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6 - 10 pm

Qui vive (On The Lookout)
Anais Debus 20m 12A
Despite being pregnant, Louise is taking care of the farm, her young boy and the crops. One night a young man turns up at the farm…. Drama Belgium

Da-Dzma (A Sister And Brother)
Jaro Minne 16m U
Winter. A fifteen-year-old girl in a remote Georgian village tries to get closer to her older brother, just as he decides to leave home in search for work abroad. Drama Belgium

Frédéric Daenen & Colin Javaux 20m 15
At Night. In the center of a country village. Four young men get out of an old car. They swore to each other an eternal friendship based on smokes, drinks and a dreamed future. Tonight, they celebrate the robbery of a small drug dealer from another village. One of them open the stolen bag, their award. What is inside will challenge them till the sun comes up.
Drama Belgium

Christopher Yates 18m 15
Simon must bring his baby back to his ex-wife who has threatened to withdraw custody if he’s late again. In the rush, he smashes the side mirror of a parked car. He decides to flee. As the baby drifts off to sleep in the morning traffic, Simon realises he’s being followed. Thriller Belgium

All smothered
Ely Chevillot 20m 12A
Mayeul, 14 years old, is a mocking boy who’s popular in his school.
The day Louise comes to class with a bandage over her eye, Mayeul tries to hide what happened but he will have to face his responsibility.
Drama Belgium

Siham Hinawi 15m 15
A 40-year-old self-conscious cop spends a night on duty which will push her over the edge.
Drama Belgium

My planet
Valéry Carnoy 24m 15
Henri, a baker in his fifties, suffers from his failed love with his wife Marieke.
One morning after a quarrel with his wife, he meets Anita, a young contemporary photographer who likes the big shape of his body.
Drama Belgium

Lost Rabbit
Bertrand Lissoir 22m 12A
Depressed since the death of his wife, Jef no longer goes out. Then, one weekend, his goddaughter, Lili, entrusts him with her little rabbit, Jacques. But when Jacques takes off, who would have imagined that Jef’ life would get yet more complicated? Comedy Belgium

The new Bourbon
Julian Bordeau 18m 15
Versailles, in the outskirts of Brussels, is far from the touristy spots
you find in the city centre. Prisoner of its concrete towers, Abou discovers what the butterfly effect really looks like and tries to run away from its side effects
Drama Belgium

Scent of White Hands
Sébastien Wielemans 16m 12A
Murielle, an elderly woman living alone, instinctively welcomes a migrant child separated from his father. A relationship of trust gradually develops between these two people wounded by their loneliness. But to what extent can they care for each other?
Drama Belgium

Marguerite Didierjean 14m 12A
Lucas (9) pretends his father is a pilot to impress his friends.
It's still better than a father who does nothing of his days. But Lucas's father finds work again: he is the one who will now help children to cross the road in front of the school.
Drama Belgium

Sunny Hill
Christine Gruslois 21m 12
Elena and her 2 children are missing their grandma at the flea market. They decide to pick her up from the care home. Unfortunately she can’t go out…. Drama Belgium

Garcon (Boy)
Isabelle Suchapira. 16m 12A
Today Tatiana 17, is not going to school. She has a far more important event planned with her friends: saying goodbye to the boy is is not ready to leave yet.
Coming Of Age Drama Belgium

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