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The Last Man Out
Jonathan Kerr-Smith 90mins 15
Eye-witness testimony of the last man to exit the
North Tower of the World Trade Center, A compelling
and emotional story. Documentary, Britain


Bike 202 Paul o’ Connor 30mins U
A school teacher convinces her boyfriend to cycle
12,000km from England to Australia. rather than
damage the climate they pedal across Iran, Pakistan
and 64 other countries. Documentary, Britain

Celestial Esther Johnson 15mins U
Taking the form of an experimental portrait, ‘Celestial’
explores the poetry of the sky, a space of fascination
and contemplation. Art Documentaries, London

Barry Cox; The Chinese Dream
Nick Ahlmark 8mins U
The story of Barr Cox, a white Liverpudllian who sings
Chinese Pop in the mega casinos of Macao, China.
Documentary, London

Hearing Colours, Seeing Sounds
TEASER Susanna Laune 5mins 15
Hearing Colours, Seeing Sounds feature documentary
is the story of Psychedelic trance music, and its
subculture. In the teaser version former Killing Joke
bass player and record producer, Youth, gives an
insight into Psychedelic Trance culture. Music
Documentaries, London

The Poet And The Ballerina
Cristina Pinheriro & Andre Sculato 27mins U
The Poet And The Ballerina is a story about the
disagreements in modern city. The ballerina tries to
find the poet, but partially lost the address. With sepia
colour, only some details colourful, the work is
declaration of love and silent cinema. Art, Brazil

Missed Guy Ducker 5mins U
Will is shocked when he’s told that his colleague Emma
has died while on holiday. He’s even more surprised
when he sees her walking past the window of the cafe
in which he’s sitting the next day... Sarah-Jane Potts
(’Kinky Boots’) stars in a tale of missed opportunities.
Drama, London


Want Richie Winearls 7mins 15
A lonely isolated child walks onto the stage of the
Mask, a Mephistophelean symbol. She is lured into the
temptations of the modern world, ‘via a tunnel’ where
the zenith of human happiness is regarded as the
attainment of celebrity, fame, power and money.
Drama, London

Shell Scott Graham 20mins 15
A teenage girl living in a remote petrol station in the
Scottish Highlands is taken closer than ever to the
edge of the road and her desire to escape when a
salesman stops and offers her a taste of the outside
world. Drama, Britain

Sick Mike Rymer 15mins 12
The experience of depression and alcoholism have left
Brian’s daughter (Amanda) relying on him for her
son’s welfare. When Brian’s wife dies and he gives the
child into the social care, Amanda’s world falls apart
and she and her father don’t speak for 15 years. that
is until she gathers the strength to visit him. Drama,

Goodbye, Hello
David Chidlow 15mins 12
A heartfelt portrait of the day a young couple move
into an empty flat together, excitedly turning it into
their first home entirely inter cut with the day they
move out of the same flat, having broken up their
relationship. Drama, London


Tumbleweed In London
Ed Hartwell & Claire Blundell Jones 10mins U
This short sees a young woman escort as genuine
tumbleweed across London, with a leaf blower. On her
course, she receives genuine reactions from the British
public. To her relief she is not the only person with a
tumbleweed. During her walks, she passes
Tumbleweed Boy. Art, London

Safe Zone Carlo Ortu 17mins 15
A soldier returns from the war in Afghanistan and
finds the peace he wants is hard to find. Drama,

21 Seconds Ru Mcardle 9 minutes 15
A grim and gritty romantic tragedy. Maddie walks around
a car park, looking for a place to commit suicide, whilst security
guard Kieth is out to save her. a fairttale ending? Definitely not.
Drama Britian

Who Wants Roberto Santini’s Guts?
Jean-Julian Collette 15 minutes 15
Flight 623 from Berlin is 15 minutes late. Enough time for
a young businessman, on a plane, to throw a part of his life
into question. At the airport, Joseph Conrad, a tramp with a
troubled past, seems obsessed by this mysterious flight.
These two men, worlds apart, have nevertheless one thing
in common: the final drop that makes the vase overflow.
Drama Belgium


The Years in The Desert Frankie Frears 15 minutes 12A
The life of a young boy living with his father is revealed
through a series of vignettes illustrating the effect of
outsiders on their dysfunctional family life. Drama London, England

Wednesday Rob Sorrenti 25 minutes U
Wednesday is about two babies born on the same day,
at the same time, in the same hospital, whose paths
cross again years later in the very same place. Drama London, England

Border Work Tom Wright 10 minutes 12A
22-year-old Rob is proud of his landscape gardening job,
but isn’t used to being the boss. Today he’s been left in
charge of a Polish stranger twice his own age. Finding
little in common, patience between foreman and
worker quickly wears thin.....
Drama London, England

The Cleaner Neol Kearns 13 minutes 15
An emigrant cleaner at a London Hospital is asked to
translate for an injured foreign man. But the cleaner
recognises the patent as a brutal warlord from the
former war-torn homeland. Now will he help save
the man’s life or take the ultimate revenge?
Drama London, England


Clean Off Simon Bates 11 minutes 15
A man is ambushed and bundled into the back of
a van. Across town a beautiful woman waits for the
love of her life. And waits.... And then the police arrive.
A terrorist cell have sent a DVD, they begin......
Drama London, England

Circumstances Marco Sanges 6 minutes 15
“Circumstances” is a short film made of stills.
each photo tells a unique multi-layers story,
creating a highly personal, imaginary cinema.
Art London, England

Automat Prosper De Roos 7 minutes 12
Men created from the dust of the ground the machine.
And the machine learned to speak, to see and to feel.
And he became a living soul, struggling for recognition. Art Holland

Time Patrol Jasmin Jodry 3 minutes 12
Gray men walk around in the metropolis and steal
time from everyday people. Like parasites, the gray
men need time as a drug to fuel their own existence.
They are essentially vampires of time. The gray
men paralyze each victim by the smoke of their cigar,
steal the future time in the form of receipts which they
roll into cigars and smoke. Soon, life in the metropolis becomes motionless.....
Art London, England

Like Father, like death Adi & Mak Omanovic 10 minutes 15
A young man meets his father for the first time
after many years. The father left the family years ago
and the son finds it hard to forgive. One of them
brings a gift to the meeting the other one brings a gun!
Drama Sweden


Hello My Name Is Maxime Renard
Sevy Weber & Neils Dubost 82 minutes 15
The trajectory of a man torn between the reality of his
life and the sweet dream of being one day on television.
Drama France

Nuthin’ To say Softwhere 7 minutes 12A
Music video by UkK band Softwhere for their tune
‘Nuthin’ To Say’ which is either a postmodern essay
on seminal consumerism: or a bit of a laugh.
The video uses slightly disturbing special effects mixed
with scenes from 1960’s U.S promotional and advertising
footage sourced from public domain internet archives.
Music Videos Britain



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