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A living tree means a living planet
Khalid Mokadmine 1h U
An international environmental documentary film about trees and their different roles in our planet. the film is collaborative effort, with 40 contributors to the documentary acturedom around the globe.
Environmental Documentary Morocco

Svetlana Stasenko 30m 12A "Spitak is the city of the dead. Thirty years ago there was a terrible earthquake here. Tens of thousands of people died, and the survivors seemed frozen in this time forever. Pargev Manukyan's family lives opposite the huge Spitak cemetery – and it seems as if some unknown force is not allowing them to escape from despair and poverty...
Documentary Russia

An unexpected journey
Maria Guerra 20m 12
In our world, in the West, the arrival of a child is good news. Joy, illusion, future plans. But?. What happens when the child who arrives is not what we thought? What happens when it is not the perfect and healthy baby we expected?What happens if the baby is sick?
Documentary Spain

Live, dance, pose
Valentina Riveiro Moreira 12m 12A
An underground scene that has been surviving for decades with origin in the United States, has landed in Spain: the Ballroom is here to stay and continue to function as a safe space for the LGTBIQ + community. Its protagonists will introduce us to this underworld and their personal stories in which we will see how it has influenced their
Documentary Spain

Danya Razuvaev 9m 12
RedBull Knock Out is one of the toughest motocross beach races in the world. Since 2006 it takes place in Scheveningen, Netherlands and attracts entries from over 1,000 riders every year. The first time a Russian racer decided to participate in this legendary event was in 2018. He is not a professional rider but has a true passion for it. In this film we look at his motivations and dreams which took him all the way to RedBull Knock Out. Documentary Russia

Slow Burn
Miguel Sánchez García 23m 12A
Julio 55, is a fireman who waits for his definitive retirement in a firemen's warehouse. Far from action and colleagues, he still hears the long lasting voice of the fireman inside his chest, slowly burning.
Documentary Spain

Cécile O. Carvallo, Felipe Vega 12m 12A
In the Paris of the Nazi Occupation, a shadow wanders round its streets in search of the lost memory. It gathers small pieces of it for some to find a way to reconstruct the long path of oblivion. The French writer, Patrick Modiano, dedicated part of his works to tour the city of Paris. A past that he himself had not lived, that of the Nazi Occupation, in search of the remains of a memory in which reality and fiction collide producing strange shadows - what we call memories.
Documentary Spain

Rubén Capilla Vidal, Marc Ferrà Mayol 20m 12
Lejsara is a documentary about two worlds: Tinduf and Mallorca. The main character, Lejsara, is twelve years old and, thanks to the 'Holidays in Peace' project, she's going to spend her third and last summer in Spain with her host family. The film asks whether this program lets their children taste a piece of candy and then takes it away from them.
Documentary Spain

Luis Murillo Arias 3m 12
Marta soon told her boyfriend what was happening to her. He has a degenerative and incurable disease that requires a lot of treatment time in physical exercises and drugs. It conditions her life in all aspects: work, personal, social. How can you live with that burden? Can you be happy?
Documentary Spain

A 200 kilometers kayak journey, from Cartagena to Cabo de Gata. A solo adventure without money, depending on the kindness of people to eat and sleep. The protagonist faces his own fears, showing a humble and kind view of the humanity. Documentary Spain

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