Portobello Pop Up Cinema
3 Acklam Road, W10 5TY

Music Be The Food Of Love/
Rock And Roll

6pm – 10.30pm

Musical Star
(Louis Paxton) 24 mins Musical Comedy
Jimmy is swept off to a magical theatre realm and told he will become a big star.

Anja & Vivian
(Ben Woodiwiss) 21 mins Music/Drama
Two women living in the shadow of a dead father.

This Cod Earth
(James Dethick) 9 mins Music/Comedy
Alcoholic man seeks advice from mysterious stranger in Aquarium.

Easy On The Eye
(Stanislava Buevich) 5 mins Experimental
Music video exploring inner pain.

Running Through The City
(Joe Palermo) 4 mins Music
4 Rocco Caponero espatriate voices.

Live On A London Cable Car
(Denis Plesca) 4 mins Music Documentary
A journey on the London Cable Car with singer and poet Ben Tiver.

Streets Of Sorrow
(Nick Fletcher) 5 mins Music Documentary
Homelessness in a Northern Town from legendary cult director Nick Fletcher.

(Sam Chegini) 4 mins Music Video
Symbolic questions about meaning of life from Iran

Drive Thru
(Kai Zammit) 4 mins Music
Four friends dream of a big break.

Big In LA
(Norman Cambridge) 7 mins Music Fantasy
A Schoolgirl escapes bullying for sunny LA.

Edge Of The Road
(Softwhere) 5 mins Music Video
A young soldier about to be shot by a firing squad journeys to the future.

(Neil Whitman) 3 mins Animated Music Video
Music by prog punk band Violent Attitude If Noticed.

How To Make A Video On An iPhone
(J.C. Carroll) 15 mins Instructional
JC has made several viral music videos on his phone. He shares his technical secrets.

Livin Out Rock’N’Roll
(Paolo Sedazzari) 60 mins Rockumentary
The dirty, disregarded history of the 80’s London rock scene – the story of The Babysitters and The Last Of The Teenage Idols, as told by the people who somehow managed to survive it.

The Story Of Lover’s Rock
(Menelik Shabazz) 97 mins Music Documentary
Shedding light on a unique British Sound developed against a background of racial tension, Lover’s Rock.

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