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One Night Seeta Muller 1min U
One night outside, one minute tale of space, light and
nothing more. Animation, London

Stol Gill Bradley 6mins U
Whilst the woodsman is away from the woodpile his
oak stool runs off into the wood on an adventure of
discovery. Animation, London

Visages Lyle Pisio 15mins 15
Ely discovers that his perception of reality depends on
the face he chooses to wear. Animation, Canada

Dwellers Of The 304
(Moradores do 304)
Leonardo cata Preta 15mins 15
A lonely writer is tormented by strange creatures in
his apartment. Free adaptation of a poem by Carlos
Drummond de Anrade. “Rlegia 1938”. Animation,

Worm Hotel
Chris Hayward & Nat Saunders 17mins12AStep inside
the animated world of Worm Hotel and meet the
guests, in this oddball comedy. Animation, London

Superman And Monsters
Chris Daykin 4mins 12A
The type of film normally for children, made with
innocence. I think it might be our responsibility to
break away the restraints and respect human
sensitivity. Animation, Sri-Lanka

Kiri Uma And The Flying Man
Chris Daykin 5mins 18
Kiri Uma And The Flying Man is a modern fable.
Experimenting with mixed media and narrative
sympathetic to innocence, feeling and human
experience. Animation, Sri-Lanka

Equinox Chris Daykin 5mins 15
For every action there is a reaction:- within human
reason, subterfuge and confusion. Equinox is a
comedy which explores imagery and narrative. It is
possible that we all have responsibility to create, or
offer to progress, in terms of sympathy, ideas and
understanding. Animation, Sri-Lanka

Syscape # Prelude
Eric Schockmel 10mins 12
A 3D motion graphic short film exploring notions of
spatial animation, cartography, and immersive
cinematics. issues addressed are contemporary
urbanism, the dynamics of topography and the scale
and impact of human interaction in general. the
projects attempts to achieve a contemplative point of
view through a synthetic pictorial space. Animation,

Sun In The Night Time
Anne Wilkins 3mins 12
A mother mourns her lost son, oblivious to her lonely
daughter, who seeks her own solace in an imaginary
friend. But in the twilight that surrounds the house,
dreams merge with reality to reunite the family.
Animation, Britain

Hop Frog Marko Kacanski 10mins 12
Based on the novel by Edger Allen Poe. Story about
love, hate and revenge. Animation, Serbia

Squeak The Mouse
Mauricio Mazza 5mins 12A
A violent pursuit between cat and mouse. Inspired at
the original Italian comics from Massimo Mattioli.
Animation, Brazil

Hanged Man’s Elegy
Alex Wasilewski 5mins 15
Second part of the 19th century. The poet struggles to
live through his fiancee’s unexpected death. he finds
refuge in writing. Animation, Poland

A Letter To Colleen
Andy & Carolyn London 9mins 18
Andy London has been haunted by the events of his
18th Birthday for years. In this animated short set in
the early 90’s, he writes a letter to Colleen in an
attempt to put his demons to rest. Animation, USA

An Unquiet Mind
Chihwen Lo 6mins 12
Shuei - in a manic (or depressed?) state - witnesses his
body in a coffin - Samsara - the life cycle of death and
rebirth. Inspired by his struggle with bipolar Disorder
and Kay Redfield Jamison’s book, “A Unquiet Mind”,
the film is Shuei’s mercurial journey of mood swings
and deep restlessness. Animation, USA

Dialogos Ulo Pikkov 5mins 15
“Dialogos” is an experimental animation film, where
all the visual material has been drawn directly on the
film print. Animation, Estonia

Junk Food Micro Chimp 9mins 15
Two shady characters discuss cannibalism and Junk
Food like they are experts, but they have a lot to
learn. Animation, London

Last Man Standing
Graeme Webb 6mins 12A
A stop motion Ninja spaghetti western. Animation,

1977 Peque Varela 8mins 12A
A small Town, a growing knot and a girl searching for
her identity. Animation, London

Release Kimberley Ng 1min U
A picture of a girl is changed and manipulated by
different hands. She refuses to be changed and tries to
relieve herself from the hand’s suggestive intentions.
Animation, Britain

Another Year Gone
Harriet Macdonald 2mins U
A dark world where the inhabitants each has a caged
bird. but an unexpected meeting makes some realised
they are as trapped as their birds. Animation,

One Winter In Paris
Stella Macdonald 1min U
A black and white quirky tale of a Parisian performing
monkey spotting a bored child and trying to make it
smile. Animation, Australia

Houdini Harriet Macdonald 6mins 12
Animation inspired by the last performance of
Houdini, made with hand drawn cutouts against photo
backdrops with atmospheric lighting. It looks at the
audiences desire to be amazed at all cost. Animation,

