Fri 14 SEPT
269 Portobello Road, W11 1LR

Films From Venezula

6 - 10.30 pm

Children Of The Salt Luis & Andres Rodriguez 94 mins 15
After the death of their father, Maria and Enrique, two teenagers with no other family, face the challenge of subsisting in a remote village where the only substance is to look for it in the salina.
Drama Venezuela

Supply Genaro Rivas 10 mins U
Pedro Marín (Anthony Rivas), an 12-year-old boy, must travel hundreds of kilometers for a little water for his mother Isabel (Mercedes Romero); on your way you will remember the event that happens in your town every 6 months
Drama Venezuela

Leah’s Dream Mary Macano 16 mins 12A
Leah (20) wakes up in an unknown place, where she will soon meet a stranger who will chase her throughout the house, strange things will happen, and she will have to discover what happens.
Drama /Thriller Venezuela

You Usually Leave Me (Sueles Dejarme) Leandro Lioh Navarro 22 mins 12A
David is certain.: That thing will Matilda is pointless. Together, they go on one last trip and leave Caracas for the mountains. The wilderness is lovely and exciting…. Is there a right moment to break up?
Drama/Road Movie Venezuela

Stefano Roman Luis 5 mins 18
A sex server is cited in the client's department, where he must complete his work which is to please the person who calls him with his peculiar methods of satisfaction.
Fiction / Erotic Venezuela

Barbara John Perizzili 105 minutes 15
Barbara is an ageing and fanciful drag queen who is fired because of his age from the nightclub he works in.
Drama/Feature Film Venezuela

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