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6 - 10.30 pm

Hello Robot!
Magnus Frediksson 4m U
In a desolate world, a girl finds an abandoned
robot in a cave. But luck is short since batteries
are hard to come by. Animation, Sweden

Delia Hess 8m U
On a small planet, caught up in their own
little private universe, the inhabitants perform
their surreal actions. That they are all part of
a complex little ecosystem which can only
function if each of them plays his or her role,
is something they are unaware of. Animation,

Anja Sidler 7m 12A
Two very different people set off on an
adventure and leave their familiar environment
behind them. Unexpectedly their paths cross.
A film about yearning for change, the value
of coincidence and the pressure to achieve.
Animation, Switzerland

Alarba Bousso, Khadyja Mahfou
Aidara, Malou Briand, Oumy Sarr Ndoye,
Raphaël Meyer, Mamadou Sané 12m 12
Linguère, 14, enjoys escaping her home village
to roam around the new town of Diamniadio.
Coming Of Age Drama, Switzerland

Bright Side in D minor

Joan-Marc Zapata Boldú 20m 12A
After the death of their son, a broken marriage
travels to Switzerland to bring back his body.
There they will embark on an emotional journey
of grief, love and despair. Drama, Switzerland

Elephant in the Room

Chanelle Eidenbenz 20m 15
As Irna’s relationship with her son Jago grows
more difficult, she seeks comfort in her own
world, where rubber doll Elias makes up her
reality. Drama, Switzerland

The Patriot
Katja Fedulova 35m 12A
At the age of 21, Vasily Vlasov became the
youngest parliamentarian in the Russian
Duma. Given his abundant confidence and
self-assured manner, he could have been
a refreshing new voice. But Vasily’s ideals
are rooted in the deeply conservative party
LDPR which is viewed by some as fascistic.
Documentary, Germany

The Toothbrush
Jamil Hendi 16m 12A
John feels that his family life is becoming more
and more heavy/opressive. Mostly, because
of Maria, his nagging wife. In a moment full of
tension, John has an idea of revenge. Some
people might call it an extreme idea. Comedy

Our Death
Aspen Michael Taylor 15m 12A
Two brothers find their own dead bodies and
embark on a series of tests to see whether they
are alive or dead. Drama, France

One Night

Guillaume Caramelle 3m 15
For his birthday, Aurelien couldn’t have dreamt
of a better night... Drama, France

L’Enfant Chameau

Chabname Zariâb 15m 12A
Somewhere in the desert, a little boy is plunged
by force into an intimidating foreign new world:
the world of camel racing. Will the distant
hope of seeing his mother again give him the
strength to overcome his fears? Drama , France

Orage Par Ciel Clair

Yohan Faure 21m 12
Ten years after the discovery of a remote
planetary system likely to sustain the early
stages of a civilization. Tonight the whole world
answers the question: ‘Should we, YES or
NO, meet this civilization?’ David Lacombe,
famous TV host, welcomes on his set the
representatives of both opposed parties: Jurgen
Hayes and Sloan Amondsen for a last debate of
ideas. Drama, France

Rodrigo Canet / Eva Urbano 4m U
Rufina is ready to spend a field day, surrounded
by peace and pleasant nature, will it be as
simple as it seems? Animation, Spain

Piotr Sulkowski 13m 12A
A man consumed by guilt because he did not
dare to defend his mother, he plays the role of
a murderer and forces ten-year-old self to face
trauma. Drama, Poland

Trumbull Land

Gregory Wallet 48m U
Douglas Trumbull is one of the forerunners of
modern special effects. Everyone has seen a
‘Trumbull sequence’ in Stanley Kubrik’s ‘2001 A
Space Odyssey’, Ridley Scott’s ‘Blade Runner’
or Steven Spielberg’s ‘Close Encounters of the
Third Kind’.
Director of two feature films – ‘Silent Running’
and ‘Brainstorm’ - which left their mark on sci-fi
cinema, he’s still, at over 70, continuing his
quest for innovation and keeps on dreaming of
a cinéma which places spectators into the film.
Trumbull Land is an intimate portrait of Douglas
Trumbull and a diving headfirst in his cinema.
Documentary, France

Stekenjokk And The Guardians

Of The Eggs
Per Bifrost & Alexander Rynéus 29m U
In Swedens windiest place, the valley of
Stekenjokk rare birds try to breed while their
eggs are threaten by poachers. Join two
dedicated egg guards in a low-key but thrilling
detective drama in a bird watching environment.
Crime Thriller, Sweden

The Traffic Separating Device
Johan Palmgren 14m U
A traffic separating device is installed in the
middle of Stockholm. It is supposed to keep
normal cars away and only let buses pass. It
turns into a disaster as normal cars continue to
go there and hundreds of cars get destroyed
every week. Documentary, Sweden

The Cultural Masturbator
Lena Mattsson 35m 18
Focuses the camera on questions about
censorship; censorship is something both Lena
and the book publisher Bo Cavefors have been
exposed to. Art Documentary, Sweden

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