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Roman Postcard
Silvia Gigliodro 20mins 15
A journey through a gay cruising park in the heart of
Rome - in exploring the sensuality of the place and
confronting the hypocrisy of a public secret, it reveals
the human, mythological, contradictory voices within it
- “Roman Postcard” unfolds through the stories of
people casually met in the park; these become
multiform confrontations with a video camera, and a
woman behind it. Documentary, London

For Your Tomorrow
Kyoko Miyake 13mins 12A
Every summer British and Japanese veterans gather
for remembrance and reconciliation. They fought in
Burma during WWII and used to be trained to hate
each other. When they met their former enemies as
human beings long after the war ended, they began
to see the world differently. Documentary, London

Terrible Power
George Martinez 5mins U
Effects of paint fumes on Graffiti artists.Art, London
Abduction Half Arsed Films 10mins 12
We placed an ad in a local newpaper which read ‘Have
You Been Abducted By Aliens?:If So Call Us’. Of all the
people to contact us these three were the most
compelling. This is there story. Sc-Fi Drama, London

The Day I Trip To Live
Richard Chance & Jonathan Chance 18mins 18
A space pod crashes from the sky and a body washes
up on a Spanish shore line, so begins one man’s
journey of discovery. Unfortunately he is not alone,
and not all is as it appears to be; as the sunsets the
man had lived a lifetime in a day. Sc-Fi Drama, Britian

Falso Amore
Matthew Williamson 5mins 12A
As children, most of us were given teddy bears to help
us feel secure while sleeping. Once we are too old for
teddies, a relationship can provide our comfort and
security. But what happens when you lose that bear
you thought you’d keep forever? Comedy, Britain
Strix Mike Danson & Tristan Ofield 5mins 15
On the cold morning of March the third. A man recalls
the events leading up to the attack on the strix.
Horror, Britain

Giorgos Artopoulos 15mins 12
An architect lost in time. This is the story of a man
who felt he did not belong. He did not belong in the
world he lived in; he did not belong in the world he
dreamt of. Drama, Britain

“09 - 38”
Iacopo Di Girolamo 7mins 12
September 1938, New Racial Laws in Italy ordered the
identification and expulsion of Jewish kids from the
schools. This is just one of those stories, told from the
south of Italy, 70 years from that year. Drama, Italy

Wwoofing Robin Whenary 11mins U
Living and working on an organic farm in Cornwall. A
portrait of one man and his environment.
Documentary, Britain

A Fitting Tribute
Daniel Cormack 13mins 12A
A naive local newspaper reporter gets more than he
bargains for from a grieving mother. Comedy, London

Dominant Culture
Stuart Pound 15mins 15
Sequences of frames, sampled from a Big Brother
broadcast on Channel 4, are repeated three times each
in rhythmic succession. Nothing is slowed down or
speeded up, but the movement becomes unreal and
fractured, parts of spoken words tumble out into a
new stream of image and sound, and “reality
television” begins to look loke Pop Art. Art, London

A Hitch In The Plan
Paul Denny 2mins 12
A panic stricken woman is relentlessly pursued down a
deserted city path late at night - but who is chasing
her and why? Only when she arrives home do we find
out the terrible truth.... Comedy, London

Dogdom Rodrigo Estrada Gil 7mins 15
The master needs those who need to be enslaved.
Slaves teaching their children to be slaves, to wag
their tails, to stick out their tongues, to bow to their
master, waiting for a beating or a reward. Drama,

Record And Erase
Ross Jarvis 10mins 15
Holly has made an online dating video; she appears a
typical girl in search of her dream man. However, we
discover the inspirations behind Holly’s statements and
find she is far from typical. Is Holly truely searching
for a date, or just another victim? Drama, London

Valentine - A Musical Story
Linda Searle 10mins 12A
She’s seen the outcome, the consequences of the
wrong choice. Its valentine’s day,her wedding, his
funeral. Secretly he's there with her drinking a
valentine gin on her wedding day. Music Videos,

Clear Channel
Abner & Kamma Pastoll & Evan Richards 4mins
12An office worker discovers how easy it is to break
free from his dull job, start a band and get the girl....
realising his passion for music. Music video for the
song by Common Rotation. Music Videos, London

52nd Life Muzeum 5mins U
Story of a man who believes he is pursued by agents
porting film projectors. He awakes and it begins anew.
Music Videos, USA

Movie Man Johnny Whitfield 7mins U
Music video by Jonny Whitfield for the song ‘Movie
Man’ by the band Softwhere. Made using public
domain footage from archive Sherlock Holmes films
starring Basil Rathhbone and Nigel Bruce. Music
Videos, London

One (Of Three) Billy Howard 8mins 12A
A boy finds and becomes obsessed with a small case.
there is something sinister about it , but it fascinates
him none the less. Before he/we can find out more it
is taken from him. Drama, London

Amelia And Michael
Daniel Cormack 11mins 12
A married couple appear to have everything, but both
Amelia and Michael are concealing secrets from each
other. Drama, London

Daniel Cormack 3mins 12
A female commuter believes she is being followed
home, but what is on the mind of the person following
her. Comedy, London

Release Kimberley Ng 1 minute U
A picture of a girl is changed and manipulated by
different hands. She refuses to be changed and tries to
relieve herself from the hand’s suggestive intentions.
Animation, Britain

Alter Ego Gloria Mannazzu 9mins 12
After breaking up with her boyfriend, a girl loses the
capacity to recognize herself, her own voice. Drama,

Voo Moo Patricia Shrigley 5mins 15
A collection of VooMoo’s different self’s for different
situations, desires fitting the desires and fantasy of
another person’s or your own VooMoo. the artist plays
with these idea’s using her mask and costumes she has
made. Art, London

Newspeak Patricia Shrigley 3mins 12A
A constant re-editing of the news, an on going protest
as the conflicts exists. The constant images of war, as
if its sanitised for our daily viewing as we lay comfy
on our sofa’s. A protest in progress, a brave new
world. Art, London

The Owl Behnam Afiat 7mins 12
A man’s attempts at writing are interrupted by his
hallucinations of the night. His imagination and
curiosity compel him to explore what he may not want
to discover. Drama, Iran

Secrets Of The Mind
Karen Shepherd 10mins 12
Hidden thoughts and feelings that can never be
spoken occupy a desolate interior from which there is
no escape. From which there is no escape. From the
confines of this dark and lonely space desperate souls
speak out offering a glimpse into the world of
depression. Fictional Documentaries, Britian

Goldfish Owen Gower 15mins 12A
Adapted from an award winning play, Goldfish is the
surreal story of a man haunted by his own nightmares
and fantasies, with nothing to keep him company but
the phonebook and a hoover-wielding demon that
lives in his cupboard. Drama, London

Remembrance Day
Graham Roos 15mins 18
A young man falls for a football player with disastrous
consequences for both of them. Drama, London

Double Talk Julien Ezri 5mins 12A
A man is sitting in a restaurant, waiting. Another man
enters and sits down, and her begins an interesting
seduction scene! Comedy, Switzerland

Alone In Da Sky
Florah Vddin 9mins 15
A short film about unprotected sex and the consequences,
as the film follows a group of young people
living in London. It also questions stop and search,
alcohol and drug misuse. Drama, London

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