SAT 15 Dec
269 Portobello Road, W11 1LR

Best Of Portobello 2018
and Mike Sarne Introduces
Myra Breckinridge

5 - 10.30 pm

Grenfell Inspired Art (JC Kamau) 80 mins.
How local art uplifted a sad community after the Grenfell tragedy..

Rose Of Portobello (Ray Jones) 5 mins
Ray’s love song to Portobello Road.

KPH Remembered (Sophie Lodge) 20 mins
Regulars remember a much loved local pub. Still empty after 2 years!

Reclaim The Streets (Mark Tamer) 8 mins
M41 motorway, Shepherds Bush slip road. London 13 July 1996. 6000 protestors take over the motorway. Sound systems play and activists plant trees in the tarmac. Documentary.

N (Iacopo Di Girolamo) 14 mins
Expressionist nightmare vision of a future where a machine can create anything as long as it starts with the letter “N”. Sci Fi.

May On The Moon (Thadeusz Tischbein) 6 mins
In 1972 a bunch of tourists, chavs, and singers landed on the moon. A surprised look behind the scenes of history, a trip with the last men on the moon. Art.

Nests Of Glass And Steel (Matt Briggs) 3 mins
Kings and queens of the future survey their colonies below. George Orwell meets King Kong. Sci Fi Art.

Risk (Luke Bradford) 12 mins
Sara De Lacy faces stiff resistance as she trains for an MMA Boxing bout. Drama.

Last Weekend (Danny De Matos) 6 mins
A story. Drama.

Unexpected Item (Stephen Gallacher) 10 mins
In a struggle to win the affections of a checkout girl Henry forms a relationship with a self service machine. Comedy.


An Evening With Mike Sarne
Introduced by Mike Sarne.

Jeff In Venice (Mike Sarne) 1984 30 mins
Sarne experiments with the possibilities of digital filmmaking in Venice. Meditations on sex, drugs, and rock and roll.

Myra Breckinridge (Mike Sarne) 1970
Legendary controversial cinema landmark. Transgender Myra (Raquel Welch) wreaks revenge on the unimaginative establishment and the male sex. With John Huston, Farah Fawcett and Mae West. Legendary 70s cult movie.

In the afternoon and concluding at the Muse
at 4.30pm you may want to enjoy:

The Galleries Association (TGA) presents

December 15th, 12-3pm

At 12pm on the 15th December, a Double Decker Bus will start a route from the corner of Oxford Gardens and Portobello Road on a free tour of 9 shows hosted by The Galleries Association of West London.

With live music on the bus from 'Portobello Radio' and no charge for a seat, feel free to hop on board at any of five stops for a ride through the land of contemporary Art, culture, counter-culture and community. The bus will return to each gallery stop every 60 minutes or so. If you miss us, there'll always be another bus further down the line...

Please go to our site for a route map and tour information and check gallery websites for show information:

To check bus location follow us on Twitter: @onthebus69
For the bus location please call our automated service on: 07403926953 or text:
LIVE LOCATION to – 07974206780

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