Fri 4 September



Siski (The Sigh)
Nikhid Sablania 30 minutes 12A
A young couple shifts in a new house and finds
themselves in an assay of supernatural incidents that
lead them to discover the mystery of a dead girl in the
house. Horror. India

Joachim Aust 11 minutes 12A
A woman lives alone in a big house somewhere in
Australia. Something sad has happened to her. It
seems that she is inconsolable and that she has to
fight with a stroke. And then there is her odd
neighbour. She tries to get out of his way, she doesn’t
feel well in his presence. Something is wrong with
him.... Drama. Germany

The Beginning
Robin Whenary 4 minutes U
A man wakes up and goes on a journey to a special
place. A spur of the moment sequence. Drama. Britain

Matteo Piccini 15 minutes 15
Saverio is a shy 30 years old boy and mummy’s
darling in a world where everything comes on a plate,
Saverio’s anticipation's are still not satisfied, so he has
only one way out and that is to escape to his own
fantasy world. Comedy Horror. Italy


‘0800 - Final Girl’
Sheena Holliday 2 minutes 15
After a terrifying chase, a masked psychopath has a
scantily - clad blonde cornered. Or has he? A swat
team appears from nowhere, the blonde whips off her
disguise and we realise we’re watching a commercial
for the service provided by ‘0800 - final girl’.
Comedy Horror. Britain

The Dogs
Ronald J. Wright 7 minutes 15
A battered wife and her young son seek safety on a
threatening housing estate; they just need to cross a
dark, open field... From the story by Hanif Kureish,
the dogs’ explores the paranoia and urban legends
that inform modern life. Horror. Britain

How To Pick Up Girls
Dan Gitsham 4 minutes 15
A dull man. A vibrant girl. Not all men are pigs... but
some are... Comedy Horror. Britain

Zombies And Cigarettes
Rafa Martinez & Inaki San Roman 17 mins 15
Xavi just wanted to invite his loved Carol to an icecream,
but he found himself involved in a zombie
invasion. Comedy Horror. Spain

Brian Harley 4 minutes 12
Phobia of Eggs. Dramatised Hitchcock Style! Taking
Alfred Hitchcock’s fear of eggs (ovo phobia), egg cifls
on Hitchcock’s seminal chiller, Psycho, and suggests
how such a phobia might have been dramatised by
the master of terror and the macrabe. Horror. Britain

Prozac Suppression
Katrina Yau 3 minutes 12
Experimental horror. A victim from Prozac antidepression
drug falls into her horrific conscience. Using
Doris Day sound piece to set a disturbing atmosphere
of the characters mind. Horror. London

The Minotaur
Graham Roos 4 minutes 12A
Trying to escape the domination of his religious
parents, Adam feels the call of the labyrinth, a secret
night club in town. However he is not prepared for
what lies at the heart of the club. Horror. London

The Alchemist’s Book
Michael Wolf 24 minutes 15
Severin finds a mysterious book in an antiquaian’s
store window, which he vaguely remembers from his
childhood. He was mortally afraid of it. The owner
invites him to examine the book. But the knowledge
in this book has a high price attached to it... Horror.


John Wheeler 75 minutes 18
A 'Destricted' like film concerning a surreal and very
explicit account of a mans isolation and disillusionment.
His memories and frustrations moulding into
several realities, some of them unbelievable. Even
though there's more nob shots than the parliamentary
debate channel, the film tries to look past its obviously
pornographic content to create a portrait of an
ordinary man. OVER 18 ONLY (And frankly 18's a bit


Black Blooded Brides Of Satan
Sami Haavisto 105 minutes 18
Linda is a student from a well-off family and her
parents have high expectations and put a lot of
pressure on her to succeed. Too high pressure and
expectations cause some rebellion in the young
woman, however, and lead by her friend Linda drifts
into the dark and twisted world of Satan's worship - To
the clutches of charismatic Master, to rituals where
truth and nightmares mix and to the vertigo of selfdestruction...
Horror. Finland

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