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German & International

6 - 10.30 pm

The Smell of Petrol
(German subtitles) Branko Tomovic 13m 12A
Single mom Jackie works as a human trafficker
for illegal immigrants. She faces an unbearable
task when she is confronted with a refugee
baby. Drama, Germany

Beyond The Tide
Ingo Monitor & Jan Mocka 17m 12
When her long forgotten mother is washed up
ashore mysteriously a bright little girl decides to
investigate a dark mystery. Drama, Germany

Silent Show Auditions
Jack D. Fleischer 6 mins U
James and Hank, two casting directors, audition
‘silent’ comedy acts for their next big show. But
soon the tables are turned. Comedy, USA

Atlas Of The Wounded Buildings
Thadeusz Tischbein 13m 12
In a city as big as this how could someone see
all the small details, how could someone ever
remember all of the long gone stories of long
dead people? Architecture is a book, if you
have a look, there‘s so much written there.
Video Art, Germany

Hanna Sköld 14m 12
Dad fights to get grandma out of bed. But
grandma can’t, she just sleeps. Love just wants
to play – to be part of things and be close.
Drama, Sweden

The Big Questions In Life
Ingrid Hübscher 7m U
A little girl gets bored waiting for her mother at a
cafe and finds a boy to play with. Comedy

Till the end of the world
Florence Bouvy 27m 12A
A story about the strength of a child fighting
for the unconditional love of her father. Drama,

Don’t Call Me Bro
Gina Wenzel 19m 15
One day a new boy with something mysterious
about him appears at the football gang pitch.
(The boy is actually born as a girl). Drama

Der Besuch
Christian Werner 15m U
Klaus (60) works voluntary as a Santa Claus
in a shopping mall. After an exhausting day, he
considers to hang up his job. But then, he gets
a call from the children’s intensive care unit.
Drama, Germany

Deadman's Reach
Quentin VIEN 11m 15
After falling asleep on the London underground, a man finds himself mysteriously spirited into the desert where he follows an illusive trail of a failed love affair. Through the exploration of song writing, the man eventually reaches catharsis and the acceptance that allows him to move on, and to find his way out of the desert.
Animation France

A disheartened 12 year old boy encounters a dark supernatural force resting inside the cargo his unassuming father transports from the depths of a Malaysian palm oil plantation. Malaysia. Drama

Tomorrow island
Gwenn Joyaux 16m 15
In the dawn of the Cold War, a young Soviet telegraphist makes a desperate attempt to save her American lover from being stranded in the Russian side of the Bering Strait after receiving a border closure message. Estonia, UK, Portugal. Drama

Zerschlag mein Herz
Alexandra Makarová 1h 39m 15
Two Romany teenagers fall in love after being
sent away from their village in Slovakia to beg
in Vienna. Feature Film, Austria

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