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Letter To Lloyd
Veronica Cordeiro 25mins U
Subject, objects, ‘Self’ and ‘Other’ fuse and blur in
Lloyd’s 30-year old Jamaican barbershop, located in
the heart of Peckham, SE London. Set in the barbers
originally inspired ‘Desmonds’ channel 4 sitcom in the
‘80s. Letter To Lloyd simultaneously addresses issues
of power of the cinematic gaze, the Afro-Caribbean
Diaspora in the UK, and the plasticity of the photographic
image. Art Documentaries, London

Bushwick Homecoming
Stefanie Joshua 37mins 15
“Bushwick Homecoming” is a documentary film which
searches for the answers about a New York neighborhood
in the midst of change. Bushwick, Brooklyn,
once synonymous with poverty & violence, is seen as
an “up and coming” neighborhood. Documentary, USA

HIV a virus: Not a moral issue
Bob Edwards 35mins 15
In Sierra Leone HIV/Aids has not reached the epidemic
proportions of Southern African countries but the
figures are rising. Focuses on the work of Christian Aid
and its partners with their non-judgemental
programmes for preventing the spread of HIV. Some
of the scenes in the film are shocking. We listen to the
plight of sex workers having to endure being used
without protection. Documentary, Britain

Glorious Exit
Kevin Merz 75mins 12A
Jarreth Mertz is an actor with Swiss and Nigerian
origins, who lives in Los Angeles. As his Nigerian
father (who he never met) died, the African Family
calls him to care about his father’s funeral, since hs is
the first born. For Jarreth begins a travel discovering
his origins, his African family and who his father was.
Feature Length Documentaries, Switzerland

Guns In The Afternoon: The Life
And Times Of Kidco And Tribel
Howard Johnson 55mins 15
Through the eyes of his grieving mother, family and
friends, this film tells the story of Kieron Bernard;
rapper, gang leader and street hustler also known as
‘Kidco’, who died in a shootout at a Nandos Chicken
Restaurant in Shepherds Bush, London, in January
2002 after an argument over his haircut.
Documentary, Britain

This Is Our Country Too
Ishmahil Blagrove Jr 80mins 15
Most of us have very little knowledge about the plight
of Australia’s Aboriginal people. Take away Cathy
Freeman, the odd advertising campaign and the
occasional adventure programme, and to the
mainstream they do not exist. This Is Our Country Too
is a powerful expose of the hidden torment of a
people fighting for equality, justice and survival.
Feature Length Documentaries, London

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