Portobello Pop Up Cinema
3 Acklam Road, W10 5TY

Art & Culture

6pm – 10.30pm

Being Boris
Nick Fletcher, 3 mins
A homage to Boris Karloff.

Hand Painted Wooden Reptiles
(J. Dethick & J. Dethick, 11 mins
A private detective encounters a host of bizarre characters in a grim tower block.

No Man’s Land
Patricia Doyle, 15 mins
A German SS officer discovers his wife is having an affair with a Jew.

Colour Melody
Tom Chimiak, 3 mins
A song represented by ink.

Worms & Flowers
Dmitri Vassiliados, 2 mins
The innocence of youth.

One Man, Eight Cameras
Naren Wilks, 2 mins
A rotationally symmetric kaleidoscopic world.

Dr Atos Kills
Tony Hickson, 3 mins
Mythical doctor can cure illness or can he?

Kate Matthews, 2 mins
Comparing the heart to a millwheel, shot in Bromley By Bow.

Broken Obsessions
Eric Halberstadt, 10 mins
A femme fatale love story set in New York.

Emma Rozanski, 6 mins
A playful kidnapping told through dance.

A World Assembled
Toby Tatum, 4 mins
An impossible realm stitched together from a kit of warring elements.

Folk In Her Machine
Rosalind Fowler, 47 minutes
Two seasonal folk traditions and their place in the contemporary English landscape. Narrated by Jodie May, screened by Jeremy Deller at Venice Biennale.

In Mercy For A Trespass
Constantine Gras, 9 mins
Ceramic art installation built on a 1000 year old heritage site.

Stuart Pound, 4 mins
Unrequited love for Louise Brooks.

Stuart Pound, 5 mins
Abstract Sci Fi in which the world is turned on its side.

S. Swan & R. Simian, 12 mins
A woman descends into the underworld to bring home her unborn baby.

Changing Change
Mark One, 10 mins
Ben Eine creates wall art to commemorate Tom Louis Easton who died in Old St in 2006.

A Night Diety
Lana MacIver, 7 mins
A woman is swept off her feet by a night deity in London.

Samsara Sands
Dominic Pillal, 8 mins
A Zen Western exploring the theme of circularity.

Max Day, 12 mins
A meditation on the mystical Gospel Of St John.

The Gospel According To St Derek
Andy Kimpton-Nye, 37 mins
Bearing witness to Derek Jarman’s unique approach to low budget filmmaking. Watch and be inspired.

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