Fri 7 Dec
269 Portobello Road, W11 1LR

World cinema and UK premieres

6 - 10.30 pm

DOMESTICADO Juan Francisco Viruega 17 mins 12A
A father and his son live in an isolated farmhouse. They just lost and buried the mother. Silence, modesty and hunger settle between them. The son finds a lost donkey, decides to take care of it and take responsibility for it. A wonderful friendship grows between them. Drams Spain

Unaccountable Stacey Stone 13 mins 12A
Executive Producer, Diane Mellen found a recent article about three-eyed fish and two-headed turtles in the New River which flows from the U.S. Mexico border into the Salton Sea. Runoffs sewage is causing DNA mutations in animals. As filmmakers, we found it alarming that the California Department of Parks and Recreation is advising parents that it’ permissible to swim and fish in the Salton Sea. We wanted to make a documentary with vivid imagery, as no words can encompass the sadness of the area.
Documentary USA

Her world Cristian Scardigno 10mins 15
A 7 year old child walks in an airport restroom. In a few minutes her life changes dramatically.
Italy Drama

"Aaba" ("Grandfather") is set in a remote village of Arunachal Pradesh in North East India. An orphan girl staying with her grandparents comes across the news of
her grandfather being in the advanced stages of lung cancer and would probably survive just a few weeks. With not much to do the grandfather spends rest of his
days revisiting his personal possessions and digging his own grave. But life has its own surprises… Drama India

Scream Toma Stenko 24 mins 15
Serafima, a young and beautiful girl, living with a younger brother Anton in a big country house. She often has men coming over to “entertain” her and leave her some money.
So why does she feel like she keeps falling lower and lower in life. Why does she suffer, why does she wash herself 8 times a day? Why does she rush to open the door to see no one there? With the sounds of eastern flute Duduk we find out the cause of her pain.
Drama Russia

Spring Nathalia Konchalovsky 23 mins 12A
Marina, a 50 years old woman, arrives to Saint-Petersburg for her daughter's birthday. Her daughter, Olya, isn't really happy with this surprise. Marina spends the day alone and when she returns to Olya’s in the evening, she finds a big party. She feels out of place until she meets a young man, Artyom, together they escape from the celebration…
Comedy Russia

Por Tua Testemunha (As Your Witness) Joao Pupo 18 mins 12A
Ivo Moura is a man with a purpose but nature deviates from his path.
Drama Portugal

FACING DEATH WITH WIRECUTTER Sarwar Abdullah 45 minutes 15
The film is about a military engineering team of Kurdistan Peshmerga forces, working with some very simple equipment like wire cutter and wire blade to remove bombs and mines that planted by ISIS group to protect peshmerga forces and civilian people. They are facing lots of obstacles and sacrificing many of their members, three members of the team were killed with planted bombs while filming some scenes of the film

Hound by Simba Masaku 100 mins 18
Andy, an alcoholic loner witness’s his only friend - his dog butchered by Hounslow crime lord, Raj. Andy seeking justice and revenge becomes the ‘Hound’.

Program subject to change.

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