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Watch Me Takeshi Yokoi 140mins
A love fantasy starred by Tamaki Ogawa. A sad and
beautiful story of a pure hearted man and woman.
The film is made in parts showing both the man and
woman’s story. As the story reveals you will see the
two peoples feelings for each other. Being too close
will break it up, too far will let them forget. The
fragile distance between the two of them, makes this
pure heart moving film. Drama, Japan


S'kali Arivind Abraham 70mins 12
A passionate interracial love affair, one young
woman’s struggle against alcoholism, the chasing of
dreams and the testing of friendships: Will 5 friends
survive love, life & friendship under the gritty
suburban lights of Kuala Lumpur? Drama, London


Tzahi Grad 95mins 15
Michael, struggling with a personal crisis, becomes
involved in a power struggle which he finds hard to
give up, and over the coming days this becomes his
own personal nightmare. However, at the same time,
the fight instills in him a new sense of life, an energy
that was almost lost. he must deal with the harsh and
corrupt reality that endangers his life and liberty.
Crime Thriller, Israel


The Lodger Sten Rosendahl 27mins 15
“Enter the Lodger - Exit Sanity”. Carl, a burned-out
heating engineer, suspects that his lodger is involved
in the disappearance of Carl’s girlfriend. Crime Thriller,

American Dream
Azi Rahman 4mins 12A
Murder inc gangster turned Hollywood actor Gong Y
Cohen is living the American dream in LA until his past
catches up with him. (Shot in Ladbroke Grove using
genuine American actors.) Crime Thriller

The Other Side Of The Road
Steffen Schier 12mins 12A
Sam’s good-looks and wit usually get him out of tight
spot but his gambling habit gets him in too much
trouble this time-with his girlfriend and loan-sharks
cum robbers who want him to help them ‘cross the
pavement’. But what’s on offer on ‘The Other Side Of
The Road’? Crime Thriller, London

Heads Or Tails (Kopf Oder Zahl)
Benjamin Eicher 100mins 15
“Life happens while you have other plans.” 24 hours
in the life of a fistful of people, who couldn’t be more
different. But yet, fate brings them together, lets cross
their ways and finally disgards them again. Drama,

Angels Die In The Soil
Babak Amini 30mins 15
An Iraqi Kurdish girl earns a living for her father by
selling Iranian soldiers bones remainds from Iran-Iraq
war. One day she faced terrorists incident against An
American soldier when she was coming back home
and she wants to help him. Drama, Iran


Cash and Curry
featuring players from Bend It Like Beckham.

A fast paced comedy drama set in multi-cultural London.
Raj and his friends are tired of being errand boys at the bottom
of the food chain. Ambition leads Raj and his friends into
the middle of a gang war between two of the biggest drug
lords in London. Realising the consequences of his actions Raj seeks
refuge in the countryside with an old friend who runs the
largest pirate DVD manufacturing operation out of an abandoned
farm. To evade capture Raj and his friends are forced to
submerge themselves in farm life. Comedy, Britain
Director: Sarjit Bains

Meat The Family
The Munday Brotthers 37mins 18
A family of redneck cannibals descend on East London
suburb, bringing with them a feast of madcap ultra
violence, as the body count increases its upto Major
Lethbrdge -Stuart and his plucky assistant
Prenderghast to bring the family to justice, dead or
alive... Comedy Horror, London

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