Portobello Pop Up Cinema
3 Acklam Road, W10 5TY


6pm – 10.30pm

Addi & Chess
Henry Blake, 10 mins
What it means to be a teenager living in London.

Ashley Pegg, 11 mins
Mark has to confront the girl who attacked his son.

Dmitri Vissiliadis, 3 mins
A film about walking by on the other side.

Charlie & Me
Sinitta Monero, 9 mins
Choose a life or choose Charlie.

True Glory
James Brothers, 18 mins
A soldier remembers his fallen comrades, a journalist prints a war poem to revive his spirits.

Annabel Allison, 23 mins
A feisty muslim girl from Bradford goes to Glastonbury festival.

Albert Goes To Rio
Lucas Machowski, 28 mins
An ageing corporate employee from East London goes to Rio and has a life changing experience.

Paolo Benetazzo, 4 mins
A short film about romance, bondage, and fetish.

A Fear Of Parenthood
Stuart Parkins, 4 mins
Two couples discuss the pros and cons of parenthood.

An Intimacy
Sara Jewell & Lit Kilpatrick,
A young woman loses all sense of feeling in the material world.

After The Snow
Chloe Graham, 14 mins
A young girl bonds with a homeless woman living in a park.

Tom Hand, 12 mins
One man’s preparation for his first professional game of rugby after serving a two year ban for taking cocaine.

Is It Over?
Tevor Hayward, 3 mins
Tara returns the keys to the house she shared with her ex-boyfriend, with chilling consequences.

Chat Roulette
Alexander Thomas, 3 mins
One woman’s cyber-experiment.

Olivia Twist
Arno Hazebroek, 75 mins
An orphan from Afghanistan finds shelter with Bob Fagin and his gang of metal thieves.

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