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I Have Dreamt Of Working
As A Hairdresser
Lidija Mirkovic 85mins 15
You see the scare in the children’s eyes when they
arrive at Belgrade airport. The gypsy families have
just been deported out of Germany. From now on they
become paper collector, scavengers, street musians,
beggars, and prostitutes. Life is unhygienic, sometimes
dangerous. There is mush resignation, and little hope.
Documentary, Germany


Live Safely In Europe 2007
Emanuel Danesch 52mins 12
Social Europe is experiencing a rise in closed, gated
and guarded residential areas, named “gated
communities”. At the same time, Europe itself is
getting closer to this model of exclusion by the day.
The analogy between Europe and the gated
community is not far fetched. Around the constructed
utopias of the gated communities, the “Island Europe”
is being fenced in. Documentary, Austria


Mothers Of Daughters Promo
Julia Pascal & Mark Norfolk 40mins U
A video archive of 50 prominent Jewish woman.
(features Edwina Currie, Margret Lipman etc.)
Documentary, London

All The World’s A Stage
Rainer Niermann 25mins 12
Five ambitious actress are waiting to do their auditions
in a final call-back, each of them tries to manipulate
the circumstances to her own advantage.....nothing is
what it seems. Comedy, London

Red-light District Graffiti
Kasumi Hiraoka 29mins 15
Tired of being prostitutes pampering the customers,
the prostitutes in a red-light district are fascinated with
toys, enjoy drawing graffiti with the patrol man, and
begin to speak a dialect unique to their district which
is not understandable to outsiders. Drama, Japan


Window Shopping
Maaike Middleton 18mins 18
Window Shopping gazes into the world of legalised
prostitution. Filmed entirely in Amsterdam, the film
seeks to delve into why men pay for sex. With
interviews with a wide variety of clientele, Window
Shopping offers refreshingly honest answers, holding a
mirror up to the audience about the ethics of prostitution.
Documentary, London

The Old Church
Matthew Lewis 10mins 15
An expressive portrait of Amsterdam’s Red Light
district which portrays without words, a day in the life
of the neighbourhoods most famous monument, The
Old Church. Art Documentaries, Britain

Servants Of God (Giollai De)
Geraldine Heffernan 27mins U
The film gives a unique insight into the secluded silent,
world of the community of Custercian Monks in the
mountains of Waterford - Ireland. These elder monks
speak candidly about their experiences. Documentary,


The Rainbow Diaries
Cosmo Kentish-Barnes 70mins 15
Mr Loughton used to be the longstanding Presbyterain
Minister of a small farming community in the South
Island of New Zealand. But this seventy-something
grandfather is now Christina and her new flock is the
local transgender community. Documentary, New


Andrew Logan presents a Complete History
Of Alternative Miss World.

AMW – Universe – 2004.
Filmed and introduced by: Jes Benstock

Andrew Logan, Jenny Runacre, Sarah Parkin and
friends remember the fun and madness of 35 years of
Alternative Miss World Competitions.

AMW – 1972. Filmed by: Jack Hazan 4mins
AMW – 1973. Filmed by: Derek Jarman 20mins
AMW – Wild – 1975. Filmed by: Marc Balet 8mins
AMW – Circus – 1978.
Filmed by: Richard Gayer 78mins
AMW – Royal Imperial – 1981.
Filmed by: After image Channel 4. 38mins
AMW – Water – 1985.
Filmed by: Series of Alternative Interviews for ‘After
Image Magazine’ Productions for ‘Alter image’. Arts
magazine for Channel 4. 40mins
AMW – Earth – 1986.
Filmed by: After image Channel 4. 13mins
AMW – Air – 1991. Filmed by: Colin Clarke 24mins
AMW – Fire- 1995.
Filmed by: Rebel Penfold Russell (37mins)
AMW – Void – 1998. Filmed by:
Rebel Penfold Russell 40mins
Featuring appearances by Divine, John Maybury, David
Hockney, Jenny Runacre and Derek Jarman.

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