The Solution (Losningen)
Jan-Eje Ferling 14mins U
Some houses in city shall be rebuilt into luxury
departments. the new, young owner has inherited the
estate company from his insensitive father. An old
tenant has to be evacuated to the suburb. But the old
man has got a secret. he is the biological father of the
young owner. Drama, Sweden

Sharing The Moment
Mike Bambridge 5mins 12A
A romantic comedy, featuring a young man and
woman who meet over coffee. They begin to flirt and
quickly their behaviour becomes increasingly bizarre,
with events soon turning fairly surreal. Drama, Britain

Wasted Daniel G. Cabrero 18mins 15
Six teenager friends go about their daily lives; selling
drugs to each other, stealing from each other and
generally having fun. Drama, London

Elliot Seller 12mins 15
Lucky-Dip-Pick-N-Mix is a film filled with social issues.
Following a young man through a normal day with his
friends, nothing out of the ordinary happens until they
play a game..... Drama, Britain

Team Work (Ekip Galismasi)
Mehmet Volga Suren 9mins 12
For every time member acting in coordination and
compatibility is the main condition of team works. For
instance in a robbery or movie... Drama, Turkey

Shades Of Black
Alizeh Imtiaz 7mins U
A short film about the life of a poor and orphaned
prisoner released from Karachi Central Jail. Focuses on
his journey around the city when he is released,
bringing attention to his miserable life and its
hopelessness. Drama, London

The Grime Ersel Ulutash 13mins 15
A teenager struggles to make friends on a rough
estate, where the only people he has to look up to are
criminals. Drama, London

Two Paths To The Same God
Shoshana Eilon 1 minute U
In divided Jerusalem a Jewish man and a Muslim
woman are united in praying for peace. Drama,

Barbara Broadcast
Jean-Juuen Collette & Oliver Tollet 15mins 12
Two friends who are killing each other slowly, find
themselves locked up in an attic. They become
pioduslly overcome by a will disease. In French with
Spanish subtitles only. Comedy, Belgium

A Matter Of Character (Todo Un Personaje)
Angel Regueiro 14mins 12
Armando Duval is a state worker at the post office. He
is over 40 and too obsessed with comics. He carries
the comics to work and takes any opportunity to read
them. At one of those moments a strange man comes
in and says to Duval “Be careful with unique copies”
and leaves before Duval can react. Comedy, Spain

Benjamin Collins & matthew Esterhuizen 1min 12
A revenge story between a litterbag and a London
sweeper robot. Comedy, London

Idealdisease 1
Marie Magescas 7mins 12A
A short moment in a child’s life. memory of a fleeting
moment and a story about death, both either true or
not. This video is freely inspired by Bruce Nauman’s
neon and the movies of Norman Mclaren. Art
Documentaries, France

Matermare Flavio Sciole 5mins U
A sea like a mother, no place . Art, Italy

Tu Solus Sanctus
Suyen Mosely 3mins U
Just what does surfing mean to those who savon it?
The girls take to the streets of LA to examine the more
illusive aspects of the surfing experience.
Documentary, USA

SF Stuart Pound 9mins U
“SF”, not as in Science Fiction - but Svenska
Filmindustri who were instrumental in making “The
Seventh Seal”, a film by Ingmar Bergman. When I
first saw this film, a game of chess played by the
personification of death seemed strangely odd to me,
not so now some 50 years later. Art, London

Taxi Driver - King Lear of The
Taxi Andrew Wilkes 3mins 15
This film is a philosophical glimpse of contemporary
life through the eyes of a Taxi driver as he glances at
life through his rearview mirror. Voice-over by
renowned poet, actor & cab driver Davidson Garrett
(NYC Cab driver) Drama, Britain

Cerebral Adventure
John Deneuve 4mins 15
This movie is about the methods used by companies to
evaluate people applying for a job. Art, France

Moments of Anticipation
Jonathan Bohane 3mins 12
A young man man receives a rejection letter. The bad
news unsettles his mind. His feelings are confused. His
meandering thoughts become dominated with his
girlfriend and the bad news he has in store for her.
Awaiting her arrival he experiences happy memories
that turn sour during futile moments of anticipation.
Drama, Britian

Alex And Her Arse Truck
Sean Conway 15mins 18
A scooter riding zelophile called Bobby Shoes, his
dogfart nymphomaniac girlfriend Alex, her black lover
Nylon, a mentalist named Poubelles and a pair of
drug dealing lesbians. Drama, Britain

Blue Room Remix
Joon Goh 5mins 12A
A man lives the same routine over and over. His only
respite is the dancer who lives next door. Drama,

The Creatures
Marco Williamson 3mins 12A
Poetic, experimental and shot entirely on super 8,
‘The creatures’ takes an innovative and intriguing look
at issues of self-realisation, obsessive love and the
dark heart. Drama, Britain

On The Tracks Of The Honey
And Dreaming Valerie Megard 47mins U
Where I come from in France I saw a painting: the
Dreaming of the Honey Ant. There is no particular way
to look at them. These signs are like tracks to follow.
They took me along to a red desert, the Australian
desert of the Aborigines. Documentary, France

The Last Dream (Le Dernier Reve)
Jean-Christopher Meunier 82mins 12
When one hundred people appear in a Corsican village
with one hundred habitants, it doesn’t go unnoticed. In
the space of a summer, the cows abandon their fields
for the participants of a theater course. Two worlds
meet: A traditional one involving hunting, silence,
solitude and the world of traveling entertainers which
is more exhibitionist and colourful..... Drama, France

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