269 Portobello Road, W11 1LR

London/UK Films

6 - 10 pm

Autumn Never Dies
Chris Quick 26 mins Comedy
Puppets Danny & Nelson in another whirlwind adventure.

Alice, The Fox and The Lost Chess Piece
Marie Stuart 7 mins Fantasy
Alice stumbles on a chess board and helps a fox find a missing piece.

Moorgate A Day To Remember
D Taylor 7 mins Doc
A doctor who was first on the scene remembers what happened 45 years ago.

Desiree Faust 5 mins Experimental Art
A love letter to the critic from the artist. The one who is slave and master (in BDSM) questions the limits imposed on film makers.

Ryan Claffey 4 mins Horror Comedy
A drunken man struggles to walk home.

Electric Blues
Linda  Landers 1 minute Horror
A student creates a man on a computer and it all goes horribly wrong.

The Mouse
Linda Landers 8 mins Animation
A friend of a mouse arrives from abroad. He is very hungry.

Daddy's Note
Gavin Irvine 8 mins Comedy
Two moronic drug dealers serve a well connected public schoolboy.

Five Remakes of Ringu
Molly Brown 5 mins Animation
Five short parodies of 1990’s Japanese horror film The Ring.

Danse Macabre
Molly Brown 3 mins Animation
Gothic comedy horror.

Cats Go Bananas
David Huchinson 3 mins Animation
Downing Street cats Larry & Palmerston adapt banana straightener and put it to good use.

The Boy Who Thought He Could Fly
Emma Pitt 17 mins Drama
A young boy grieving the loss of his mother convinces himself he can fly

The Little Giant
Lee Cogswell 12 mins Music
Jazz giant Tubby Hayes struggles to get his life back on track

Breaking The Kingdom
Ben Robles Acosta 11 mins (NB 5 mins of trailers at start) Drama
Brexit has happened. Foreigners have been deported. A courier company smuggles foreign nationals into UK.

Lost In Lockdown
Jenny Runacre and Caroline Langhorst.  3 mins Poetry
Locked in LOCKDOWN was an idea we had in lockdown. A friend gave us a poem that they had written in lockdown which we felt expressed the mood of many people and we thought it would be interesting to include it in our film as amusingly as possible. This is the result.
London lockdown meets old Hollywood. Poem by David Runacre-Beck.

Last Day Of Summer
Aleksandra Czenczek 14 mins Drama
An elderly dementia lady escapes from a care home and befriends a young boy on a beach.

The Man In The Suit
JP Gifford 10 mins Drama
Joshua has to face up to his ego in an unfamiliar world.

Joseph Archer 10 mins Comedy
Workshop drama made in partnership with mental health charity Thrive LDN and National Youth Theatre.

The Running Club
Real Women (Leah Rouse) 20 mins LGBT Thriller
Old flames rekindle and the past ignites a sinister present.

1 In 15
Joseph Archer 17 mins Comedy*
A band are about to play their biggest gig ever but the frontman becomes unconscious 15 minutes before they are due on stage.

The Witchunters Are Coming
James Atkins 10 mins Mockumentary
A day in the life of Siddarth and Dorothy who work for the Occult Management Dept of Wandsworth Council.

Alone Together
by Luke Bradford. 11 minutes 12.
A couple torn apart by the loss of their unborn child, set during lockdown, this is a story of how parents grieve differently. Drama

Forget Me Not
Nicholas Goulden U 22 minutes
A young girl, lost and alone in London, forms an unlikely alliance with a lonely homeless man as she struggles to get a message to her family.. Drama Britain

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