3-5 Thorpe Cl, London W10 5XL

Docs & Dramas

6 - 10.30 pm

Masha & Dasha: Two Hearts In One (Diana Taylor) 17 mins
Russian Siamese twins were used as human experiments. Documentary.

The Inuring (James Hughes) 10 mins
A bullied teenage girl confronts her sister. Drama.

Girl And A Scar (David Cave) 15 mins
A self harming Goth girl finds self acceptance in her life. Fantasy.

Unexpected Item (Stephen Gallacher) 10 mins
In a struggle to win the affections of a checkout girl Henry forms a relationship with a self service machine. Comedy.

To Almeria (Stephen Gallacher) 7 mins
Life is a journey no a destination, and some journeys matter more than others. Road Movie.

Siblings (Stephen Gallacher) 5 mins
You can’t choose your family. Drama,

The Deluge (Mazin Sherabayani) 20 mins
A small Christian community fleeing ISIS is struggling to survive after their homes and churches have been destroyed. Documentary.

Respect 101 (Max Sappa0 6 mins
Welcome to Respect 101, the only academy where you learn or die! Thriller.

Sheltered (Ross Kelly) 20 mins
A young woman must confront her youth and the troubled truth of a stolen life. Mystery.

Mountain (Johnny Herbin) 7 mins
A trio of US soldiers are trapped behind enemy lines in WW2. War.

Justice (Monique Murray) 15 mins
A silent act of poetry from the book Justice You Stole My Child. True Life

The Eyes Of Grenfell (Armstrong NKosi and Kevin Kimbenga) 20 mins
This Grenfell Tower documentary is a Kensington & Chelsea college student community film, which demonstrates community feeling about the tragic fire at its one year anniversary. Documentary

Blue Hollywood (Francesco Gabriele) 80 mins
Two young European actors decide to leave their home countries to follow their dream to work in Hollywood. Comedy.


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