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Why Dream
(Zertarako Amestu) Ibon Antunano 70mins U
This rock documentary depicts the most intense 25
month of work of The Basque band Berri Txarrak
from the creation stages of their critically acclaimed
albuim 'Jaio.Musika.Hil’. To the unusual way in which
it was recorded followed by the huge tour around
three continents , America, Asia & Europe. Music
Documentaries, Spain


Beware Dogs
Spandan Banerjee 40mins U
Four musicians and their music floating through the
corridors of a quaint old house in an old Delhi neighborhood
is what the film Beware Dogs attempts to
capture. The house is where the band Indian Ocean
come together with their many moods. As they work
and play the camera peeps into their world desiring to
know the artist behind familiar tunes. The artists are
like characters in the film, glimpsed and know only
through their music and the space they inhabit. Music
Documentaries, India

It’s A Place For Me
Julie Aguttes 6mins U
Trinidaian musician Russll, on the piano, deciphers the
melody of calypso song “London, It’s a place for me”
written by Lord Kitchener in the 50’s during the first
UK Caribbean immigration wave. Russell brings his
own memories telling us of the importance to keep
this music alive. Music Documentaries, France


A Great Night In The Spitz
Gea Russell & Ken kamanayo 57mins 12A
The Spitz, located in the heart of the East End of
London, opened its doors in 1996. it was widely
regarded as one of the leading live music venues in
the UK. Despite a passionate campaign against closure
it was forced to close after 11 years due to the
redevelopment of the Old Spitalfields market. Music
Documentaries, England


The Silence After
Torsten Meyer 50mins 15
Documentary about the final weeks of the infamous
New York City punk club CBGBs. Music Documentaries,


SubBerlin: the story of Tresor
Club Tillman Kunzel 80mins 15
A lively study of the legendary Tresor Nightclub in
Berlin, featuring interviews with top DJs such as Sven
vath and DJ Rush. The film examines the legacy of
Tresor, focusing on the music and its impact upon a
newly united city. Music Documentaries, Germany

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