Portobello Pop Up Cinema
3 Acklam Road, W10 5TY

Out Of This World/
DIY Sci Fi & Fantasy

6pm – 10.30pm

Adjudicator 2
(Laslo Atkins) 3 mins Fantasy
Featuring sword play, CG and stunning visuals.

The Second Chance
(Carlos Dittborn) 17 mins Fantasy
A young couple are faced with a strange woman who can change their lives forever.

Birds Fly South
(Wade Bayliss)16 mins Psychological
Two brothers – one a paranoid schizophrenic , the other a dreamer – can they heal each other?

(Jonnie Dean) 10 mins Fantasy
Sam’s father takes him into the forest to recapture his imagination.

A Long Walk To Sleep
(Christopher Smith) 5 mins Sci Fi

(Christopher Smith) 9 mins Fantasy

Sit In Silence
(Rob Savage) 5 mins Sci Fi
London is under attack from an unknown enemy!

Exam Results Day
(Hannah Quinn) 9 mins Sci Fi
What if the rest of your life depended on your exam results?

A Quantum Fairy Tale
(Paul Bruce) 7 mins Sci Fi
Physics lecturer’s life is at risk from a parallel universe.

The 4th Dimension
(Stanislava Buevich) 7 mins Sci Fi
A young woman wants to know all about the 4th Dimension.

Signalbox # 100
(James Gunn) 11 mins Sci Fi
The signal man’s job is to regulate a mysterious line.

By The Break Of Dawn
(Daniel Pope) 9 mins Sci Fi
Regime develops DNA seeking toxin to control its citizens.

Four Nerds And A Bird
(Various) 5 mins Sci Fi Comedy
Four nerds on a geeky quest.

Ravishing Beauty
(Harry Clegg) 7 mins Fantasy
Apollo is enchanted by Daphne.

The Undream
(Alexander Thomas) 17 mins Comedy Fantasy
Tom is an insomniac….is there someone out there?

Rep 5091
(Robert S Smith) 20 mins Comedy Fantasy
Enter a representative of the Devil offering a ‘better life’ but the price is steep.

(Thomas Paul Martin) 18 mins Sci Fi Thriller
A woman fights back against an out of control world.

Rose, Mary & Time
(Hardeep Giani) 40 mins Fantasy
Award winning fantasy drama about kismet and second chances.

(Jake Hoseman) 10 mins Sci Fi Thriller
A troubled scientist returns to an artificial son.

Shades Of Living
(Aurora Fearnley) 10 mins Supernatural
A young boy tries to heal his parents of a loss.

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