a conference on renewable energy. She has a lot to tell him…
Romantic Comedy Spain

Luz Azul Andres Malo Segura, Alfonso Segura Ballesteros 19 mins 12A
V. has a new memory, BLUE LIGHT SYSTEM, that allows to store in an image archive good memories, blocking the negative ones. One day he finds an object from his past, an object that has a date prior to its registration in the system.
Drama Spain

Smile Pablo Vara 3 mins 15
Elena doesn´t want to smile today.
Drama Spain

The Last Virgin Bàrbara Farré 17 mins 15
Sara, a 13-year-old-girl, has the need to leave her innocence in order to get inside the adult world, so that she can fit into her circle of friends. Surrounded by a world where only the appearance matters, sara is going to see her will forced, and therefore will become another victim of this society. A portrait of the 2000s generation where mobiles, the internet and earlier sexuality cannot be unnoticed.
Comedy Spain

Caminan Mikel Rueda 15 mins 15
A road in the middle of nowhere. A car. A bicycle. Two solitary figures searching for the same thing. They meet.
Drama Spain

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