fri 14 SEPT
Acklam Rod W10

Tribute to Lepke Rebel DBC and Brief History of Carnival

6 - 10.30 pm

Carnival Pioneers 2016 Community Festival (Made In Caribbean) 60 mins
Notting Hill Carnival 2016 Pioneers Community Festival organised by Leslie Palmer at Portobello Green in the heart of Notting Hill. Featuring Paul Weller .To be introduced by Leslie Palmer MBE. Music/Local History.

Mas In The Ghetto
(Antony Perry) 12 mins
Rare footage of 1973 Carnival organised by Leslie Palmer MBE and filmed by Antony Perry, the founder of the Westway Trust. Documentary.

Grove Carnival(Henry Martin and Steve Shaw) 20 mins
To celebrate upcoming exhibition Jump Up, join YOUTH CLUB and Street Event Company for a screening of Grove Carnival at the Portobello Film Festival.
Winding through the celebrations of Notting Hill Carnival 1980, this documentary captures the vibrant festivities as they take over the streets, from floats and steel pan bands to reggae acts, punks and dancing policemen. Get swept away in the excitement of Carnival with this exhilarating footage from 40 years ago.
Launching at Muse Gallery on Thursday 20th September, Jump Up celebrates 50 years of London’s most revered gathering. This groundbreaking exhibition of photography and ephemera taken by local heroes captures the energy, togetherness, and resilience of Notting Hill Carnival.

1982 Carnival (Portobello Pirate TV) 7 mins
Rip Rig & Panic, Spartacus R, and Musical Youth under the covered market at the 1982 Carnival. Music.

Plus rare footage of DJ Lepke Rebel of DBC, the original and local Pirate Radio Station, much copied never bettered, by celebrated filmmaker Molly Dineen.

Plus films of Carnival and  Ebony Steelpan by Tony V.


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