No Bird Song
Harriet Macdonald 3mins 12
Animation inspired by one of Keat’s last poems La
Belle Dame Sons Merci. A more modern couple in the
dream-like land of Alget’s turn of the century images
of Paris. But this Paris might not be the city of love....
Animation, Australia

E4 Refresh E4 Zombies Refresh
Noah Harris/Zombies Olly Reid 5mins 12A
The E4 refresh was the E4 channel rebrand. It is an
eclectic mix of CGI, stop frame animation & a touch of
live action. A lively visual feast. Zombies for E4 music
are sexy decomposing zombie chicks, designed,
modeled, animated, rendered & composed entirely by
Oly Reid. Animation, Britain

A Break In The Monotony
Daimen Slevin 4mins 15
In a post zombie holocaust world, a man laments his
empty lifestyle and questions the futility of working in
a corporate wasteland. But all is not what it seems.
Animation, Australia

Drops Anabela Costa 3mins U
Drops from the science lab to the artist studio.
Animation, Portugual

The Dance Of The Toxic Frog
spawn James Baker 3mins 12A
A radioactive object sets off a novel unreeling of
events amongst some pond life. Animation, London

Enochian Soup
James Baker 1min U
Referencing the exploits of the occultist John Dee. This
abstract short creates a portrayal of channeled
information. Scrolling imagery moving at different
speeds acts as a kind of visual metre around which
other images are woven. This layering effect creates a
kind of visual symphony and an optical illusionary
effect. The result is a contemporary, plastic, phantasmagoria.
Animation, London

A Pictographic Limerick
James Baker 1min 12A
A gridded image reconstructs itself to the metre of a
wordless limerick. Images rhyme with each other, in
accordance with the verse form of a traditional
limerick, and give way to a series of evolving visual
puns. Animation, London

Vitruvian Jelly Man
James Baker 1min 12A
Jelly Babies confront in this animated short. Light
heartiness is given a surreal edge and frivolity is
mixed with one of the most famous images in art
history. Animation, London

Like Me, Only Better
Martin Pickles 6mins 12
A laconic comedy about neuroses, Catholicism and
prozac. Animation, London

Outside Agitator
Morgan Miller 5mins 12A
The film chronicles one day in the life of a
‘Professional’ Anarchist as he struggles to get his
message across to the public. Animation, USA

Access Of Evil
Clyde Forrester 4mins 12
Here is a satirical look back at the presidency of
George W. Bush. From 2000 to 2008, he impacted the
entire world with his intelligence, his Wild West
democracy, and by simply being himself. Animation,

Snowtime Dana Dorian 2mins 15
Colin takes his dog Cumberland for a walk in a snow
storm. Animation, Britain

Little Dinosaurs
Dana Dorian 2mins 12
A 5 year old boy and his father discuss how a group of
small dinosaurs can stop a big dinosaur from picking
on them. Animation, Britain

Rose Dollz - Hi-Fi
Rodriao Santos & Rolnei Bueno 3mins 12A
Kao tries everything to disturb Rose while she’s
reading a book. Animation, Brazil

Feasibility Study: Indulging Anxiety
Ryan Fedyk 5mins 12A
An illustration of a man’s emotional struggle the day
after being terminated from his job. Animation, USA

Edward Katrin Nicklas 9mins U
Edward worked at the circus where he played
accordion for the little dancer’s “Princess Kolibry”
performances. Now he is the last one of the Circus
people left but he keeps on playing the accordion
every night. And sometimes he can even see the
princess dance to his music like she did in the past.
Animation, Germany

Feast Adel Kerply & Jihyun Ahn 3mins 12A
Fat man eats up everything around him. When he
finally stops; it’s too late. Animation, USA

Depletion (Raubbau)
Christian Schleisiek 5mins 12
Depletion (Raubbau) is a funny but profound
metaphor for the naive egoism in everyone, which
enriches and wrecks us at the same time. two
neighbours suspect each other of stealing without
noticing neither the person who profits from them, nor
the damage they might do to others. Animation,

Saving Planet Earth
Jonathan Powell 3mins U
A comedy about the dangers of leaving the solutions
to climate change in the hands of politicians.
Animation, Britain

The Rebirth Of Rostam
Saied Ghaliari 50mins 12
A story of love, betrayal & war. An epic masterpiece. A
war between a father & son who have never met.
Animation, London

Eurotrash Brewery
Arno Coenen 11mins 15
A commercial presentation for “Eurotrash Brewery”.
Animation, Holland

Video Dub Plate 1
1ntr 20mins U
Video made with max/msp/sutter, found imagery
from the internet, processed live at a gig in Shortditch
2007. Animation, London

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