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The Two Minute Silence
Gart O’Brien 10mins 15
During a National ‘2 minute silence’ we hear the
thoughts of 10 office workers. Comedy, London

Hooded Adam Randall 20mins 12
Lay about Marlon is reluctantly persuaded to play
dective when he crosses paths with a dangerous gang.
This dark, comedy thriller sees Marlon swept into an
urban old west, a world of criminals. And all he
wanted was an ice cream... Comedy, London

Homicide: Division B
Abner & Kamma Pastoll 9mins 12A
A thrilling and humorous comedy about the British
police. A serial killer threatens to blow up a police
station. With only a limited amount of time, the Chief
Inspector must solve the problem using a most
unexpected tactic... Comedy, London

Karl Holt / Mark Lowe 6mins 12
A man encounters problems with his vacuum cleaner.
Comedy, Britain

One Two Punch
Timothy L. Anderson 9mins 15
Circumstantial evidence and two guys in rabbit suits
cost Jack his already rocky relationship. Comedy, USA

Time Out Angus Gafraidh 8mins 12
George is having a very lucky day. Until....
Comedy, London


36 Ways To Get Fired Thanks
To John Howard
Shane T.Hall 6mins 12A
A rapid fire political comedy that points out the absurd
situation that many workers found themselves in after
John Howard abolished unfair dismal laws. Comedy,

The Adventures Of A Plumber
In Outer Space
Jan Manthey 45mins 18
Plummer Robin Evans gets more than he bargained
for when he goes to stick his plunger in Mrs Zucker’s
blocked hole..... Little does he know that Queen
Azizzar, ruler of planet pron is about to zap him into
space so they can mate... Comedy, London


Black Eye legandary urban
humour on film and in person
An Evening With Black Eye

CRASS TRANSIT – 50 secs.
What would you do to get to work? Find out as
one man’s journey takes a few dramatic turns.
Written & Directed by Jacqui Adams.
Prepared to be shocked as weddings, gangsta
police, an abusive phone call, PMT Bitch,
ghetto college, black history month, awkward
gay moments… and possibly the most
disgusting sketch ever filmed are brought to
you by the urban comedy factory known as
the Skank Boyz. Written & Directed by Joe
Crackass and The Skank Boyz.
WORKING LATE – 50 secs.
When your computer just will not behave?
Written & Directed by Jacqui Adams.
Boyz unleashes their yearly comedic trawl
through the urban landscape. Filmed especially
for the Portobello Film Festival and featuring
new characters and sketches such as The
Negotiator, Skanked Cribs, Tough Dad, A Day
in the Life of the Hoodies and the unveiling of
the G-Folk era. Written & Directed by Joe
Crackass and The Skank Boyz.


Mental Notes
Carey Williams 18mins 15
In the heart of the English countryside, brothers Colin
and Bernard Hope run Hope Hospital, a care home for
the mildly confused. As their relationship deteriorates
a documentary film crew witness their sibling rivalry
and its dark consequences. Narrated by Christpher
Timothy. Comedy, London

Trust Me Andrew Kazamia 100mins 12A
When a young con meets an old impressionist who
knows how far they can go. A satirical tale of celebrity,
politics and scams set in Hollywood. A truly
independent feature film made by Brits. A film about
the American dream. Comedy, Britain

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