Inn On The Green (IOTG)


A Day With Mark And An
Evening With Jason
Rupert Ferguson 30mins
For over a decade the psychedelic Goa Trance scene
has been at the forefront of the dance music
underground. But how did the scene begin and why?
This 30 minute portrait of the first and original
exclusively Goa trance Club Night based in and around
Ladbroke grove and Notting Hill Gate, contains
original interviews with the two principal organizers of
these events along with some who were there. Music
Documentaries, Britain

Saltdog : The documentary
Steve Walker 65mins 12
Documentary featuring 17 songs including 11 videos
from the Essex based folky rock Celtic punk group
Saltdog. Music Documentaries, Britain

Guitar Holiday
Dennis Conway 47mins U
Guitar Holiday is an exciting documentary portrait of
the guitar makers of Parcho, Michoacan and the
Mexican National Guitar Festival. Music
Documentaries, USA

Rebelde Sem Calu
Marcelo Paganini 6mins U
A music video - live performance by Marcelo Paganini
Music Videos, France

The 8th Bullet Samba
Marcelo Paganini 3mins 12
Jean Charles de Menezes comes back as a ghost and
sings a samba about what happened since his tragic
death July the 22nd 2005 in London when he was
shot dead by the British police... Music Videos, France

No More Tiptoes
Paula Rae Gibon 20mins 15
Music and images - performance. Music Videos,

Who Are The Spooky Spoons?
Neil Roy 27mins 15
In 1996 The Spooky Spoons blew the biggest deal
ever offered to an unsigned band, they now have a
second chance to make it. However, a ruthless contract
killer has other ideas. Comedy, London

You Flip Me Over
Marcelo Paganini 3mins 12
Marcelo Paganini comes to Cannes film festival to
show his short at short corner ready to impress....But
things are not going to work as he planned...
Comedy, France

Creating Karma
Jill Wisoff 105mins 12
Karma, uptight fashion editor, becomes a poet after
moving in with her new-age therapist half-sister. first
time feature by Jill Wisoff. Experience shallow friends,
a rapping nun, a gay sitarist and dysfunctional
romance! You’ll leave the theater singing “Pass the
Puppet”. Cast includes Saturday Night Fever co-star
Karen Lynn Gorney. Comedy, USA

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