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Someone here is missing
Dir. Neil Whitman.
"Someone here is missing" is based on a song by band "The Pineapple Thief." The film is set inside an old toyshop and follows Mr Punch on his quest. Animation Music. 4 min.

That's What you Get for Being Baroque
Dir. Pablo Serrano Rosillo. 12 Cert.
A hungry guy prepares a nice romantic dinner for himself, and chooses the worst possible menu. 4 mins. Animation. Spain.

Dir. Corinne Ladeinde. PG Cert.
Seven years old Ernesto feels left out when he realises he's the only kid in school with a full set of milk teeth. When his attempt to fit in fails miserably, Ernesto resorts to drastic measures to get rid of them, his teeth however, have other plans... 7 min. London.

Colour Contamination
U Cert.
A clean cut businessman who is adverse to all things colourful entering a waiting room filled with colourful plastic chairs and is forced to confront his worst nightmares. 3 min. Ireland.

Dir.JasonYoung. 12Cert.
Our story begins with the introduction of Bridge Tower as he dominates the concert halls across England, Dresden and Vienna. The slave world now intrudes upon mainstream European society and the conflict within our story therefore begins. 10,20 mins. Animation. London.

Dir. Jimmy Murakami. PG Cert.
A poignant story of a young boy who saves a sandpiper with a broken wing from vicious seagulls. The boy tends the injured bird and releases it back into the wild. 5 min. Ireland

One Small Step
Dir. Damien Slevin. PG Cert.
On July 24th, 1969. Man finally reached the Moon as 600 million watched. They were not the only ones. 5 min. Australia.

Dir. Ana Santos. 12 Cert.
All life cycle consists mainly of 3 phases: birth, growth and death. Often we understand death as the conclusion of a life cycle, but it can be the origin of a new one. Animation. 6 min. Spain.

Jack Falls - Sids Story
Dir. Paul Tanter. Undercover cop, Jack recounts how he faced recounts how he faced the choice: save your friend or the mission? Animation. 6 min. London.

Fantoon Gaga
Dir. Alberto Haydar. 12 Cert. At a small butchery shop, an obsessively crazy Gaga fanatic sees his most wished-for fantasy turned into realism. 2,30 mins. Animation. UK.

Viva La Crise!
Dir. Gubenco Alexei. PG Cert. Deforestation, property development, pollution, money and lots of food - all this is going to change... The economic crisis has come! Bycycle is the best vehicle now. The Fat people starts losing weight. The world is changing. 3 min. Romania.


The Rooster, The Crocodile and The Night Sky
Dir. Padraig Fagan. 15 Cert. A tale of passion, loss, surreal comedy and explosive violence animated in a cut-out style combining cardboard, tin foil, paint on glass and super 8 film to create a dreamy, hand made aesthetic. 7 min. Ireland.

Trolley Boy
Dir. Teemu Auersalo. 12 Cert.
Trolley Boy's frustration with his work builds up into a monster. He realises there's more to life then pushing trolleys into stacks. 4 min. Ireland.

New creation
Dir. Mieka Tyan Lewis. U Cert.
3D short film that explores dance as a symbol of transformation and a profound spiritual journey. A beautiful caterpillar-like nymph experiences the miracle of metamorphosis. 4 min. USA

Dir. Deniz Kurdak
Made from cotton and other organic material, these puppets are illustrations of human beings, who have been exposed to nuclear weapons that have been used before and every other substances that threaten human health. Animation. 4 min. Turkey.

1.2 Million Children
Dir. Effie Pappa. A third world child pursuits the dream of freedom and becomes a victim of exploitation. Animation. 4 min Greece.

Fear Me Not
Dir. Malika Whitaker. 15 Cert.
Stages of "fear of commitment" in a relationship. The process from it discovery to overcoming the symptoms of it and gain freedom/happiness. Animation. 4 min.

Dir. Deniz Kurdak. 12 Cert.
On an ordinary night, Gregor Samsa goes to sleep and in his sleep, starts an incredible metamorphose process. Samsa wakes up as a bug. He feels though, he feels human but he lives (has to live) like a bug. This stop motion puppet animation film is an adaption of Franz Kafka's ‘Metamorphose’. 7 min. Turkey

One Random Day In Istanbul
Dir. Nurbanu Asena. 12 Cert.
A story of a taxi driver in Istanbul. Is the colourful story of the humorous characters, restless events and randomness of the city. 6 min. Turkey.

The Money Holding People Show
Dir. Mariya Hristova. 15 Cert. This sarcastic performance, full bizarre and silly characters, reveals the importance of money and its influence on human thinking, behaviour and development... 5 min. Germany.

Out of erasers
Dir. Erik Rosenlund. 15 Cert.
As the world transforms, you are the last one to find out.. 15 min. Sweden.


Dir. Stewart Comrie. Inside of an abandoned house a strange dual universe awaits and a shadowy host with a penchant for collecting sits ready to lure us inside it's rooms of curiosity... 12 min. Glasgow.

Fixing Luka
Dir. Jessica Ashman. PG Cert.
Lucy thinks her brother Luka is broken. His obsessive, meticulous, infuriating arrangements of sugar cubes and thimbles prove it. 11 min. Glasgow.

Stasi Dog
Dir. Paolo Sedazzari. 12 Cert.
A tale of Brandy, an East Germany secret police after the fall of the Berlin Wall. 9 min. London.

INTINAHUI - Eye Of The Tiger
Dir. Klaus Schrefler. 12 Cert.
Deforestation, property development, pollution, money and lots of food - all this is going to change... The economic crisis has come! Bicycle is the best vehicle now. The fat people starts losing weight. The world is changing. 26 min. Austria.

Guns, Bees and Tadpoles
Dir. John McCloskey. 15 Cert.
Set in the seventies Northern Ireland, a summer's day takes a turn to the extraordinary for a normal family in not so normal times. 5 min. Ireland.


Old Fangs Dir. Adrien Merigeau. 15 Cert. A young wolf decides to confront his father. He had not seen him since he was a child. 12 min. Ireland.

Twas a terrible hard work
Dir. David Quin. 15 Cert.
Tipperary miners from the Slieveardagh coals fields describe their final life and work underground. They speak of accidents, water, hard work and deaths.
5 mins. Ireland.

The Polish Language
Dir. Alice Lyons. 12 Cert.
The subversive power of art and the renewal of poetry in the whispery language of Polish. Its visual style is based on the underground publications in Poland in the 1970s and 1980s. 5 min. Ireland.

Dir.SarahDixon. PGcert. Adopting a baby turtle 30 years ago, what has happened to her? 1 min. London.

Out on a limb
Dir. Daisy yu-chuan Lin.
A young bird reaching out. Vulnerable to the unknown, craving freedom from the struggle, against the conformity imposed upon by the flock's expecta- tions. 6 min. USA.

Paunchy, the fat flamingo
Dir. Patricio Soto; Aguilar P. 12 Cert.
Paunchy will learn the hard way about the importance of being true to yourself. Animation. 6 min. Chile.

The Story of Dr. Harold Moody
Dir. Jason Young. 12 Cert.
1931, London exists two separate worlds in 20th century London - the world of Jamaicans who settled before the First World War, and the world of mainstream society. Our story consists in the marriage of these two worlds that rarely come into contact with each other. 3 min. London.

The Prize Fighter
Dir. Jason Young.
England, 1810. Thomas Molineaux, a slave since birth, now freed from plantation of Virginia seeks a new life for himself in England by reinventing himself as a prize fighter. 9 min. London.

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